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Blue Reef’s Beer Batter Fish n’ Chips

Posted by Jason Wong On February - 23 - 2009 |


Some time back on December 20th 2008, me and Gill by curiousity drop by the new place in 32 Permai off Velle of Temp, Blue Reef Fish & Chips. In fact we were forwarded their online flyer by one of my good friends weeks before their opening. The business is run by two beautiful persons, Swen and Christopher. Blue Reef Fish & Chips as the name has it is specialised in fish and chips, but not the common everyday road side or cafe type fish and chips. A brief introduction to what I call true fish n’ chips, the Fish n’ Chips is a popular take-away food that originated in the UK. It consists of deep fried fish, traditionally of cod or haddock, that is coated in batter or bread crumbs and served with deep-fried chipped or slab-cut potatoes. At Blue Reef you are able to savour both batter coated or bread crumbs coated fish fillets deep fried till golden and served with chips, not french fries. Up till now we have only tried their special beer batter coated fish n’ chips.


We are more interested in the beer batter coated fish n’ chips because I have tried my hand in preparing it before quite some time ago. It was a recipe that I concocted myself after I saw it on the television. It was successful at he beginning, but the crispiness could not stay long. The choice of fish used is also very important other than the composition and preparation of the batter.

Other than seafood varieties are served, they also have other main courses that you can choose from if you do not fancy seafood/fish. We were privilege to be allowed to bring home of their menus for reference, thus were able to show it to you guys and gals. But this menu is about two(2) months old so they might have twig it a bit to keep the menu interesting.



Our virgin visit was more of to check out the place to see the crowd as we already had our dinner earlier. But as the curious and greedy (for food) me persuaded Gill to enter and try out the beer batter coated  fish n’ chips. We were glad that we made the visit on that day as we were able to taste the fish n’ chips made from Butterfish. The Butterfish is one of the best table fish, it is fat, oily, has a delicious flavor,  sweet, and good Omega-3 levels. The flesh of the Butterfish when after cooked has white medium to thick flakes, in fact it looked more like shredded chicken breast meat.

The plate of fish n’ chips that we had a crispy golden brown batter coating encasing a silky white juicy and tender fish fillet. Normally, I would not used tender to express fish fillets’ softness, but this one I have to because the fillets does not feel like fish meat. When I bite into it, it actually felt like chicken breast meat without the rough and stringy texture. It was really tender!   The beer batter coating was lite and crisp with a hint of malt taste.  A beer lover would love this fish n’ chip! The accompanying chips were good too, crisp and firm on the surface and moist and creamy in the inside. Just add a few drops of lemon and salt the whole plate was ready to go without the usual tartar sauce, although their tartar sauce are hand mixed and not diluted with water.


When our order was served, we were curious why did they send a bottle of malt vinegar to our table. Then when we ask, it was for the fish n’ chips, it served as a condiment for the fish fillets. A few drops of it did bring out more of the  malt flavour in the batter, sweetness of the butterfish flesh and also reduce the oily feeling. It is good to ask when in doubt!


A few weeks after our virgin visit and after we came back from our KL trip, I manage to persuade the proprietors to allow me to go into their kitchen to record their WIP of the special beer batter fish n’ chips and let me post it as an exclusive here. Please note that when the exclusive was being recorded streak hygiene precautions were taken to prevent any contamination. And at that time they have tweak the batter composition and changed the fish fillet to Nile Perch (Family of  Asian Seabass / Siakap in local dialet) due to some feed backs from their customers, so the end result was slightly different from our initial visit there. But still the fish fillets was still juicy and soft.


Other than helping ourselves to a serving of fish n’ chips, we were  also privileged to try their Paparika soup and Anglio Olio with Prawns and Bacons. Gill enjoyed both soup and pasta too, especially the pasta. Normally our standard testing for pasta starts at Olio, theirs passed the grade with flying slurps. The angel hair pasta strands had the right cooking time, moisture, texture and firmness, and the stir frying resulted in an aromatic and fragrant piece to be savoured.



On average, I would give this place:

* 4.0/5 for value
* 3.9/5 for taste & texture
* 3.9/5 for service
* 4.0/5 for cleanliness
* 3.7/5 for atmosphere

Address : Permai 32, No.22 Lebuh Lembah Permai 4, 11200 Tanjung Bungah, Penang.

Tel : 04 8999128.

Business Hours : 11.30am – 2.30pm and  6.30pm – 10.30pm. Closed on Mondays.

GPS Coordinate : N 05*27’16.38″   E 100*17’25.4″
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Other photos taken in their kitchen:


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21 Responses to “Blue Reef’s Beer Batter Fish n’ Chips”

  1. Little Inbox says:

    I tried to cook fish & chips at home once, but the result is so so only, just nothing compared to this haha…I’m lack of skills & knowledge.


  2. LUV yr site colours! simple n “tak sakit mata”!
    my god..i’m applying for leave now! i wan to go also this Sat!
    so hard to find gd fish n chips! saw the cross-section fish pic, no nd to desc liou!I know its good!


  3. email2me says:

    Muahahahaha …….. I see dead fish on my plate now ….. XD


  4. the pasta looks good, with Gill’s recommendation, I think I’ll go for that. 🙂


  5. cariso says:

    The fish & chip looks like SOHO one uh?!
    The aglio-olio (!) – It looks a bit dry? No? I shall come very soon!!!! :p


  6. gill gill says:

    The Aglio-Olio was perfect to enjoyed it freshly! i would give that 4.4/5 for my point of view. but anyway, there was some feedback saids abit dry n salty, really subjective ya?


  7. beer batter coated fish n’ chips. nice leh. Defenetly is non-halal but I don’t care, I love alcahol. If they got redwine fish n’ chips I think it would be nice too.


  8. Randy says:

    i especially like the Olio as well. My partner and I tried this restaurant that’s located in a nice housing enclave in hillside Tanjong Bunga about a month back. There’s also an ice cream parlour called Goodies next door which serves a wide variety of icecream. This place could be a little pricey for most people but the quality of food deserves that premium in my opinion. My favorite is their Olio, the chef puts bacon in it, I like it both with or without the bacon.Some people like with bacon, some don’t, another really subjective I guess…I have to add, the owner of Blue Reef is a friendly chap too! He even took the time to come chat with us for a bit and to get feedback on his dishes and menu. Nice place, will surely go back there again soon!

    BTW, love your blog.keep up the good work!! Food lovers unite!!!!


  9. Yu Li says:

    Hi! Swen Lin,

    Have you got the butter fish back on the menu? That was really nice fish.

    Yu Li.


  10. The fish and chips looks good. The fish is fresh unlike other place that loves to use dory fish and their flour is more than the fish. Thumbs up for this place


    Jason Wong Reply:

    We have placed your link in our blog to benefit our readers.


  11. J2Kfm says:

    you had me craving for fish n chips now ….

    such thick cut of butterfish! looks juicy and crispy at the same time. malt vinegar as accompaniment? that’s new …


  12. still at blue reef? got new yummies coming up woo?


    Jason Wong Reply:


    Busy with work. Will try manage 1 or 2 posts this week.


  13. again still blue reef? where is 113 leh?


  14. gill gill says:

    Hi Randy, Thanks for your support! btw, yours is ecommerce?


  15. […] has been almost 6 months since we set foot in Blue Reef, and we didn’t know what to expect from them. Not much has changed since then, the only thing […]

  16. CH says:

    Try their grilled Barramundi with smashed dill potatoes and long beans, it tastes much better than the famous fish and chips in my humble opinion. It’s very good 😉
    .-= CH´s last blog ..China Pushes Silver and Gold Investment to the Masses! =-.


    Jason Wong Reply:

    I concur with you! Their fish n’ chip quality is slipping!


  17. Meli says:

    omg! nice food.. makes me hungry rite after lunch! XD


  18. ErikTheRed says:

    If you want to live a long and health life then Fish’n Chips is not for you. It is probably the least health ‘national dish’ on the planet. Each portion has at least 30 million kilojoules and can easily give you a heart attack!


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