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Invited Review: Who’s Bryan, Western Cafe Food in Raja Uda

Posted by gill gill On October - 11 - 2009 |

Sometime last month we were had the opportunity to dine and review Who’s Bryan at the Raja Uda area on the expense of it co-owner, Bryan. We actually got to know about this new place from one of our business acquaintances. It is a typical boy’s interested in F&B line, went for basic training, go to work in cafes and restaurant, then came back and open cafe of his own with his friends or family. FV-090910-Who's Bryan_56

This newly set-upped cafe is located just opposite the Apex cafe in Raja Uda. Upon arrival, the out look of the cafe seems to have brought in some liveliness to the other otherwise dull looking place. It has an open concept with full height glass panels and no doors. It looks like something that one would find shopping malls or upmarket areas. Bryan’s intention is to bring something fresh, good food and enjoyment to the Raja Uda area. We could see that much effort has been put in to refurbish the old and run down corner shop unit, which used to serve as the storage area for a ‘nasi kandar’ business. FV-090910-Who's Bryan_64

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_55

But if you are a person who are allergic to the warm and humid weather, then it would be advisable to visit the place during the evening.   It is not hot during the day, but because of the open concept it would not be as cool as in malls. The food that one would find in Who’s Bryan’s menu is similar to those of Dome, Segafrado, and the likes of it. It is mainly fast western dishes like soups, sandwiches, burgers, chops, snacks, coffee base beverages, sodas, etc. FV-090910-Who's Bryan_46

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_47

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_49

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_48

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_51

Before we arrived, Bryan had already arranged for some of their specialties for us to sample, which include their coffee and coffee base drinks, a snack and 3 main courses. First to be served were the drinks, all coffee drinks in fact, which I have forgotten their  exact names. The coffee was said to be freshly brewed on order. Presentation wise they look standard, but the taste of the coffee base was a bit bland. It lack that nutty taste and pungent aroma of the coffee beans. FV-090910-Who's Bryan_02

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_06 FV-090910-Who's Bryan_16

Then we had their Affogato which was served ice-cream and coffee in individual cups. The Espresso tasted a bit stronger than the previous cups but the vanilla ice-cream lack that luxurious vanilla flavor and the ice-cream did not have that rich creamy after taste. Overall verdict on their coffee drink is that effort was put in to present an otherwise common drink to look outstanding, but more care should also be placed on brewing a better cup of coffee and also to look into the beans itself.

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_11

A short chat afterwards, their kitchen started to roll out their main courses and a plate of bruschetta Bryan’ style. The bruschetta had raw garlic and a mixture of cheese and mayo, which did not appeal to us as the mayo had overwhelm the supposing rich dairy flavor. But the texture of the bread base was just nice, crisp on the surface and slightly soft inside.

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_17

We were also give a ‘preview’ of their ‘Pumpkin Soup’, which look presentable and safe. The texture of the soup was average, but it lack the sweetness of the pumpkin and was bland to taste. I guess the best pumpkin soup we had this year was at Louise Cafe, which we have been to since March.

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_23

The ‘Who’s Lamb Shank’ gave me the impression of ‘Lamb Mole’ due to dark brown color of the gravy. The gravy did not stand out from the crowd of lamb shanks that are available at other restaurants, and it was a bit over salty which with some mash potato can help neutralize. Meat wise, it was tender but it did not have the flavor of the gravy infused in to it. Thus, without the gravy this dish would have been bland.

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_20 FV-090910-Who's Bryan_26

‘Who’s Crumbly Chicken’ is the signature chop. It is different from other chicken chops as the tender boneless whole chicken  leg was encase in a crispy casing of light batter and corn flakes, not breaded or heavily battered with seasoned flour mix. The corn flakes gave it the extra crunch and corny fragrant. And the mushroom sauce was standard with slices of button mushrooms.  After this dish, it struck us that it would more sensible to have the corn flakes downed size a bit to give ease to diner’s chewing motion.

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_32

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_33

We also had the luxury to try out their homemade beef patty burger with cheese and egg  and fries and salad on the side. It was good attempt on their part. The patty was well cooked, tender and moist. The only set back for this dish was that the minced meat was slightly over minced which led to a finer texture. My preference of a good beef patty is that I could still see and feel the grains of minced beef and its fats after every bite of the burger. Other than that, a look in the seasoning the herbs used should also be looked into. With the suggested tuning of the beef patty, with the well melted cheese to added extra flavor  and well prepared sunny side-up egg to give it some moisture and richness, the burger would give the road side burger stalls a run for their money.

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_38

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_43

To sum up our experience at Who’s Bryan:

Taste & Texture: 3.2/5 (The chicken whole leg, bread, beef patty were fresh without the frozen meat taste texture, but the tastes of the dishes should be looked into)
Money Value : 3.5/5 (For a place like this and with the price they charge it is considered quite reasonable, but food also plays an important role for our consideration)
Service: 3.0/5 (Their staff would have to pay more attention)
Cleanliness: 3.8/5 (The place is new and well kept, the toilet was also well maintain, but due to the open concept plus the surrounding environment there tends to be flies)
Atmosphere: 3.5/5 (A bit warm for us during the mid afternoon, but the interior looks refreshing for that area)

Address & GPS65(GF), Lorong Teras Jaya 2, Pusat Perniagaan Teras Jaya, 13400  Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: +60 (4) 3329097

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_65

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20 Responses to “Invited Review: Who’s Bryan, Western Cafe Food in Raja Uda”

  1. I like the decor and menu..shows some \"class\". Prices are real reasonable too but then its Raja Uda area ! (I\’m so used to comparing to KL prices!)
    Do u think the population there is ready for such a concept?

    My, too bad abt the food. But if Bryan is willing to tweak its current \"probs\" based on yr feedback. i guess this might work.


  2. Foods look great but too bad it turn out to be other way round.
    .-= FoOd PaRaDise´s last blog ..Mutiara Selera @ Island Glades, Penang =-.


  3. eh… new eating outlet? I didn’t even know that… thanks for sharing!!
    .-= New Kid On The Blog´s last blog ..Foo Heong Restaurant ???? =-.


  4. SimpleGirl says:

    oh, my!my eye is on the signature who’s crumbly chicken…so special!
    .-= SimpleGirl´s last blog ..Gopala Vegetarian and Wendy’s =-.


  5. cariso says:

    No GPS lah, Can put more landmarks on how to get there?
    .-= cariso´s last blog ..Noodle Station Kulim (Food Part) =-.


  6. Food Fan says:

    Bryan is so stupid to give you free food! you are full of shit!


    Jason Wong Reply:

    Food Fan,

    Thanks for continuously commenting in our separate postings. If people didn’t know, they might have thought that you are someone that we know.

    The food is not totally bad, it is still a lot of room for improvements. Our passing grade is 2.5 out of 5, and they got an average of above 3. If you think that above average is too much for them, please let us know.

    Thank you.


  7. allie says:

    Your pictures make the food looks good leh!


    Jason Wong Reply:

    Thanks for the compliment. Like Cantonese saying,”Ng shek tak tou thai tak”.


  8. This place looks interesting. Good to explore 🙂
    .-= Food Promotions´s last blog ..Tiger Der Octoberfest RM2 Off =-.


  9. Tgie says:

    food so bad… service no good…coffee like water..how 2 drink ???? like tat oso car arr ? all food is cold … bad bad really bad… won\\\’t go 2nd time..giv me free oso no wan


    Jason Wong Reply:


    Good day! The last time we went, it was not that bad as you have written here. The standards were average and need only some improvements. May be we might have to go undercover find out the truth.


  10. SP says:

    I went there last night, the food is okay! But the service wasn\’t!
    I will comment they take long time to serve!
    Try to imagine, the first serving and second serving time…
    My hubby has finish his serving, but mine… still not turns up yet!


    Jason Wong Reply:

    After the review, we have not been back there ever since although the review ain’t that bad. We suspect that some earlier comments on this post were created to deflect our views.


  11. B.Plane says:

    The taste of food not sure, but for sure the service is not good.
    Just only visited this with the service not good.
    Reached this restaurant with few tables have reservation notes, found one table empty+NO any reservation note. Having the seat after 5 min, sudden a waiter just approached mentioned the table was under reserved and asked me come later. ><"


    Jason Wong Reply:

    Have not been back there ever since the first visit. Criticism was not welcomed.


  12. Angry mother says:

    Both the service and food were extremely bad! I am 5 month pregnant with a strict dietplan..(meat, veggie, low carbs) Therefore, when I order-to-go the grilled lamb,I requested their waitress to replace the mash with fries ( since any potato dishes make me sick and with fries, I can give them to my husband). I had her repeat the order 3 times and explained the reason behind change. When I returned home with the package, imagined my horror when they mixed the mash, veggie and lamb in a non separated box. The sauce were thankfully separated but it was 45% oil and were unpalatable.. Frankly, the whole thing looked like garbage! I managed to wash the mash from my lamb but after a mouthful, I realized the meat were undercooked and one of them were actually raw! I had eaten the veggie and a bite of the meat before realizing this fact. Needless to say, I had a very bad reaction and was rushed to the nearest clinic. We were lucky that we didn’t lost our baby. But if these f@*%kers doesn’t have the common courtesy to be careful with a preggie’s food order, i would think twice about about eating there. Also, had they taken the effort to separate the greens from the mash and meat, I wouldn’t be in the doghouse.


  13. open pandora box says:

    It`s a classic tale of a young boy who has an interest in food; eating yes, cooking not so much. Lucky boy….. Young boy met a bunch of talented people who helped him cooked up today`s “Who`s Bryan” and the recipes right down to the details. So that is how Who`s Bryan was born and prospered, with the help of past friends.

    Little Bryan really grew up. kuddos on the effort!


    Jason Wong Reply:


    Good day. I don’t know much about the history and background that developed. But for sure our initial encounter with them was not a pleasant one, especially after the review we made.

    Would like to hear more of what you have to say, but would be best in private. Due to the unconfirmed content we had edited your comment so that we do not get into something that we do not have full knowledge of, especially the person has a history.


  14. Watever says:

    The food is taste good~~ just the servant was totally grade F+++. How come the servant can blame customer when come with the wrong food, and even ask us accept the food and argue with us. WTF~~ can even used your CCTV to check which orders that we made, because I used to point the food photo in the menu and we just sitting in front of the CCTV. Nowadays still with this kind of service, is totally out.


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