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Kok Fish Head Curry 国加哩鱼头

Posted by Jason Wong On January - 6 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

During lunch with FoodnTravella last Sunday afternoon, we were told by her friend that there was a fish head curry in the Zim Sum Restaurant premises on Anson Road that operates in the evening. And of cause after getting wind of the stall, we decided to try out the fish head curry a few days ago after running some errands and meeting some clients.  The stall is run by an uncle and his assistant (worker lah), and it offers fish head curry, fish meat curry, fried balacan chicken and omelette.

The curry is made to order and there are a few sizes to choose from in terms of fish head size and pieces of fillet required. The one we had was RM22 and it was quite a big piece of head and belly, as you can see from the following photos. The fish head was bigger than the size of my wife’s palm and there were lots of okra, tomato, onion strips and mint leaves. Taste wise it is not very exclusive or unappealing; it was actually comparable to some of the more “famous” curry fish head businesses in Penang. The curry was predominantly sour with a sweet after taste and was not too spicy. The longer the fish sits in the curry gravy, the thicker it gets. Even though the curry was made from curry powder, the gravy was neither sandy nor grainy in texture.

Other than the curry, we also tried their balacan chicken which ranges from RM5.50 to RM11.00. The chicken is also made to order. The taste of balacan was light and the texture of the chicken was crisp on the surface and tender in the inside. If you are not a fan of fish head curry, you could try their balacan chicken, egg and rice set which I saw quite a few ordering. Address: 35, Jalan Anson 10400, Penang

Business Hours: 7pm to 11pm daily and closed on Wednesdays.

Overall experience:

  • Taste & Texture: 3.0/5
  • Money Value: 3.75/5
  • Service: 2.9/5
  • Cleanliness: 2.5/5
  • Atmosphere: 2.5/5

Kitchen Works: Fish Curry Prawns For Diner?

Posted by Jason Wong On August - 3 - 20096 COMMENTS

Last Thursday, there was an impromptu request to cook dinner; on the list were the aging prawns in our freezer. As prawns were not that fresh, the method would then be something that can over come this problem. The easiest way out would be curry, but the paste that we have was only for fish.

First thing I did was to shell the prawns and “freshen up” them with some sugar and corn flour. Then to the hot oil they go. The prawns were deep fried until just cooked so that any fishy taste would not affect the curry.



Before cooking the curry, we had to prepare some other additional such as onions, lemongrass and fresh tomato. The curry paste that we used was the fish curry paste from Mak Nyonya. The curry paste had a strong spice aroma, and lemongrass was quite predominant.



To begin cooking the curry gravy, I started to brown the chopped onions in the pot and oil used to fry the prawns earlier.


After the chopped onions were browned, they were transferred to another pot for further cooking process. Do not wash the frying pot, add some water to deglaze the pot and keep the sweet juices left by the prawns and onions.


In the new pot, put in the julienne onions and lemongrass and begin aromatise them in hot oil.


After the onions and lemongrass begin to emit their fragrances, add in the curry paste and continue stirring.


While still aromatising the curry paste, pour in the deglazed juices from the earlier pot. Remember not to pour everything at one go, too much would dilute the curry paste and flavours.


After the paste has reached the right consistency (according to what you like) and have begin to emit the curry fragrance, then it is time to add the coconut milk. No fresh coconut milk was available, so boxed type had to suffice. Boxed coconut milk does not have the taste and essentials that fresh coconut milk has.


The second last step is to pour in the tomatoes wedges.


After the tomatoes have softened, it is time to let the prawns join the curry gravy and let them soak up the spice and fragrance of the curry gravy ingredients.




The curry prawns’ textured was not bad although they have been kept in the freezer for almost six months. The sugar and corn flour helped to firm them up. The freezer was also played an important role. The taste of the curry was spicy with slight sweetness in it. Other than the curry prawns, we also had roast duck brought all the way from KL. The roast duck was sweet and tender although it had been on the road for a few hours.



Delicious Cat Fish Gulai @ Jelutong Expressway, Penang

Posted by Jason Wong On June - 29 - 20094 COMMENTS

Days back while driving through the Jelutong Express-way, we noticed a typical looking Malay eating outlet beside the ramp just after the old land fill area along the express-way. As we just finish the eLawyer seminar at USM and had no plans of where to have lunch, we decided to try out the Malay eating outlet that we saw previously. When coming from the Georgetown area, just keep to the left after the Jelutong xpress-way Shell petrol station. The “makan” area is just after the old land fill. But if you are driving from the Bayan Lepas direction, after Tesco stay to the left and turn right at the first traffic lights and you will see the “makan” area.


The name of the stall is “Ani Nasi Campur Gulai Sembilang”, and it is housed in the “Balai Nelayan Jelutong”. The stall open’s for business daily except Sunday and their business hours are from 11:30am onwards until everything is gone from their trays. It literally closes after all their dishes are all sold out, and would just take about 2 to 3 hours. We were there some where near to 2:00pm and everything was all sold out except for some beef, squid, and some fish curries.



And thus, that is what we had for lunch that faithfull Saturday. 2 plates of white rice, 1 nasi tambah, 1 curry sembilang head, 1 piece of curry ikan pari  , 3 pieces of beef and some chilli squid. And the total demage is RM 17.00.


The chilli squid or “sotong pedas” was slightly chewy and over firm, but the taste was quite appetising with some sourness and heat. This dish almost taste like “sotong sambal”. With the gravy in toe, one could finish the whole plate of rice without anything else.


The beef that we had I guess was some sort of rendang or stewed beef. Anyway, it was tender and flavourful. The beef chunks that we had been moisten with a distinctive sardine like taste gravy with just the right amount of spice to bring out the beefy flavour. The heat in the chilli and spice did not overwhelm the sweet and affirmative taste of the beef chunks. The usage of curry leaves in this dish was also something that we do not see everyday at Malay “makan” stalls.


The “Ikan Pari” or stingray curry had some hint of “balacan” or fermented shrimp paste in it. The taste is of this dish is quite light but the gravy was creamy. It is a dish that I would not miss if the run out of stock on my next visit there.


Next on the table was the “Gulai Sembilang”, which is actually our local catfish cooked in their special “gulai” or curry. The gulai was light, sweet and full of fragrant of spices. As the gulai is light, it did not go well with white rice alone; one would need to mixed it with other heavier tasting gravies. But to enjoy it like one would do with soups would be a better way to enjoy the flavour the sembilang gulai has to offer. As for the sembilang fish head, it was creamy or “lemak” especially with those entire soft cartridge like flesh encasing the skull of the fish head. The mixture of spices used in the gulai was well balanced to rid the sembilang of any unappetising taste but yet left that sweet taste of fish still intact in the dish.   No wonder Ani is famous for their “gulai sembilang”!



On average, I would rate Ani Nasi Campur Gulai Sembilang:

* 3.8/5 for value (RM17 is a bit high just for 3 chunks of beef, scoops of squid, 1 piece of stingray meat and 1 catfish head)
* 3.9/5 for taste & texture (love the beef and catfish)
* 3.4/5 for service (not attentive when first approach the stall)
* 3.0/5 for cleanliness(by the sea and at make shift area, not much can be expected)
* 3.0/5 for atmosphere (a bit hot on sunny days)

Address : Balai Nelayan Jelutong, Jelutong Express-way, Penang.

Tel : 016-4584229 (Ani)

Business Hours : 11.30am – ?pm. Closed on Sundays.



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aaaaahhhh………Still remember Ivy’s Kitchen Combo Meal posted a month ago?

I feel a bit bad towards to Mr.Tan & Ivy for owing the a-lar cart dinner post for such a long time. 🙁

Ok now, Ivy’s Kitchen also have available dishes on a-lar-cart order for dinner time besides the lunch combos that cater to the OLs and OMs in the near by office blocks.

At Night they serve Chinese and Nyonya dishes, and the followings are my verdict for some of the dishes served for the invited review dinner do:


The Big Banner hanging in front of the restaurant is eye catching. Jason has given Mr. Tan some ideas to make the restataurant’s brand name more visible to attract those who drive on Jalan Chow Thye. One of them was to place a extended vertical banner similar to that used by Japanese restaurants to show-off its name because the current banner is slightly out of sight by car drivers.


Sweet and Sour Flower Crab (market price)

The sauce combination is thick and very flavorful, and i can taste the distinctive sweet crab meat flavor from the first mouthful.

The flower crab flesh was indeed very meaty & fresh, it is a testament to the quality ingredients that they used here. To be frank, is my first encounter with such a meaty flower crab. Usually flower crab ain’t that meaty. The dish is a good mate for a bowl of fragrant white rice.

It was good, but there was a slightly sweet after taste. Light handed on the sugar is necessary.

Rating for the dish: 3.9/5


Gulai Tumis Chinese Silver Pomfret (market price)

Gulai Tumis usually would be Malaysian’s favourite, when talk and think about the dish one would start begin to experience a  saliva tsunami in the mouth. Hahaha…

What is so special about the Gulai? It is all about the spiciness of the chili paste, sourly taste of tamarind, pungent smell of lemongrass, light perfumery bungah kantan (tourh ginger) to make it became a mouth watering dish.

Above all ingredients, Ivy’s Kitchen version has additional Green Chilies and tomatoes. The Silver Promfret was fresh, but the fish was slightly over cooked because there some late arrivals due to the traffic situation.  I personally would prefer the silver pomfret put into the steaming tray rather into the gulai tumis if the fish still extremely fresh.  🙂

Rating for the dish: 3.7/5


Assam Prawns (RM20 for 10 prawns)

Look at that divine caramelised colour!

There are 2 types of assam prawn, either with thick gravy or dried.  And here they served dried and crispy assam prawn with wonderful flavors .

I would say this nyonya assam prawn was very authentic to me. Although here in Malaysia there are tones of restaurant serving the same dish, but rarely you would get the same “good” nyonya assam prawn.

But don’t be sad, you can now taste the very nicely marinated and pan fried to perfection assam prawn in Ivy’s kitchen. The tamarind flavour is not overpowering; sweet and sour on the right balance. Thumbs Up!

Rating for the dish: 4/5


Fried Bean curd with Leeks

This was a simple homey dish with wok hei. It was slightly dried, a little more gravy and leeks should be better.

Again, it was slightly over sweeten.

Rating for the dish: 3.6/5


Tofu with Seaweed Soup

Seaweed soup with distinctive and clear flavours! This is the freshest seaweed flavour and aroma that I never taste before. No wonder Japanese like it so much. But again it was slightly over sweeten with the seasoning.

The soup come together with sliced carrots, fish balls, cabbages, minced chicken balls and prawns, and of course generous amounts of  the fragrant seaweed 😛

Rating for the dish: 3.8/5


Fried Snow Pea Shoots with Bean Sprouts

The combination of snow pea shoots and bean sprout stir fried was not popular not until the recent years. I and jason still remember we had our curry fish head in Alor Star and we discovered this combination of stir frying of snow pea shoots and bean sprouts for the first time back in 2006 or 2007. Something interesting, as the friendly curry fish head chef cum owner told us, bean sprout gives the sweetness and evenly match the bitterness and rough texture of the snow pea shoots.

Anyway, the easiest dish is the hardest to master, more skill is needed. This dish in Ivy’s has that homey taste with wok hei.  But the bean sprouts were slightly overcooked, thus, the loss of that crunchy feeling. But the fragrant garlic bits compensated for that..

Rating for the dish: 3.7/5


Fruits Platter

After all the dishes, big plate of fruits was sent to our table, with chunks of sweet mango, papaya and longan.


Note: ivy’s kitchen is serves pork free dishes.

Average rating for this place:

2.9/5 for value (slightly over priced for seafood, but it was on market forces)
3.8/5 for taste & texture (taste of home cook meals, but there is still room to excel especially on the handling of certain ingredients and the seasoning)
3.8/5 for service
4.0/5 for cleanliness
3.0/5 for atmosphere (not much of decoration. evening got lots of mosquito due to the neighbours plants but they are looking into environmental friendly ways to get rid of this minor problem)


Add : 58 Jalan Chow Thye, 10250 Penang. (Next to Isaribi Tei and near by Jemputree)

Tel : 013-433 7878 (Mr. Tan), 016-433 7130 (Ms. Ivy)

Business Hours : Daily 9:00am-9:00pm from Monday to Sunday. Saturday 12:00pm-9:00pm.

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Arranged Review-Ivy’s Kitchen Combo Meals

Posted by Jason Wong On May - 17 - 20097 COMMENTS

For Ivy’s Kitchen, an arrangement was made for some of us food bloggers to sample their spread of a-lar-carte dishes and combo meals. The a-la-carte sampling was held on a Friday night and the combo meals were arranged for on Sunday’s lunch. It was good because we could just waltz in after Sunday Service. The Sunday lunch sampling was mainly to introduce the various sets and combinations that Ivy’s Kitchen can dish out daily. Other than sampling the meals, we were also given the opportunity to put-up some personal feedbacks on the food and also give some thoughts on the possibility to utilise some of our know-how to attract and improve in certain areas ranging from food quality and business management.

As usual we try to make it slightly earlier to capture some kitchen action, thus the following shots were possible.




The value sets or combo meals are specially created to cater to those who need to grab a quick bite that is value for their money. The combo meals are priced from RM 7.50 to RM 9.00 per set and what one would get is a rice set, a glass of freshly squeeze fruit juice and dessert, and for noodle sets they are accompanied with ‘thong shui’ and jelly dessert. You can say that their combo meals cater to both rice drums(fun tong) and noodle freaks.



If one does not prefer to get stuffed and just to fill the tank emperor, you could opt for the a-la-carte noodles and porridge offerings.





Combo A: Chicken Rendang

At RM9.00 per set, one would be served with a piece of tender creamy rich aromatic chicken cut, a  bowl of white rice(not nasi lemak because it would be to rich with all that coconut milk), half an egg, deep fried anchovies and peanuts, papadum and achar or pickles vegetables.

Rendang is a dish which originated from an ethnic group of Indonesia, Minangkabau. In many cases the rendang is mentioned as curry, but authentically the rendang is anything but curry. Rendang is prepared through a slow cooking process of the meat of choice in coconut milk and spices until almost all the liquid is evaporated and the aroma and taste of the spices and creamy richness of the coconut milk are absorb by the meat. And through this slow cooking process it allows the meat to become tender, even beef.


Combo B: Beef Rendang

The combo of beef rendang and rice shares the same side dishes as in combo A but is cheaper by RM0.50, at RM8.50 per set. Both chicken and beef rendang shared the same characteristics, creamy, rich, and aromatic, but the beef rendang was slightly spicier hot. Although the rendang dish calls for a slow cooked tender chunk of meat, the beef rendang today had some chewy chunks. One of the reasons for this is that the chewy chunks had less or no fatty contents. But yet is not enough of a reason to shun from this dish.


Combo C: Nasi Lemak

At RM7.50 per set, one could expect a coconut rich fragrant bowl of rice accompany with a halved hard boiled egg, ‘sambal’ anchovies that is prominent with the colour of turmeric and sweet, deep fried chicken wing minus the drum- met, deep fried sardine, crisp anchovies and peanuts and fish cracker. Alternatively, one could substitute the chicken wing and sardine with a bigger fish like the deep fried stuffed cincaru or hard tail mackerel for RM9.00. Personally, I would like to have bigger piece of chicken to fill my tank while still maintaining the price at RM7.50. What are people looking for now is something which tasty, economical and yet able to fill them up.




This stuffed hard tail mackerel in its raw form.  The stuffing consists various type of herbs and spices, and the predominant taste that one will get to experience from this fish is the sourness of tamarind, the fragrant of Kaffir lime leafs and the heat from the chilli paste. This stuffed hard tail mackerel is sold at RM3.80 per fish.

Combo D: Fish Fillet Noodles in clear soup

This set is for the noodle freaks and light tasting food fans, and it is only  RM9.00 for a bowl of noodle topped with generous amounts of deep fried dory fish fillet and chicken meat balls, accompanied with thong shui and dessert. One could choose from your noodle of choice from instant noodles to rice vermicelli(bee hoon), glass noodles(tang hoon) to plain old rice porridge. The soup is clear and sweet with a noticebale taste  of sesame seed oil as a condiment.  When requesting for the rice porridge version, do expect a more hard hitting sweet taste of ‘tung choy’ (type of Chinese preserved vegetable with sweet and salty taste) in soup. This because by substituting the noodle with cooked rice, the light clear soup would have its taste overwhelmed by the rice, thus the usage of ‘tung choy’ is call for. If you are a person who can’t taste anything lite, it is would not be a good choice to choose combo D.


Other than the combo meals that are mentioned here, one could also try out their lite snacks and other a-lar-carte dishes.



Average rating for this place:

3.1/5 for value (slightly above averagely priced for combo meals as comapred to economy rice, but with fresh juice and dessert it should break-even nicely)
3.7/5 for taste & texture (taste of home cook meals, but there is still room to excel)
3.8/5 for service
3.9/5 for cleanliness
3/5 for atmosphere (not much of decoration. evening got lots of mosquito due to the neighbours plants but they are looking into environmental friendly ways to get rid of this minor problem)


Add : 58 Jalan Chow Thye, 10250 Penang. (Next to Isaribi Tei and near by Jemputree)

Tel : 013-433 7878 (Mr. Tan), 016-433 7130 (Ms. Ivy)

Business Hours : Daily 9:00am-9:00pm from Monday to Sunday. Saturday 12:00pm-9:00pm.


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Unique Fried Porridge at Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Posted by gill gill On May - 4 - 200922 COMMENTS

Have you heard of fried porridge before? Fried the Porridge! How can the porridge be fried? How does it taste & looks like?

All the questions popping up in a sudden, after the mentioned of “fried porridge”!  Yea, its kind of weird without any logical sense right? Would you have the guts/urge to try this “weird” thing? Well, i am not kidding, the weird porridge it’s pretty delicious though. What i am going to introduce to you today is truly a good bowl of porridge that specially caters to those who have a fancy for heavy taste food.

Thanks to Criz for organizing this eating adventure for us and Steven Goh .

I think some of the local has heard of this “113 Fried Porridge” before. Through the years they have shifted to 2 different locations before setting foot at the current location in Tanjung Tokong just opposite of the Prima Tanjung shop houses. The first place they started business was on Burmah Road and then they moved to Batu Maung. At the current location, one can easily locate them by their signage that is of striking yellow orangey color, which stands out among the kopitiams.

Other then the unique porridge, they serve chinese dishes and a variety in their air-conditioned restaurant.


Small plate of homemade potatoes chip will be served before the order.


You may fine they have limited choices in the menu, as they just serve their specialties which is more then enough. It’s good to specialise in something and rather be a Jack of all trades, right?

Off the a alar carte menu, they also offer Lunch Sets for those who wants a trouble free and fast meal in the afternoon. And the Lunch Sets are quite reasonably priced at RM5.90. For the RM 5.90 you pay, you will be getting a plate of rice with one dish, fried egg, soup and a glass of tea. Can you believe it? In an air-conditioned restaurant! Where to get? 😀


As we paid our virgin visit to this place, so we let the Host – Criz to make the orders and thus we end up savouring of some of their specialties.

We have total of 4 dishes, 1 porridge, 2 noodles….guess although the four(4) of us have double sized stomach the dishes served was more than what we can stomached….4 of us were filled till up to the brims! Thanks to the owner for arranging such a big feast for us…lol


Black Four Seasons Beans
Crunchy & young French beans are slightly deep fried into oil and then stir fry/sautéed with generous amount of garlic, chai por, dried shrimps and dark soy sauce. It was fragrantly salty with a hint of sweetness. This is indeed a good match for a bowl of white rice. Love it. Extra bowl of rice pls…

My Rating: 3.9/5


House Special – Yunnan Tofu
The homemade tofu deep fried to perfection. Once you bites on, it has some gluey feeling from the crispy outer layer and following by smooth and silky tofu. Guess it was coated by tapioca flour, to give the layer special & differently from others.
There are some dried shrimps and chopped wood fungus inside the tofu. The tofu mixture doesn’t have much taste by itself, so try to eat them with Thai chilli sauce.
Anyway, beware of your tongue will get burnt, when it was immediately from the kitchen. Piping Hot!

My Rating: 3.7/5


Wild Boar Curry
Fresh and lean wild boar meat were cut into slices and cook with onions & curry leafs with thick & fragrant curry sauce. I guess they were using milk instead of coconut milk, as it was not oily and too creamy. Although the curry was thick but it has sense of powdery still. Using curry powder? Still need some improvement, but it was a nice dish.
Criz said, the boar always is fresh as the owner hunts it every day! Who will be interested to join the hunting team? Anyone?

My Rating: 3.8/5


Oyster Omelette
Fresh Oyster fried together with eggs to perfectly golden. This is not a starchy type as usually found in penang. Pretty genuine as they serve purely eggs without flour.

My Rating: 3.6/5


Fried Porridge
The unique porridge was reached our table, and finally answered our curiosity.

What is Fried Porridge?

The below paragraph was exert from Criz post:
“Cooked porridge is stir fried in a wok with some herbs and spices, together with prawns, cuttlefish strips, dried shrimps and Chinese leek (koochai) & char siew. In fact, it looked just like dark soy sauce porridge but the taste is unique. “

The Porridge itself came with the mixture of some smooth (70%) and slightly rough (30%) texture, dried cuttlefish strips & shrimps brings up the fragrant of its own, Chinese leeks gave some refreshing green taste to the porridge. It was good I would say. Another way to descript the fried porridge, it would be something similar to dried cuttlefish porridge, just the different of extra ingredient, heavier taste (black sause), and method pf preparing.

My Rating: 3.9/5


Hor Fun with “sunny yolk”

Moonlight Hor Fun
It was an ordinary Stir fry hor fun with just added in a raw Egg Yolk. If you stir the raw yolk with the steaming hot hor fun together and eat it immediately, it shouldn’t taste raw. The fact to put in the raw yolk is to enhance the creaminess to the hor fun with special experience. Although I don’t really like to take raw yolk but the hor fun is still fine.

My Rating: 3.5/5


after mixing the Hor Fun & yolk


3 Taste Noodle
Yellow noodles stir fry with a unique sauce, bean sprout, prawn and garnish with lettuce & fried shallots. 3 taste in Chinese, means they have 3 different flavours has added in to the noodle. Although the flavour has became 3 into 1, but I still can roughly tell the mixing flavour of mee goreng & sambal. The taste is acceptable…hah.
It was a litter bit wet, a little too sweet to my liking, slightly adjust the sugar ratio would be perfect.

My Rating: 3.4/5

Dishes Rating:

* Black Four Seasons Beans: 3.9/5
* House Special – Yunnan Tofu: 3.7/5
* Wild Boar Curry: 3.8/5
* Oyster Omelette: 3.6/5
* Fried Porridge: 3.9/5
* Moonlight Hor Fun: 3.5/5
* 3 Taste Noodle: 3.4/5

Average Rating for this place:

* 3.9/5 for value
* 3.9/5 for taste & texture
* 3.7/5 for service
* 4.0/5 for cleanliness
* 3.5/5 for atmosphere

P/S: The quality may not be consistent during weekend & public holidays. I guess the young cooks still learning from the father (owner). The best is go in weekday. Young kids serve dishes and drinks, as this is the family business, so do watch out the kids with full hand of food.


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Kuala Lumpur Food Trip – October 2008

Posted by gill gill On March - 20 - 20098 COMMENTS

This was our first KL Food Hunt with Ken from foodPOI.com during October last year. Since we have a bunch of back lock, so let us clear off some year 2008 article!

We started our first meal – breakfast with extremely spicy chili pan mee. Yes, you are right, is Chili Pan Mee! Our advice is DONT take the risk if you have gastric. Don’t consume extremely spicy food in the early morning, your stomach could burn your day :P~

At first, Ken wish to bring us to Nippy Noodle at Kuchai Lama, but unfortunately we’ve make our way too early, as the restaurant operating hour is start from 11am onwards!nippy-noodle-1-kl-nc1

At the end, Ken brought us to this Restoran Super Kitchen “Chili Pan Mee”. We have posted this chili pan mee since last year November, to read more about this pan mee, you may click here.

First Stop

Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee at Kuala Lumpur


It is a dry version of Pan Mee without the soup. The condiments are semi poach egg, minced pork meat, fried shallots and anchovies. The anchovies was toast rather than deep fried, as it doesnt have the oily feeling. The egg was poached to just the right consistency and firmness. As mentioned, it is chili pan mee, thus Chili is a “must add” condiment. but be caution! should taste the chili’s spicy level before you put another spoon into your noodle!


We find that the chili flake with chili oil in the bottle give a better taste and aroma to the noodle. After put the suitable chili amount into your pan mee, then mix everything together and start your adventure…

The crunchy anchovies and shallots gave the fragrant aroma, the mince meat has moist & meaty taste, and the creamy poach egg yoke moist up the noodles. The semi poach egg plays important rules for the chili pan mee, it is the catalyst to bind the chili on to the noodle strands. So, i would advice you don’t go for cooked egg.

First experience for this hot and spicy chili pan mee, very intersting. Both of us like it so much!

4.0/5 for taste & texture

Second Stop

Peter’s Pork Noodle @ Brickfield


This Peter’s Pork Noodle is our all time favorite when we were in KL!

Pork Noodle similiar to Koay Teow Th’ng, but the different is the soup is made to order, depends on what condiment has added in your soup. You can go for pork mince meat, innards, intestine. They have varies of noodle to cater, such as koay teow, yellow noodle, vemicilli, bee thai bak and flour vemicili (mee suah). You can opt for an raw egg to enhance the level of the soup. What makes them so special is their soup base and crispy pork lard!

I like mine with bee thai bak, simply mince meats, pork liver and egg. Mee suah will be my second choice.

That was really wonderful combination. and dont stir the raw egg with the soup while you consuming, it would spoil the wonder. Leave it a side in your steaming hot soup while you enjoy the others. As the hot soup still poching the raw egg to semi cooked. That will be the good timing to enjoy it at last.

4.4/5 for taste & texture

Second Stop

Moorthy’s Indian Rice @ Brickfield

This is another good indian stall to recommend under the same roof of the peter’s pork noodle. 


They are selling indian’s dishes and called Banana leaf.


Lamb rendang was so good, tender and flavourful.


Juicy and moist fried fish, you just cant resist it…

Due to we have to keep our stomach in high capacity for our next stop, so we just ordered the above 2. Actually should try their banana leaf, it worth the trip. oh ya, do order their papadam, its good!

4.2/5 for taste & texture


The Peter’s Pork Noodle & Indian Rice Stall is all located in Money’s Corner:


Third Stop

Stew Rice @ Brickfield

Third stop would be the stew rice, it was few doors away from the money’s corner. i couldn’t remember the restaurant name, but actually we had enter this place before ken bring us there. My sister in-law is their regular during dinner, and we had tried their dishes twist. The Stew rice is just only available for the lunch. So, we give it a try since the name is something special.


Actually so called stew rice was made by stir fry meat and seafood with sauce and put in the bowl and top with rice, steam and serve.

To be frank, we was socked when we saw they using faded plastic bowl to served us. And no doubt that plastic bowl was came out straight from the hot steaming stove. WTF, which means this bowl of rice contains plastic and it would cause cancer! Ban those restauraner who didnt cares about human’s health!!!!

Our appetite was totally lost, and we just simply finished without enjoy it much! anyway, this stew rice was taste very normal & bland to me.

3.0/5 for taste & texture

Adhoc Stop

Indian’s Snacks @ Brickfield

After the stew rice, while we walking back to catch our monorail, we smells the wonderful aroma from this indian’s snacks stall besides the pathway. 


So we stopped by and take a look. The friendly stall’s owner ask to sampling their food. Look, they have lots of varieties of deep frying snacks.


After sampling, we love this soft and moist vadei, taste mild and milky, end up we bought 4 pcs and its filled up to our brims, we almost wanna vomit….lol

4.0/5 for taste & texture

Forth Stop

K.T.Z @ Low Yat Plaza

After that Vadei, we stop to consume anything from our mouth and start looking for washroom…haha. We got the train to low yat plaza for some IT shoppings.

Few hours gone and we make our last stop with ken at KTZ Dessert House just opposite the Low Yat Plaza.


Basically they serve chinese desserts. Here is the hot light ginger syrup Tang Yuan.  The Tang Yuan is quite springy and the filling is just nice, not too sweet, its really match the ginger syrup well. the hot syrup do warms up our stomach, it is a good winter dessert.


Ice Shaving with Mango & Sago. Sago coated with mango’s pureer and drench on top of the white shaving ice and decorate with big mango cube. Looks worth for the value isnt it?

4.0/5 for taste & texture

Fifth Stop

Chinese Fine Dinning – Elegant Inn @ Kuala Lumpur

After ken’s drop us back to my sister in-law’s house, and we make our way to KL city. Thank you to my sister’s in-law to treat us such a good and expensive meal!

We had the opportunity to dine at this particular Cantonese Restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Elegant Inn. This restaurant is owned by E I Foods Sdn. Bhd. They have another unit, which is the main or original, at Taman Connaught in Cheras.

The one in Cheras , is just your typical restaurant, but don’t be fool by its appearance, it will cost an arm and a leg to eat there. It is no difference either here in KL, but the ambiance is a lot more classier and presentable. I remember one saying from a neighbour in KL, “Ngm Siek Tuck Dou Tai Tuck lah”. Easily translated to “although the food is not good, at least it is presentable”.

The KL restaurant is located in Menara Hap Seng on Jalan P.Ramlee. Quite near to Bukit Bintang. It’s location and view, gives it the only or at least one of the Chinese Restaurants with the best views in KL centre. And the ambiance in the restaurant is something to look forward for. It has a warm setting with some framed wood carvings on the wall, plush and soft carpet, well equipped function rooms (Big LCD Screen, DVD) with balcony and special place for the romantic couple.

wish to read more from the rest of Elegant inn? Click here


At the end of this post, shows you 3 fatso travelling’s photos…..heee, enjoy!

And thanks to Ken for being our food guide for one whole day.




Kedai Makanan Lidiana @ Tanjung Bungah, Penang

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The popular Kedai Makanan Lidiana at Tanjung Bungah, Penang.
The popular Kedai Makanan Lidiana at Tanjung Bungah, Penang.
The lady boss taking a breather.
The lady boss taking a breather.
The many vegetable dishes that are served at Lidiana's.
The many vegetable dishes that are served at Lidiana’s.
Various curries are availabe at Lidiana's.
Various curries are available at Lidiana’s.
The dishes that we had for lunch today(31/01/09).
The dishes that we had for lunch today(31/01/09).
This is Tempeh, or tempe in Javanese, is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form. It is especially popular on the island of Java, where it is a staple source of protein.
This is Tempeh, or tempe in Javanese, is made by natural and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form. It is especially popular on the island of Java, where it is a staple source of protein. The tempeh was stir fried with some sweet sauce, which was quite appetizing.
Kacang botol or Winged Bean is also known as the Goa bean or Asparagus Pea and Winged Pea is a tropical legume plant.
Kacang botol or Winged Bean is also known as the Goa bean or Asparagus Pea and Winged Pea is a tropical legume plant. This dish was light and refreshing to have. The texture was at first crunchy at the wings or outer side and slightly firm in the centre.
Deep fried fish stuffed with sambal, onions, etc.
Deep fried fish stuffed with sambal, onions, etc. The fish was just cooked to the right consistancy and was still juicy and tender. The sambal was fragrant and yet not too spicy.
Deep fried chicken.
Deep fried chicken, it was fresh from the wok. The chicken was tender in the inside and slightly crisp on the skin. The taste was light unlike the ones found at nasi kandar stalls which are inoundated with all the spices. The chicken here was light marinated with yellow ginger powder and season with salt.
Freshly made ayam kicap or dark soya sauce chicken.
Freshly made ayam kicap or dark soya sauce chicken. The chicken used felt fresh, not the ones that are usually made from overnight fried chicken. The meat was tender and the sauce was thick and sweet with a hint of smokines from the dark soy.
Cuttle fish in a chili gravy.
Cuttle fish in a chili sauce or sambal. I expected the cuttle fish to be chewy and firm, but surprisingly the pieces were very tender and soft. And the chili sauce was not too spicy, in fact there was a little bit of sweetness to it.
Beef cooked in chili and spice sauce.
Beef cooked in chili and spice sauce. The beef was slightly firm and chewy, and the sauce had more heat than the other dishes that we had for lunch. Overall it is average for this dish.
Chicken are deep fried and replenish non stop during our visit.
Chicken are deep fried and replenish non stop during our visit.

On average, I would give this place:

  • 3.9/5 for value (RM 63 excluding drinks)
  • 4/5 for taste & texture
  • 3.8/5 for service
  • 3.8/5 for cleanliness
  • 3.5/5 for atmosphere
Direction to Lidiana
Direction to Lidiana

The direction starts from landmark of  Tanjung Bungah Maybank, once you see the maybank at your left,  keep going straight after the second traffic light. you will see the tsunami’s flat on your right. Take note on the left, when the moment you see the junction on your left, just turn in, and you can see the big signage – Arkad Tanjung Bungah is on your right, it is axactly opposite the Floating Mosque. Lidiana is the first stall (bigest stall) from the entrance.

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