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Buka Puasa (Breaking Fast) At Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Posted by Jason Wong On July - 13 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

Time flies fast when you least expected! Just last year in July we were at Hard Rock Hotel to sample their “Buka Puasa Buffet” and with a blink of an eye we are now tasting their 2013 Ramadhan offerings. Muslims around the world will abstain from eating and drinking from dawn until dusk during the Ramadhan month, and it is also the time when an abundance of traditional Malay cuisine and newly assimilated Halal dishes are on displays in daily street markets, restaurant and hotels.

This year, Hard Rock Hotel Penang has come up a few interesting specials to celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan:

  1. The Relax & Feast Package – RM399++ per room per night for 2 pax, inclusive of breakfast and dinner.
  2. The Early Bird Mini Breakfast Buffet – breakfast buffet served from 4:30 am to 5:30 am RM25++ per adult and  RM12.59 per child (4 to 12 years of age).
  3. The Bintang Rock Dinner Buffet – Rm68++ per adult and RM34++ per child, available from 6:30 pm onwards.
  4. The Rock Platter by Hard Rock Cafe Penang – RM120++ per platter for 2 persons, available from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.

To our surprise, the Bintang Rock Dinner Buffet had a very Malay cuisine theme spread of dishes that impress us at first sight. It is filled with a variety of traditional and new Malay dishes that are very representative of the Malay culture food heritage, but there are some signature dishes that stands out as their specialty and should not be missed. The only down side of the buffet menu is that these signature dishes are distributed into 3 menus that will be rotated weekly (please refer to the menu available at the end of this article).

  1. Bubur Lambuk or Lambut / Soft Rice Congee,
  2. Udang Masak Hijau Putik Pisang / Green Curry Prawns with Young Banana,
  3. Daging Masak Kicap / Spiced Soy Beef,
  4. Ketam Masak Kicap / Braised Blue Crab in Turmeric, Coconut and Pineapple,
  5. Pari Assam Pedas / Hot & Sour Stingray with Chili, Okra & Eggplant,
  6. Assam Laksa Johor / Johor Tamarind (sour) Laksa,
  7. Laksa Penang / Penang Assam Laksa,
  8. Sambal Tumis Udang & Petai / Sauteed Prawn with Sambal and Parkia Speciosa Beans,
  9. Gulai Kambing Serai / Lemongrass Mutton Curry,
  10. Gulai Ayam / Curry Chicken,
  11. Ayam Percik / Grilled Chicken with Spicy Sauce.

To begin the buffet spread, there are a variety of Ulam (Malay raw salads) and Kerabu (cooked salads), Rojak (fruit salad) and the common mixed vegetable section.

Going on to the main courses, it is a composition of Malay dishes ranging from Gulai (curries), Rendang (thick curries) to Satay, and a variety of Chinese and other Asian dishes that have been assimilated to suit the needs to be Halal.

There are also live action stations that are setup to provide local favourites like Roti Canai (Roti Pratha), Laksa, Mee Udang (Spicy Prawn Noodles) and more.

After the mains, desserts are definitely on the buffet line; it is a fusion of Malay kuih (sweet cakes), ice-kacang (shaved ice), bubur manis (sweet porridge) and some western cakes and puddings.

Compare to previous year’s Ramadhan themed buffet spread, I would say this Bintang Rock Buffet is more representative of the Malay food culture and eating habits. Some of our favourites from the Bintang Rock Buffet week 1 menu are:

  1. Bubur Lambuk or Lambut – soft texture with a balanced sweet savoury taste.
  2. Beef Rendang – rich and spicy with not a lot of heat and the meat tender.
  3. Serunding (meat floss) – sweet tasting with a slight spicy aftertaste.

Bubur Lambuk or Lambut

Beef Rendang

Serunding (meat floss)

Overall experience for Starz Diner’s Bintang Rock Buffet week 1 menu:

  • 3.5/5 (Averagely Good)
  • There were some interesting flavours in play in some of the dishes on the buffet line, but there were some that were slightly over seasoned with salt.
  • Our personal favourites for week 1 were the Bubur Lambuk, Beef Rendang, Udang Masak Hijau Putik Pisang and Pear Almond Tart.
  • 3.0/5 (Average)
  • Any food left on the bain-marie over a period of time would ultimately overcook the meat or vegetables. The tip is to have them fresh.
  • N/A as it is an invited review event, but the staffs at hand were quite attentive, friendly and helpful.
  • 4.5/5 (Very Good)
  • The dining area was neat and clean.
  • 3.5/5 (Averagely Good)
  • Comfortable seats and bright dining area.
  • 3.5/5 (Averagely Good)
  • It is comparatively similar to the buffets being offered elsewhere.
  • N/A as it is a dinner buffet.
  • N/A as it is a dinner buffet but we would like to see in the future a further expansion on the main course diversity if possible.
  • 4.0/5 (Good)
  • By comparing to the previous year’s Ramadhan buffet line up, there is a mark improvement in the variety of dishes that are representative to the Malay food culture and eating habits.

Moving to Hard Rock Cafe’s Rock Platter 2013 for 2 persons, this festive puasa season sees them creating again a limited time platter combination that is hearty and flavourful. Apart from offering the cafe’s favourites like onion rings, potato skins, Santa Fe Spring Rolls, Hickory-smoked Bar-B-Que Beef Ribs, Mini Apple Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream and Mini Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream, this year’s platter have included more Malay influenced dishes like Mini Rendang Pulled Chicken Sandwich, Red Cooked Chicken, Mini Pulled Lamb Sandwich and Chicken Rendang.

 Overall experience for Hard Rock Cafe’s Rock Platter menu A:

  • 4.0/5 (Good)
  • Our personal favourites from Rock Platter A were the Grilled Mini Beef Quesadilla, Red Cooked Chicken and Hickory-Smoked Bar-B-Que Chicken.
  • 3.5/5 (Average Good)
  • The chicken was tender and flavourful.
  • The beef was medium-well with still some pink in them.
  • N/A as it is an invited review event, but the staffs at hand were quite attentive, friendly and helpful.
  • 4.5/5 (Very Good)
  • The dining area was neat and clean.
  • 3.5/5 (Averagely Good)
  • Comfortable seats and bright dining area.
  • 3.0/5 (Average)
  • It is more or less on the dear side, but it is dining in the famous Hard Rock Cafe.
  • 4.0/5 (Good)
  • Although the platter is meant for 2 people, it could feed up 3 averagely hungry mouths.
  • N/A as it is a dinner buffet but we would like to see in the future a further expansion on the main course diversity if possible.
  • 4.0/5 (Good)
  • Comparing to the previous year’s Puasa month Eat’s Platter, it has increased the representation of Malay influenced dishes in the food platter composition. And is nearer to the Ramadhan month’s theme.

The above mentioned offers are from now until the 6th, 7th and 9th of August 2013 respectively. For details or reservations, please call Hard Rock Hotel Penang at +604-8811711 or email them at info.penang@hardrockhotels.net .

<<Bintang Rock Dinner Buffet Menus>>




Penang’s Asam Laksa, A Marriage of Cultures

Posted by Jason Wong On December - 17 - 20122 COMMENTS

Laksa is a popular spicy noodle soup that was formed through the fusion of Asian cultures. The dish can be found in Malaysia and Singapore, and Indonesia where migrant Chinese and Malays can be found coexisting in harmony irregardless of religion and and race. There are so many varieties of laksa out there, ready to be explored by gastronomist who has a pungent appetite for the ‘stronger’ ASEAN food cultures that have been molded by the demographic migrations, necessity and uniquely available local ingredients . Just in Malaysia itself there is already individually distinctive variations of laksa that lay claim by the state that they were “born” in. Some of the more well known ones other than the famous Penang Laksa:

  • Laksa Kelantan, boiled ‘ikan kembong’ or ‘round scad’, minced then fried with onions, garlic, ginger, datil pepper, belacan, ‘kantan‘ flower, Vietnamese coriander or ‘daun kesum’, lemon grass and dried tamarind slice. It is lastly finished off with coconut milk to transform the fishy soup stock into a thick gravy like soup with lots of body. The Lakas Kelantan is then served with rice noodles and adding ‘ulam‘ or raw vegetables and blended chili on the side.
  • Laksa Johor, is much complicated with the use of not only ‘ikan kembong’ and coconut milk, but also dried prawns, kerisik, lemon grass, galangal and spices akin to curry. Garnishing and condiments include not only slices of onion, cucumber and fresh lime juice; they also make use of bean sprouts, Vietnamese coriander and pickled white radish with a side of sambal belacan. For noodles, the usual cylindrical rice noodles are substituted with spaghetti pasta.
  • Laksa Sarawak , is a love or hate story. The soup base is mainly of  sambal belacan cooked with tamarind, garlic, galangal, lemon grass and coconut milk. The common savings come with rice noodles or vermicelli, omelette strips, chicken strips, prawns, fresh coriander and lime for additional tanginess.

The infamous Asam Laksa that Penang is proud to be home to is the culmination of the Chinese and Malay cooking heritage that also forms the unique Peranakan culture. The Assam Laksa or commonly called Penang Laksa is a sour fish soup served with cylindrical rice noodles, various raw vegetable and herb toppings/condiments. The signature Asam Laksa soup is prepared by boiling either Ikan Kembong, Sardines or Ikan Selar, which we were told was the best type of fish to be used for the soup stock. After which a mixture of herb and spices are combined, pounded and added into the soup stock to spice up the flavours and to give it a dimension of flavours. Then Asam Jawa (tamarind juice) and Asam Gelugor (tamarind peel) are added to transform the sweet savoury soup into a soup filled with a balance of sweetness, acidity, spice, heat and body. A bowl of laksa is not complete without the colour contrasting garnishes and condiments that tops the firm and succulent heap of uniform cylindrical rice noodles. These garnishes do not just add a touch of visual beauty, but also enhances the taste of the steamy bowl of laksa to each individuals preference. They include cucumber, pineapple, Chinese lettuce and onions that constitute the julienned fresh vegetables. Then there is also the finely chopped bunga kantan or ginger bud, sliced red chilli and freshly picked mint leaves. Making the Asam Laksa your own also requires some seasoning of sorts, like adding the Pamersan cheese powder to a plate of pasta or finely chopped garlic into a bowl of thick and silky Hainanese Loh Mee . For Penang’s Asam Laksa, it is the notorious ‘hae ko’ a.k.a the thick and sweet prawn paste made from the simmering process of prawn juices and sugar, thus the creamy richness and sweet caramel taste. With all the above, you are ready to dig into a bowl of laksa that is not only filled with layers of flavour but also a bowl filled with the marriage of cultures and the taste of many years of heritage handed down from generations to generations.

Some of the common or well known tourist hotspots for Penang Assam Laksa are:

  1. Joo Hooi Cafe Address: 475 Jalan Penang, Penang. Bus. Hour: From 12pm to 5:30pm.GPS: N 5.417152, E 100.3306808
  2. Taman Emas kopitiam Address: Jalan Gottlieb, 10350 Georgetown, Penang. Bus. Hours: Daily from 2pm to 5pm, close on Monday. GPS: N 5.433316N, E 100.302864
  3. Air Itam Market Assam Laksa. Address: Jalan Pasar, 11500 Air Itam, Penang. (Beside the Air Itam Market). Bus. Hour : Daily from 11am to 5-6pm. GPS:  N 5.401193, E 100.277999
  4. Kim Laksa @ Nan Guang Coffee shop . Address:67,Jalan Balik Pulau, 11000 Penang. Bus. Hours: Daily from 11am to 5 pm, close on Wednesday. GPS: N 5 21.09204 E 100 14.13564
  5. Ah Teong’s Assam Laksa. Address: Chuan Heong Café, 118,Jalan Balik Pulau, 11000 Penang. Bus. Hours: Daily from 11am to 5pm, close on Monday. GPS:  N 5 21.09204 E 100 14.13564
  6. Mizi’s Tanjung Bungah Assam Laksa. Address: Shamrock Beach, Tanjung Bungah, Penang. Bus. Hours: Saturday & Sundays only from 9am to 6pm. GPS:

Our preferred Penang Assam Laksa joints are:

  •  Air Itam Market Assam Laksa – for its smooth, tender yet springy ‘nai fun’ a.k.a  laksa noodles.
  • Ah Teong’s  Assam Laksa @ Chuan Heong Café – for its balanced spicy(spicy as in filled with herbs and spices), tart and sweet soup base (without prawn paste added) made using traditional Peranakan methods.
  • Mizi’s Tanjung Bungah Assam Laksa – for its Malay & Peranakan fusion soup base that is light and tart, minus the strong fishy taste.

This article was published on Vouch in their Novenber 2012 issue.


KFC at Cili Bilis Nasi Lemak in Gurney Drive

Posted by Jason Wong On June - 20 - 20107 COMMENTS

A month or ago we noticed that there was a new nasi lemak stall located just in front of Sunrise Tower McD at Gurney Drive Hawker Center. At last we managed to try out the nasi lemak and fried chicken from the stall.

The price ranges from RM1.00 to RM3.50 and the price of their fried chicken is RM2.50 per piece.

The nasi or rice is steam and kept wram in a wooden bucket on top of some hot water.

The fried chicken is fresh prepared and the taste is about 85% near to the taste of the Original flavour fried chicken found in KFC.

Taste & Texture: 3.3/5 (The gravy or chili tasted sweet, our preference is more to savory and spicy but not hot. Additional points were given due to the near KFC flavour fried chicken. The RM1.00 version was not up to our expectations)
Money Value : 3.0/5 (Fried Chicken was big and tender juicy, but the rice has space to improve in terms of grade and volume)
Service: 3.0/5
Cleanliness: 2.8/5 (above average cleanliness for a hawker stall)
Atmosphere: 2.5/5 (can’t for much from a hawking area, but care is needed to upgrade the standards in the area. Upgrading doesn’t mean cosmetic changes only!)


Lidiana again!

Posted by Jason Wong On May - 22 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_2

This afternoon we were at Lidiana’s again for lunch. We almost had all our usual dishes except for the raw pea sprouts. Food still taste the same spicey, flavourfull and cheap. The pea sprouts had a slight tangy taste with sweetness and a bitter aftertaste.

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_1

Our usual favourites are their ayam kicap, beef, curry fish, tempeh and ‘money leaf’ in lemak.

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_7

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_5

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_4

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_3

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_6

A great news to those who are unable to make a bee line to Lidiana for lunch, we were told by the staff that they are open up until 9:00pm daily, from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is the rest day for them.

The direction starts from landmark of  Tanjung Bungah Maybank, once you see the maybank at your left,  keep going straight after the second traffic light. you will see the tsunami’s flat on your right. Take note on the left, when the moment you see the junction on your left, just turn in, and you can see the big signage – Arked Tanjung Bungah is on your right, it is axactly opposite the Floating Mosque. Lidiana is the first stall (bigest stall) from the entrance.


Delicious Cat Fish Gulai @ Jelutong Expressway, Penang

Posted by Jason Wong On June - 29 - 20094 COMMENTS

Days back while driving through the Jelutong Express-way, we noticed a typical looking Malay eating outlet beside the ramp just after the old land fill area along the express-way. As we just finish the eLawyer seminar at USM and had no plans of where to have lunch, we decided to try out the Malay eating outlet that we saw previously. When coming from the Georgetown area, just keep to the left after the Jelutong xpress-way Shell petrol station. The “makan” area is just after the old land fill. But if you are driving from the Bayan Lepas direction, after Tesco stay to the left and turn right at the first traffic lights and you will see the “makan” area.


The name of the stall is “Ani Nasi Campur Gulai Sembilang”, and it is housed in the “Balai Nelayan Jelutong”. The stall open’s for business daily except Sunday and their business hours are from 11:30am onwards until everything is gone from their trays. It literally closes after all their dishes are all sold out, and would just take about 2 to 3 hours. We were there some where near to 2:00pm and everything was all sold out except for some beef, squid, and some fish curries.



And thus, that is what we had for lunch that faithfull Saturday. 2 plates of white rice, 1 nasi tambah, 1 curry sembilang head, 1 piece of curry ikan pari  , 3 pieces of beef and some chilli squid. And the total demage is RM 17.00.


The chilli squid or “sotong pedas” was slightly chewy and over firm, but the taste was quite appetising with some sourness and heat. This dish almost taste like “sotong sambal”. With the gravy in toe, one could finish the whole plate of rice without anything else.


The beef that we had I guess was some sort of rendang or stewed beef. Anyway, it was tender and flavourful. The beef chunks that we had been moisten with a distinctive sardine like taste gravy with just the right amount of spice to bring out the beefy flavour. The heat in the chilli and spice did not overwhelm the sweet and affirmative taste of the beef chunks. The usage of curry leaves in this dish was also something that we do not see everyday at Malay “makan” stalls.


The “Ikan Pari” or stingray curry had some hint of “balacan” or fermented shrimp paste in it. The taste is of this dish is quite light but the gravy was creamy. It is a dish that I would not miss if the run out of stock on my next visit there.


Next on the table was the “Gulai Sembilang”, which is actually our local catfish cooked in their special “gulai” or curry. The gulai was light, sweet and full of fragrant of spices. As the gulai is light, it did not go well with white rice alone; one would need to mixed it with other heavier tasting gravies. But to enjoy it like one would do with soups would be a better way to enjoy the flavour the sembilang gulai has to offer. As for the sembilang fish head, it was creamy or “lemak” especially with those entire soft cartridge like flesh encasing the skull of the fish head. The mixture of spices used in the gulai was well balanced to rid the sembilang of any unappetising taste but yet left that sweet taste of fish still intact in the dish.   No wonder Ani is famous for their “gulai sembilang”!



On average, I would rate Ani Nasi Campur Gulai Sembilang:

* 3.8/5 for value (RM17 is a bit high just for 3 chunks of beef, scoops of squid, 1 piece of stingray meat and 1 catfish head)
* 3.9/5 for taste & texture (love the beef and catfish)
* 3.4/5 for service (not attentive when first approach the stall)
* 3.0/5 for cleanliness(by the sea and at make shift area, not much can be expected)
* 3.0/5 for atmosphere (a bit hot on sunny days)

Address : Balai Nelayan Jelutong, Jelutong Express-way, Penang.

Tel : 016-4584229 (Ani)

Business Hours : 11.30am – ?pm. Closed on Sundays.



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Food Trip-Hunt for Mee Udang at Kuala Juru

Posted by Jason Wong On March - 21 - 200912 COMMENTS

We have been hibernating for the pass weeks, and I guess it is time to post some articles. Or else Steven Goh would bug me about our idle blog again. This one is for you Steven!

Last weekend (15th March 2009), four of us (Steven, Criz, Gill and me) went to Kuala Juru to try out the famous mee udang beings served there. We started our journey at around 3:15pm from Tesco Penang and drove to Kuala Juru in about 30 minutes. The weather was cooling with intermediate heavy raining, thus the journey was a comfortable and cooling one. For the trip we planned to try out the fehmes mee udangs from two places, the first one we went to was the ‘Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru’ and the next was ‘Warung Pak Su’.

When we arrived at Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru, it began to rain cats and dogs, thus we quickly rush into the typical Malay kampung style restaurant. This particular place is located right at the end of Kuala Juru, the main entrance faces a play ground and hill and its back is to a river mouth, which I guess is Sungai Juru. Anyway, it is a good place to do some sight seeing of the wetlands, fishing village, free flying eagles and swiftlets. A place to relax and enjoy what earth has to give.


At Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru, we left the ordering to Criz as he is familar with it has to offer. We had their Mee Udang (Prawn’s Noodle RM6), Mee Udang dan Ketam (Prawn & Crab’s Noodle RM6), Nasi Goreng Udang (Prawn Fried Rice RM6) and Nasi Goreng Paprik (Paprik Fried Rice RM4) and some drinks (RM5), which only cost us RM 27.00. I am not familar of the prices here, but it seems to be quite cheap to me to have crab, prawns and sotong at this price. Of all the dishes that we ordered at the Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru, my favourite was the Mee Udang (Prawn Noodle) and the Nasi Goreng Paprik (Paprik Fried Rice with squid a.k.a sotong and Vegies). The gravy or soup of the Mee Udang tasted like our Chinese’s Hokkien Mee (Prawn Soup Noodle), in fact it was even tastier than the Hokkien Mees that I have had before. The sweetness and fragrant of prawns was mush more intense than our Hokkien Mee, but there was one set back due to the prawns wasnt fresh. I guess may be our timing could have something to do with it! Anyway, at Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru the prawns used are of the Udang Rotan(thick greenish shelled) species as informed by Criz.

4.5/5 for taste & texture


The Mee Udang dan Ketam (Prawn & Crab’s Noodle) did not fare as well as the Mee Udang in terms of the gravy taste. It did not permiate the sweetness of prawns that we enjoyed in the Mee Udang. And the ketam or crab was also not as fresh as we wanted it to be. But in terms of price, the mee udang and mee udang dan ketam offered here is considered cheap from point of view.

3.5/5 for taste & texture



The Nasi Goreng Paprik with Sotong and vegies was one of our favourites at Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru. The fried rice was well seasoned and spiced, it was fragrant and tasty to the last grain of rice. And the accompanying stir fried ‘sotong’ or squid was equivalently tasty, the squid rings were  juicy and tender.

4.2/5 for taste & texture




The other dish that we had was their Nasi Goreng Udang. It was the rice version of the Mee Udang, but the gravy is a bit eggy due to the use of egg in their gravy. And the fried rice was not as tasty as the Nasi Goreng Paprik.

3.8/5 for taste & texture




On average, I would give Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru:

* 3.9/5 for value
* 3.9/5 for taste & texture (the Mee Udang gravy and Nasi Goreng Paprik saved the day)
* 3.0/5 for service
* 3.0/5 for cleanliness
* 4.2/5 for atmosphere (becasue of the river view)

GPS:5.340084, 100.408500

After feasting at Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru, we headed back out on the Jalan Kuala Juru to Warung Pak Su which is more conveniently located. This place is said to be the more famous Mee Udang restaurant around the Juru area. They were even featured in a newspaper.



When we began to enquire about the Mee Udang here, we were told that they have 2 version, one with gravy the other without gravy and prepared like mee goreng. The Mee Udang Goreng or Fried Prawn Noodles(RM10.00) has a sugary sweeter taste  and the prawns were fresh and crunchy. But my preference on taste is still with Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru for the prawny  flavor and taste. We had an idea to have the best of both worlds, get the prawns from Pak Su, which are of the Udang Kertas(thined white shelled) species, and buy the noodles and gravy from Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru, and mix them togather to get a plate of sweet and tasty prawn flavored noodles with fresh and jucy prawns! Anyone who tries that, do let us know the verdict.

4.0/5 for taste & texture



The gravied version of Mee Udang(RM6.00) at Warung Pak Su was blend in flavor without much taste of prawns in it, but the prawns was very fresh though.

3.6/5 for taste & texture



At Pak Su’s, we also got the opportunity to try out the Malay grilled Siakap fish a.k.a. Perch (RM 30.00) on banana leaves and chicken satay as when we reached there they preparing for the dinner crowd to come. Criz decided to order the grilled fish because the fish looked very fresh. We were glad that we ordered the fish as it was really fresh, and is was nicely grilled to perfection with all the juicies and sweetness still intact, and slightly permiating a smokey aroma. Unlike the grill fish we had at Teluk Tempoyak on the southern tip of the Penang Island, were the fish is normally over grilled and the banana leafs sticking to the meat. At Pak Su’s, we did not have to work through the burnt banana leaf to get to the fish meat and did not have to endure the burnt aroma and taste.






The end product of Grill Perch.

The siakap marinated with chili and spices and wrapped with banana leaves and grilled on top of the charcoal. The dish accomplish with a plate of sauce, and it usually contain chili padi, onions into soury sauce. infact we do really enjoy the chili spices with the fresh fish, and the sauce would abit too much to match with the taste.

4.4/5 for taste & texture


We also got to savor the chicken satay(RM0.60 per stick) as when we arrived at Pak Su’s the satay man just delivered his satay stock to the place. The chicken satay are similar to the chicken skewers or kebabs. The chicken meat was juicy and tender, but slightly a bit to sweet for me. Normally, Malays prepare the satay without the skin intact, but this one kept the skin which gave the meat skewres the moister and fats it needed. The accompanying dipping gravy was also a bit sweet for my liking, but overall the satay was nice if you ignore the sweetness.

4.2/5 for taste & texture



This are the cockles waiting to be ordered and grilled. We did not order the cockles because it did not looke fresh to us.



On average, I would give Warung Pak Su:

* 4.0/5 for value (Due to the freshness and quantity of prawns)
* 3.5/5 for taste & texture (It would have been 3, but points were added because of the grilled fish and satay)
* 3.8/5 for service (Because the staff were able to reccomend what was available and fresh)
* 4.0/5 for cleanliness (Excep the toilet)
* 3.0/5 for atmosphere (Kampung style)

GPS: 5.326817, 100.414767
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Kedai Makanan Lidiana @ Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Posted by Jason Wong On February - 1 - 200910 COMMENTS
The popular Kedai Makanan Lidiana at Tanjung Bungah, Penang.
The popular Kedai Makanan Lidiana at Tanjung Bungah, Penang.
The lady boss taking a breather.
The lady boss taking a breather.
The many vegetable dishes that are served at Lidiana's.
The many vegetable dishes that are served at Lidiana’s.
Various curries are availabe at Lidiana's.
Various curries are available at Lidiana’s.
The dishes that we had for lunch today(31/01/09).
The dishes that we had for lunch today(31/01/09).
This is Tempeh, or tempe in Javanese, is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form. It is especially popular on the island of Java, where it is a staple source of protein.
This is Tempeh, or tempe in Javanese, is made by natural and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form. It is especially popular on the island of Java, where it is a staple source of protein. The tempeh was stir fried with some sweet sauce, which was quite appetizing.
Kacang botol or Winged Bean is also known as the Goa bean or Asparagus Pea and Winged Pea is a tropical legume plant.
Kacang botol or Winged Bean is also known as the Goa bean or Asparagus Pea and Winged Pea is a tropical legume plant. This dish was light and refreshing to have. The texture was at first crunchy at the wings or outer side and slightly firm in the centre.
Deep fried fish stuffed with sambal, onions, etc.
Deep fried fish stuffed with sambal, onions, etc. The fish was just cooked to the right consistancy and was still juicy and tender. The sambal was fragrant and yet not too spicy.
Deep fried chicken.
Deep fried chicken, it was fresh from the wok. The chicken was tender in the inside and slightly crisp on the skin. The taste was light unlike the ones found at nasi kandar stalls which are inoundated with all the spices. The chicken here was light marinated with yellow ginger powder and season with salt.
Freshly made ayam kicap or dark soya sauce chicken.
Freshly made ayam kicap or dark soya sauce chicken. The chicken used felt fresh, not the ones that are usually made from overnight fried chicken. The meat was tender and the sauce was thick and sweet with a hint of smokines from the dark soy.
Cuttle fish in a chili gravy.
Cuttle fish in a chili sauce or sambal. I expected the cuttle fish to be chewy and firm, but surprisingly the pieces were very tender and soft. And the chili sauce was not too spicy, in fact there was a little bit of sweetness to it.
Beef cooked in chili and spice sauce.
Beef cooked in chili and spice sauce. The beef was slightly firm and chewy, and the sauce had more heat than the other dishes that we had for lunch. Overall it is average for this dish.
Chicken are deep fried and replenish non stop during our visit.
Chicken are deep fried and replenish non stop during our visit.

On average, I would give this place:

  • 3.9/5 for value (RM 63 excluding drinks)
  • 4/5 for taste & texture
  • 3.8/5 for service
  • 3.8/5 for cleanliness
  • 3.5/5 for atmosphere
Direction to Lidiana
Direction to Lidiana

The direction starts from landmark of  Tanjung Bungah Maybank, once you see the maybank at your left,  keep going straight after the second traffic light. you will see the tsunami’s flat on your right. Take note on the left, when the moment you see the junction on your left, just turn in, and you can see the big signage – Arkad Tanjung Bungah is on your right, it is axactly opposite the Floating Mosque. Lidiana is the first stall (bigest stall) from the entrance.


Moonlight Cafe @ Batu Ferringhi, Penang

Posted by Jason Wong On May - 20 - 20082 COMMENTS

Moonlight Cafe – A Very Special Signage at the entrance, and you will not miss out this roadside Singage while on the way up along the winding road to batu ferringhi. The area name called Moonlight Bay, and currently have 2 new housing developments facing the moonlight cafe right after the miami beach. The Cafe signage lighten up the dark and busy street with cars but without a man walking. The entrance lead you to the long staircase and down to the beach. There are 2 seating areas; selter w seafront and sandy beach without selter. Well, due to the “Green” lighting putting up at the beach area, we uncomfortable with it, so we choosed the seltered area which near to the kitchen.

Moonlight Cafe is a good place for lovers to dine at the relaxing private beach. They are selling Malay’s Food which has usual Malay Chu Char Menu + Ikan and seafood bakar + Western Food.

Charcoal BBQ Sea Cockers…mMmmMMmm…is gill’s flavorites. The Cockers were slidly over cooked and come with the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce for dip. But i’d rather taste the original cocker flavour. The Cockers were freashly grill but its lack of the sea saltyness.

Rating: 2 / 5

Ayam Masak Merah…Erm…the vegatables portion seems more then Ayam. well, what do you expect? is only RM4.50 per plate. Thick and spicy gravy taste quite ok.
Rating: 3 /5

Teluk Dada…well, a simple egg and do it in thousand’s way. Teluk dada is not sunny or bulleye, but its a deep fried egg in large amount of hot oil. It makes a thin crispy outer layer and inner was tender and moist. That simple Teluk Dada was fullfil my desire…GOOD

Rating: 4 / 5 (must try)

Daging Kunyit…the beef full of kunyit flavor but the texture is abit tough, but overall not bad in taste.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Kangkung Ikan Masin…i have to say this is s must try dishes. A karrif lime play an important rule in this dish. Ikan Masin brings the salty and they use lime to neutralise and added in the soury taste to blend the perfect match! This is the first time we’ve taste the different from the others.

Rating: 4.5 / 5 (must try)

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