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37 Year Old Mee Goreng At Chuan Foong

Posted by Jason Wong On January - 3 - 20123 COMMENTS

‘Mee Goreng’ or ‘Mamak Mee Goreng’ is one of the many favourite fab foods that Malaysians enjoy and there are many comments on who fries the best. What we look for is not the best but the one that can deliver a more traditional bouquet of flavours. The best is only if we have tasted all the Mee Goreng in the world, or at least in Penang for this case.

Mee Goreng literally meaning fried noodles is myth to have originated from Chinese ‘chow mein’ and believed to have been introduced by Chinese immigrants to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia when they immigrated from China. In its’s basic form it consists of  yellow noodles, bean sprouts, egg, bean curd, crackers, fritters, chili and each individual cooks specially concocted gravy. Some stalls may also offer stewed squid or cuttlefish.

The Mee Goreng stall that is found at Chuan Foong (Yok Fong Cafe) on the junction of Jalan Tanjung Bungah and Jalan Chan Siew Teong reminded us of the oldskool flavours that we very much enjoy and look forward for. The stall has been in business for around 37 years in Tanjung Bungah and has been based in Chuan Foong for 20 years and opens 6 days week, resting on Fridays. Business hour starts from 2pm daily.

The stall still practices cooking with open charcoal flames that maintain a more distributed heat wave that will would evenly cook food and enhance its taste. 

Their Mee Goreng is sold at RM3.70 per serving. It has a balance of savouriness from the special gravy used to braise the noodles, sweetness from seasoning with sugar, heat from chilli and creaminess from egg.  Some lime juice from a wedge of freshly cut lime provided a taste of freshness to the plate of old flavours.

Other than Mee Goreng, they also have Mee Rebus and Pasembur which are also favourite items sold by Mamaks in Malaysia. Their Mee Rebus is sold at RM3.70 per serving. Although it is not exceptional, but it is still good enough satisfy the occasional cravings.

Their Pasembur is price at RM3.50 per serving which come with juicy and crunchy roughly julienne cucumber and jicama (sengkuang in Malay), crispy prawn crackers, fluffy fritters, firm bean curds cubes, and a rich hardboiled egg. We especially like the prawn crackers, which were well seasoned, that went well with its thick sweet and spicy gravy.

Overall, the Mee Goreng is well flavoured and has that unique wok sear aroma and taste, the Mee Rebus is a bit general in taste, and the Pasember is above average in texture and taste in terms of the ingredients and gravy. It would take us a few more visits to gauge their consistency for sure.




Fragrant Roti On Argyll Road

Posted by Jason Wong On March - 22 - 20105 COMMENTS

It has been years since we last visited this roti canai or Indian pan fried bread stall. With time to kill before our appointment after church yesterday morning, it was our second stop for breakfast. This stall used to be housed a few meters down the road in an open compound under a big tree which has been removed. My favourite was their ‘roti kosong’ (plain bread) and ‘roti telur bawang’ (onion and egg bread) and drench in their homemade curries (mixed).

FV-100321-Argyll Rd Roti Canai_4

The roti kosong was pan fried till crisp on the surface and still fluffy on the insides. The dough or roti itself had a savoury taste which I can’t quite find in many other roti outlets now a days.

FV-100321-Argyll Rd Roti Canai_5

The roti telur was full of that fragrant eggy aroma, minus the onions. The roti as usual, was crisp and the egg just well done with soft whites and sandy yolks.

FV-100321-Argyll Rd Roti Canai_9

The mutton curry was pungent with the flavours of spices without the heat and the meat was off the bone tender.

FV-100321-Argyll Rd Roti Canai_6

The beef curry was a bit of a let down though. It used to thicker and had more taste of spices. The current beef curry was sweet with a slight sour (tomato) lingering after taste.

FV-100321-Argyll Rd Roti Canai_7

Price wise the roti was not too over price like some who charge RM0.80 for just a roti kosong.

FV-100321-Argyll Rd Roti Canai_2

The roti shop has even been featured by the local Chinese daily.

FV-100321-Argyll Rd Roti Canai_1

The recent experience with the Seikh Usman or Argyll Rd. Roti Canai:

Taste & Texture: 2.8/5 (the roti was fluffy, crisp, fragrant and flavourful but the curries tasted different from previous times)
Money Value : 2.5/5
Service: 2.5/5
Cleanliness: 1.0/5 (Table was oily, the floor was soiled with curry sauce and the most unbearable was water dripping from the washed plates on to the lower shelve that houses the cooked curry pots)
Atmosphere: 2.4/5 (warm at times)

FV-100321-Argyll Rd Roti Canai_3


Khaleel Nasi Kandal @ Batu Ferringhi

Posted by gill gill On April - 30 - 20081 COMMENT

Finally Batu Ferringhi has a 24 hour Nasi Kandal! This Khaleel actually had a shop located at the Flat ground floor which and the flats are opposite the 7eleven, and they are open on day time only. And now they opened a branch at the corner shoplot (2 lots) at the 7eleven side, end of the road since begining of the year 2008.

We’ve tried their food for few times. Usually we will prefer to eat there at night, coz the night shift chef cook better then the morning! Haaa…

We would recommand you go for night time food, better taste. You can try their Roti Canai and ask for Dhal campur Sardine “Guah”. The roti is crispy outside and soft inside, and you can really taste the roti with some sweetness and fragrant, and the guah n roti combination goes really well.
Tips:Dont ask for fish curry, that will be taste different from what i’d recommanded.

Price: nom

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