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A course that typically comes at the end of a meal, which usually consists of sweet food but sometimes strongly-flavored goodies like cheese can also be served.

Sungai Dua Ah Soon Thong Shui Is Now Sweet-i

Posted by Jason Wong On May - 4 - 20114 COMMENTS

Back in 2009, May 22d we posted about Ah Soon Thong Shui after patronizing their make shift stall on Jalan Helang on numerous occasions during my 4 & 1/2 years stint as Area Manager for a German company that require me to travel to places that have needs of the products that I was responsible for.

Late last year they have moved into a terrace unit off the main road of Jalan Sungai Dua, and they are known as Sweet-i.

Operation hours: 2:00pm – 9:00pm (Close On Thursday)
Address:727-F, Jalan Sg Dua, 11700 Gelugor.
GPS: N5° 35′ 13.61″  E 100° 29′ 85.00″

Their desserts or Thong Shuis are still not too sweet and has a balance of flavours.

This the video record that we did some time back, when they were still hawking on the road side.




老店名饼-荣成娘惹月饼 Yong Sheng Nyonya Mooncake

Posted by gill gill On September - 21 - 20101 COMMENT

一年一度的中秋节落在这个星期三, 先祝各位读者和网友中秋节快乐!

去了gurney plaza走了一圈, 本来不打算买月饼的我, 看着看着那些五花八门的促销, 心也动了 😀

我一眼就看上了这个怀旧娘惹的包装, 特别有feel, 于是我们和售货员要了些sample试吃.

Brochure 封面

以下有 “Tick” 是我们所买的特色月饼.

天山紫薯 Moon Light Kiss Moon Cake – 用日本紫蕃薯做馅, 有蕃薯香味…不错不错

经典娘惹 Passion for Life Moon Cake – 这个是不辣版本, 有创意…可一试.

潮州梅冬菜饼 – 又咸又甜的配搭, 很有趣.

蛋黄酥 Egg Yolk Pies – 这个是他们得奖之作,  内馅入口即容, 的确有水准.

娘惹叁曼月饼 Nyonya Sambal Moon Cake – 这个和经典娘惹相似, 但是辣版…虾米味香. 值得一试.

这家从柔佛州出品的月饼的确给我们惊喜,所以我才放上网推荐. 不妨一试 😀



Something New at New Lane, Penang.(Updated)

Posted by Jason Wong On August - 25 - 20108 COMMENTS

It has been quite awhile since we last set foot into the infamous “New Lane” in Penang. Our recent venture bore us 2 new finds, one a “Tang Yuan” road side stall and two a Chee Cheong Fun with its origin from Teluk Intan.

The Tang Yuan stall is said to have been operating for the past 2 years in the coffee shop opposite the from where they are now. They are easy to find, just near the Sunway Hotel exit. Their Tang Yuan is soft and smooth with the texture of “Muar Chee” and their feelings are quite well balance in terms of texture and taste, goes very well with the Tang Yuan dough texture. Will be back to try the other variants of soup and feelings.

My pick or favourite would be the Ginger syrup and Osmanthus Flower(桂花) a.k.a Sweet Olive  syrup. The Osmanthus syrup (shown below) was fragrant and lite, almost like drinking nectar. My Gill like the soy bean soup version cause she is “nuts” person. The white caloured soup was also lite and a hint earthy taste and bean curd skin flavour.

The second find of the night was the Teluk Intan’s(Ansun) famous Chee Cheong Fun. They just started business in the New Lane Cafe just about a month ago and are now working hard to promote the availability of the  “Ansun” chee cheong fun in Penang.

The chee cheong fun are made fresh, thus I had the opportunity to photo-document down the process of making the famous chee cheong fun.

The steaming contraption seen here assists the entrepreneurs to mass manufacture chee cheong fun in matters of minutes. The traditional way is sheet by sheet manually on a piece of cloth and steamed till cooked.


Tang Yuan @ Young Heart Restaurant

Posted by gill gill On December - 22 - 20095 COMMENTS

Young Heart is our Restaurant Management and Marketing consultancy client at KwanG Venture, a company that provides ‘Strategic Marketing’, ‘Restaurant Management Set-up’ and other supporting services. For this festive season, we have collaborated with Young Heart’s kitchen to design and produce a set of ‘tang yuan’ (汤圆) theme dishes that are suitable for both the young and the old.

Young Heart have come out with three versions of the very meaningful ‘tang yuan’ (汤圆); the “Savoury Tang Yuan’ (RM7.80) topped with prawns, pork slices and vegetables,  the traditional ‘Sweet Tang Yuan’ (RM3.80) with a fruity twist and last but not least the light and easy ‘Coconut Juice Tang Yuan’ drink (RM4.80). If you can’t decide which version to try, why not have all three as a full meal.

tang yuan flyer_small

All the ‘tang yuan’ (汤圆) dishes are available from 22nd Dec 2009 until early of Feb 2010, which is the end of the winter season according to the Chinese lunar calender.

Location & Contacts:

Young Heart Restaurant

No. 44A, Jalan Cantonment (Near Pulau Tikus Wet Market),

10250  Georgetown, Penang. Malaysia

+60 (4) 2288084

+60 (16) 4108098


Old School:Gandum Dessert in the heart of city

Posted by Jason Wong On June - 17 - 20094 COMMENTS

It was a hot late afternoon and what the hack my appointment was canned, so we detoured to the old “Bubur” push-cart-stall on the sidelines of the busy Penang Road in the heart of Georgetown. The stall is no other than the famous “Kamblis Bubur” at the junction of Penang Road and Jalan Dato Koyah. It is just directly opposite of Ho Ping coffee shop and just at the door steps of the once famous Kayu Nasi Kandar.



It has been quite sometime since I last ate at this bubur stall. So you when there is an opportunity, I can’t resist. At the stall you can see people from all walks of live, from different ethnic group, of different skin colour etc enjoying a bowl of thick, sweet and rich “bubur” and mingling about the daily happenings. There is no tension or disharmony to be seen.




My favourite is their “bubur gandum” or wheat porridge in direct translation. The bubur gandum is actually whole wheat grains cooked in coconut milk and sweeten and seasoned to produce that seemingly sinful tea time snack for people of all ages, except the diabetic. A bowl of bubur with a scoop of glutinous rice only cost RM 0.70, but take-away would cost 30 cents more. The bubur gandum is only available on weekend(s), which I am not very sure. On week days they would cooked up other types of bubur which they daily changed so as not to bore their patrons with the same old thing everyday. It is a bit cliché; you can say it is like a pot of chocolate, you won’t know what is installed for the pot cover is lifted.





It was good to recall the good old days when we used to ride our bike around town and just stopping where ever is convenient and have a bite or two. It is the simplest things in the world that give us comfort on a hectic or busy day.


Desserts-Sungai Dua Ah Soon Thong Shui

Posted by Jason Wong On May - 22 - 20099 COMMENTS

After a meeting with our business partners at Queensbay, I decided of bringing Gill to the Thong Shui stall that I used to patronise occasionally after meeting a client in the Sungai Dua area during my working days. This thong shui or dessert stall is manned a husband and wife team who started this business some 2 yeras ago. The stall is located directly facing the Sungai Dua Tesco Extra main entrance at the end of the ‘T’ junction opposite it.




The stall sells a variety of traditional hot desserts and some cold ones like ‘loh han goa’,’pak mok yee’, etc. Majority of the hot desserts are rotated or changed either daily or weekly depending on the supply of ingredients to give their customers a sense of surprise when they open up the pots to see what do they have install for them. Basically their desserts cater to those who prefer a taste of the old and those who do not wish to be overwhelm with to much sugary sweetness. To me it is a good cool-off place and ‘snake’ for a while before continuing with the daily chores.


One of my favourites is the whole-wheat or ‘gandum’ congee. It is not as tasty as those famous ones in Georgetown but it do suffice the craving when it creeps up. The sweet taste of melted sugar and the bid like texture of the bloated grains of wheat is something that you would not forget.


The black glutinous rice congee or ‘or chu bee’ is also one of the comfort food that would calm me down after servicing my client and receiving complaints on the product sold. My mom seldom prepare this delicacies but when she does it was a treat, the rough texture of the black glutinous grains rubbing the walls of the mouth, the rich sweetness and the creamy taste of the added coconut milk. The difference from eating out and home cook is that my mom would include dried longan flesh in this dessert which provide for the unique fragrant and taste.


The traditional ‘bo bo cha cha’ which is a nyonya delicacy, consist of chunks of yam, sweet potato and tapioca and sometimes banana cooked in sinful coconut milk is also something my mother would prepare during certain festival celebration in our family. But after her passing, that seem to be only distant memories.


Their not so common product would be their peanut congee(fa shang wu), black sesame congee(hak chee mah wu) and seaweet and red bean congee are only available on certain days of the week and the prepared amount is not much. So it would be wise get their number to call and enquire before moving to their stall.


Average rating for this place:

3.8/5 for value (slightly on the high side but if the ingredients are of good quality the it should be justifiable)
3.7/5 for taste & texture (certain desserts still need some booster)
4.0/5 for service (friendly and accommodating)
3.9/5 for cleanliness ( everything is kept closed and clean)
3/5 for atmosphere (it would be hot on sunny days)


Directly facing the Sungai Dua Tesco Extra main entrance at the end of the ‘T’ junction opposite it.

Tel : It would better to get it from them personally.

Business Hours : Daily 3:00pm until sold out. Rest days need to be updated later.

Tips: Enquire for their ‘kuai leng ko’ it tastes sweet and bitter at then end. The texture is more like ‘kuih’ rather than the usual agar-agar or jelly texture.




View Bayan Lepas Food in a larger map


Bulgarian Meal at Jalan Sungai Kelian, Penang.

Posted by Jason Wong On October - 16 - 20085 COMMENTS
The next day, 7th Oct., will be Gill’s birthday, but we will be preoccupied with preparations for the forth coming discussion at the end of the week, thus we decided to celebrate a day earlier and at place near to home. With much deliberation, at the end we decided to try out a place which CK & Lingzie have tried and blogged about, Vintage Bulgaria (VB).

Vintage Bulgaria is located on Jalan Sungai Kelian, just next to Ingolf Knipes. The proprietors has made some modification to the shop unit there, which was previously two storeys, to make it now two and half storeys. The lower ground floor would be the non-smoking dining area with a low lit ambient environment, which is a good place to go for romantic couples. The upper ground floor has bar and dining area too, thus it would be a bit ‘happening’ area for the energetic person. Then there is the 1st floor, which is still under works, that will will be their function room. Silviya, one of the owners of the place, informed me that the function room/floor may fit up to 60 pax. Therefore, a small party could be held there.

Lower ground dining area(top pix). Ground dining area and entrance(bottom pix).

The first dish that was served was the Shepperd’ Salad, with eggs, black olive, mushroom, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, capsicums and feta cheese. The salad was light and refreshing because it did not come with all the common dressings like Thousand Island, Mayo or other heavy, creamy dressings. Gill and I actually like to have our salads lightly dressed with just olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar and season with pepper and salt. Thus, we will be able to taste the freshness and sweetness and feel the texture of the vegetables and its condiments in our mouth. Going back to the Shepperd’s Salad, it was filled with the above, and thus we enjoyed the dish until the very last piece. But the salad is only good if you were forked all the ingredients of salad and eat it in a mouth full. In this way, then the explosion of freshness from the vege, sourness from the tomatoes, creaminess from the cheese, richness from the hard boil egg+yokes and saltiness from the black olives will hit the sense on your tongue and mouth. straight forward but complex experience.

The second dish to come was their Crepe Rila. A very good combination of flavours, salty cheese, earthy mushroom, sweet chicken and rich mayo. But the crepe skin was a bit of a disappointment, not enough egg and slightly on the the thick side. Overall it was a good dish.

For the main course, we had their Plovdiv Ribs and Platter Bulgaria. The Plovdiv Ribs if compared to the ribs from Tony Roma’s, it will a bit of a put off not on taste but on portion. Taste wise it is a total different style from Tony Roma’s, as the ribs (VB) is usually dry without glazing. But it was fragrant, with just enough seasoning meat dish. The meat patties, sausages and pork chop in the Platter Bulgaria should be home made, but they were not juicy nor moist and slightly salty taken on its own. The meat patties brought back memories of the house made pork burger patties my parents used to buy from the old Cold Storage in Penang Plaza, which has disappeared with their initial shut down many many years ago when I was still in Primary. In fact the two meat dishes would be better savoured with more potato, vegetables and pickled baby onions/shallots.

After trying out their signature meat dishes, we decided to try their signature desert the Baklava. It is made of mixed nut caramelised in sugar wrap in ‘Poh Piah‘ skin and drenched in honey. The sweet and nutty taste was just what we needed to cleanse our taste buds of the salty and oily taste and feeling. They have actually taken the effort to improve this desert, but still it needs more work on the texture of the skin and the presentation. The skin was a bit tough and hard to handle. For presentation, it could be decorated with some mint leaves. And for serving, it could be served hot and crispy and accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make it crispy, and thus easier to handle yet cool enough when taken with the ice cream. But that is only my opinion, which have not been tested.

Although some of the set backs, I would definitely find the effort to revisit the place due to service rendered by their staffs. We like the style of waiting provided by this F&B outlet. The waiter/waitress are allocated to an area and are to wait the table until its guests leave. This enables the waiter/waitress to fully serve the guests and create the relationship with the guests and also get to know their likes and dislikes. I still remember the waitress who waited on us is Queenie who was friendly, informative and helpful, but somewhat shy at the beginning of the service.

On average, I would give this place:

  • 3.3/5 for value (although the total bill was only RM 101.00)
  • 3.5/5 for taste (because of the reduced portion of side vege with the main course and dry meat)
  • 4.3/5 for service
  • 4.5/5 for cleanliness
  • 4.5/5 for atmosphere

Big Apple Donuts @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

Posted by gill gill On August - 24 - 20086 COMMENTS

Malaysia currently has few of Donut’s Corporation coming up, like Jco, Big Apple, Missy Donut…etc. Who’s donut better? which brand VS which brand? well, they all have their own supporters. Just see the long que lined up in front of every donuts counters in KL, you guess how much they love the sweet dough.

I’ve tried the Jco once but didn’t take the photo…sure will get it next time.

Now this post is talks about Big Apple Donuts. This is the mid valley outlet and located at the lower ground corridor toward to The Garden.

i cant remember which one is the correct name, but roughly i can tell it has durian cream, cheesy, peanut butter, hazels nut, chocolate

really cant tell how good it was, coz tasted few month ago…haaaa, but the conclusion is Big Apple wins if compare to Jco – Jason said.

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