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Siong Ho Fish Head Bee Hoon has ceased operation at Weld Quay in Penang and has moved to Johor.


Some months back, we were given the opportunity to taste the skills of Mr.Teh who had 20 years of experience in cooking fresh seafood noodle and porridge. And of course, using fresh seafood is a must in his rule. You can choose from the variety of ingredients available to create your own taste preference and bowl of noodle or porridge that you would like to enjoy. The food is prepare almost instantly upon your instructions and choice.

The available option of ingredients to choose from: Prawns, Crabs, Squids, Fresh Grouper Fish Head, Fresh Grouper Fillet, Fried Bass Fillet and Head, Frog, Minced Pork Meat, Pork Kidney, Meat Balls, Fish Ball and Fried Soy Bean curd Sheet

Noodle options to slurp for: Thin Rice Vermicelli, Thick, Rice Vermicelli, Wheat Flour Vermicelli (mee suah), Instant Noodles and Porridge.

Then the soup stock options to cook your choice ingredients in: Clear Soup & Tomyam. Pickled Salted Vegetable and fried garlic bits are used for the Clear Soup toppings.


Fresh Fish Fillets and other ingredients.


Fresh Naked Frogs, almost the same length with my palm


Big fresh white prawns


Perfectly fried sea bass fillets and fish heads.


The Boss of Siong Ho. Mr.Teh (Ah Ho) prepared the noodle for us personally.


We were served with Cold White Nutmeg Juice with Plum – RM1.70 per glass


Once the hot bowls arrived to the table the cameras were like bees to honey…. lol


Clear Soup with Fried Bass Fillet & Thin Vermicelli – RM5

The fish came in chunks rather in fillets; we can still taste the freshness from the fish meat although it has been deep fried. The clear Soup is pretty clear with some natural sweetness.


Prawn Tom Yam Soup with Instant Noodle – RM9 for 3 large prawns

Here comes the tom yam with big prawn. A point to put forth is that the tom yam soup is not so oily, and it taste milder and smoother compare to the others.

Based on Mr.Teh said he had the tom yam powder and paste further enhanced to achieve their version of tom yam that he wants to serve. I personally prefer this kind of tom yam with less oil with a smoother soup “texture”. I dare not consume the “Fiery” type of tom yam soup; I would easily choke and cough to death. 😛


Clear Soup with Prawn and Thin vermicelli – RM9 for 3 large prawns

You can taste the seafood ingredients’ sweetness in the soup!


Clear Soup with Squid & Instant Noodle – RM5

The squid was cooked to just the right firmness without the chewy texture. The combination was with instant noodles, which were soaked a little too long in the soup, and thus making them soggy. The instant noodles do not go well with squid.


Fresh Grouper Fillet Porridge – RM7.50

The grouper fillets were fresh and came in thick flaky slices. The Porridge they served here uses cooked rice that are further cooked in their clear soup stock with the selected choice ingredients to produce a piping hot bowl of porridge. Usually preserved vegetable or “dong chai” will be added in this type of porridge to give it a special sweet and salty flavour.


Frog Porridge – RM12 (RM6/100gms)

See the naked frog? The chunky frog meat tasted sweet and fresh. Is was far more tastier as compared the to the frogs that we had at “Sin Gelang Claypot Frog Porridge”.


we thought that was all, then came another batch of noodles….


Clear Soup with Crab & Thick Vermicelli – RM10 (RM5/100gms)

The sweet taste of the crab was in every mouthful soup that we had. Even with just a small sip of the soup, you could tell the distinctive crabbiness.


Clear Soup with Deep Fried Bass Fish Head &  Wheat Flour Vermicelli (mee suah)

I like the fried bass fish head a lot. It was tastier then the bass meat fillet that we had….heee


Mixed Seafood Tom Yam Soup – RM17  (based on selection of ingredients)

This mixed tom yam had additional fish, prawns, squid, meat & fish balls and oyster mushroom, and flavoured with extra mint leaves, chillies and tomatoes.


Jian with her lively picked crab say “cheese” before the crab say goodbye to the world….lol.

On average, I would rate :

Taste & Texture: 3.8/5
Money Value : 3.5/5
Service: 3.8/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Atmosphere: 3/5

Personal liking Item/match:

1. Clear soup with bass fish head & thick rice vermicelli

2. Tomyam Soup with Prawn & Instant Noodle

107-A, Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay), 10300 Penang, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 12.00noon-11.30pm
Contact: 019-458 8693 (Mr. Teh/Ah Ho)

How to go:

If you are coming from the ferry terminal, keep an eye on the landmarks on your left, you can slow down your car or get a parking lot right after the Mixed Surname Jetty. The shop is just few doors away.


When one mentions Char Koay Teow (CKT) ones mind would first think of Penang. Penang is infamous with many ‘famous’ Char Koay Teow stalls that are frequented by their own band of fans. Each CKT stalls stirs up their own distinctive style of Char Koay Teow decorated their own choice of toppings. Some come with crab meat, some come with mantis prawns. But for me only the simple and yet flavour complex plate of CKT can satisfy my desire and scourge.

Today I won’t dwell on what I like, but talk about the choices CKT that we can choose from at Lorong Selamat. Yes, it is plural. There are now 3 stalls of CKT to choose from on the famous Lorong Selamat.  We decided to talk or write about Char Koay Teow becasue we have just posted about Hoe Peng which was also located on Lorong Selamat.


First one on the list is the latest addition of Char Koay Teow stalls at Lorong Selamat. This particular CKT stall is housed in Midtown coffee shop, which is opposite of Kedai Kopi Dan Ice Kacang. This particular stall is run by two individuals, a Chinese lady and an Indian friend name Sam. This stall does not only serve CKT, they also sells various fried rice.


To taste the “wok hei” of CKT, we normally go for the CKT without egg and chilli. The CKT at Midtown had luscious amounts of plump and juicy bean sprouts, the prawns were firm but lack some of the sea fresh taste; the Koay Teow was springy and whole. The CKT at Midtown was not oily, which can be judge from the amount of oil left on the plate.


The CKT with egg in Midtown had the fragrance of egg but the egg did not stick to the strands of Koay Teow as it suppose to. The beansprout were juicy, the lard bits used in the CKT although nice, it lacked the fragrance and texture of bits that we have had at other places. To summarise the CKT in Midtown, it is a healthier and homey style of CKT which is not oily, not too dry and that uses a wider bodied springy Koay Teow noodles.



Taste & Texture: 3.5/5
Money Value : 3.8/5 (Reasonable -RM4.30 with medium to big size prawns and sufficient koay teow portion)
Atmosphere: 3.2/5 (Average food court but have big fans to cool you down from the weather)

Then we have next on the list is the KTG Char Koay Teow (a.k.a Ah Guan) stall located out side Kedai Kopi Dan Ice Kacang. This Ah Guan’s stall has taken over the spot of the original Lorong Selamat CKT which was run by the famous bad tempered lady wearing a red chef hat and protective goggles. Ah Guan took over the spot of the lady after she bought a lot further down the road and moved in. Ah Guan not only ‘inherited’ the famous spot but also the trademark of wearing protective goggles. Not only the CKT stall has changed at Kedai Kopi Dan Ice Kacang, even the proprietor of the coffee shop has also changed ownership. No more rude and nasty skinny lady asking customers to order drinks!


Ah Guan’s CKT has a heavier “wok hei” which one could taste immediately at the first mouthful. But with the “wok hei” come with it an oilier plate and the Koay Teow was in pieces and not in long strands. The egg was not moist and adhering to the pieces of Koay Teow, but it had the fragrant of fried egg. The prawns used were big and with the taste of the sea, but was over firm and lack the sweetness. The prawns were slightly bigger then the prawns used by Midtown CKT, but the prices also differ per serving size and variation as compared to Midtown’s. In summary, Ah Guan’s CKT is not cheap, had lots of “wok hei” which we personally find a bit over and the Koay Teow were in pieces and dryer but oilier in some sense.




Taste & Texture: 3.6/5
Money Value : 3.5/5 (RM6.00 – Prawns were big but not sweet and portion was insufficient)
Atmosphere: 3.2/5 (Entrance is oily and affects the car parked at the oppostite row of shops)

The last and most famous Char Koay Teow on Lorong Selamat is the plates fried by the lady in red. Red not only for the hat she wears but also for her temper. But after much research about her CKT stall, we understand why she is who she is. Imagine having to fry hundreds of plates of CKT and having to remember all the weird requests?! Even I would get frustrated and forget what is what.  The lady as mentioned earlier has moved to a self-owned coffee shop call Heng Huat Cafe just a few doors down the road. She still trademarks the red hat and goggles that she always seen with while at the wok.


Heng Huat’s CKT uses big prawns that are synonymous with the CKT stalls on Lorong Selamat. Their prawns were big and juicy, they had that firm and springy texture and tasted sweet and fresh(sea fresh taste). The Koay Teow noodle strands were whole and soft and springy in texture. The Koay Teow noodles that she uses are of narrower body. The “wok hei” and seasoning was just right, not overwhelming. Another thing that we like about the ladies’ CKT is that the egg is properly done and adheres to the strand of Koay Teow. But portion and price wise, for us it is insufficient. I guess that is why other hawker food is flourishing around the CKTs.



Taste & Texture: 4.0/5
Money Value : 3.7/5 ( RM6.50 Big tasty prawns but portion not enough lah!)
Atmosphere: 3.3/5 (Coffee shop still new and clean and not so warm)

Basically, me and my wife were and still are anti Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow persons due to the exorbitant prices that they charge just because they use big prawns in their Char Koay Teow. But after tasting the Heng Huat CKT and understanding why the lady is who she is we have change our perception a bit. Although we like the taste of her (Heng Huat) CKT, it doesn’t mean that we approve of the prices that she and the other stalls charge for a plate of CKT with the reason of using big prawns, except for Midtown which is slightly below their range.

Char Koay Teow to us is all about the texture of the Koay Teow nooldes, the lard oil and bits, the crunchy bean sprouts, the irony cockles, the fragrance of the egg (be it chicken or duck ), the taste of the seasoning, and most of all the “wok hei” or skill of frying a good plate of Char Koay Teow which is not expensive and reasonable in terms of price and portion. We have favourite stall in town which its prices are reasonable and the portion to our liking, but taste inconsistent. I would blog about this CKT stall in my next post.

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Big Apple Donuts @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

Posted by gill gill On August - 24 - 20086 COMMENTS

Malaysia currently has few of Donut’s Corporation coming up, like Jco, Big Apple, Missy Donut…etc. Who’s donut better? which brand VS which brand? well, they all have their own supporters. Just see the long que lined up in front of every donuts counters in KL, you guess how much they love the sweet dough.

I’ve tried the Jco once but didn’t take the photo…sure will get it next time.

Now this post is talks about Big Apple Donuts. This is the mid valley outlet and located at the lower ground corridor toward to The Garden.

i cant remember which one is the correct name, but roughly i can tell it has durian cream, cheesy, peanut butter, hazels nut, chocolate

really cant tell how good it was, coz tasted few month ago…haaaa, but the conclusion is Big Apple wins if compare to Jco – Jason said.


Holland Fries @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Posted by gill gill On August - 9 - 20086 COMMENTS

Just realize have a Holland Fries outlet opposite the GSC Theater in Queensbay. Does any one knows where are they from? Local or franchise from oversea?

When we saw this, in our tough – at least is something new, rather then McD again? haha
From my observation, they didn’t attract much to those teenager. As many just walked by and Q for movie. We popped out a question immediately. Is this Holland Fries very new for them or really not that good?
Well, no harm to try what….so we go straight to the counter and the teenage staff introduced their several in-house sauces to put on top of the fries. Different sauce with different price.

i can’t remember the actual price…i think is around RM5 per box.

The pictures quality is bad, coz im just using my N73 to snapped, color looks out abit :P~

Holland Fries Outlet

Light box shows different combination of sauces

Holland Fries’s packing, Logo & website address

Beef Meat Sauce on top, kinda like pasta sauce. The tomato paste quite thick with the mince beef in it. Quite ok. But the herb sprinkled on the sauce is too coarsely grind. Can’t even taste the herbs, wasted.
2 ways to blend the herbs in, either use very finely chop herbs, or put the herbs in sauce and give a little stir when the sauce is hot. That would be better.

Food Taste: 6

Wasabi + Mayonnaise mixture. I would say this combination is not bad, but too much wasabi and its covered the mayo taste, and pretty hot too. Gee…finish the whole box is like torching my tongue 🙁 . They should put more mayo then wasabi, this is more acceptable.

Food Taste: 4.5 (because is too hot)

p/s: The girl shouldn’t put the fries in the half heated oil. They should know the right temperature to cook fries, don’t they? It would affected the fries and turns to a big different. Fries will absolve the oil, turns soggy and oily when consume it.

Rating 0-10
Average Of The Food Taste: 6
Environment: 5
Service: 6
Price: 5

Recommend: Meat Sauce Fries


Carls Junior Burger @ Sunway Pyramid

Posted by gill gill On July - 12 - 200810 COMMENTS

This is the REAL BURGER that we are looking for. We found the Carls Junior Burger in the Sunway Pyramid new wing. This shop is located in a quite deep in, and you would easily miss out this place.

Carls Junior is a fast food franchise, originate from USA (i think they were new in M’sia, if I’m not mistaken). All their Burgers are in XXL sizes. McD, Burger King? NO WAY, this is triple the size!!! My little small mouth was hardly gave it a full munch for the first bite. Its too huge…

How every, although their size is big, but their price are a bit over for a chain store concept. It is almost the same price of a plate of restaurant food.

Chicken Burger
Food Taste: 4

Potabalo Burger
Food Taste: 8

Curry Cheese Burger
Food Taste: 4

Rating 0-10
Food Taste: 5
Environment: 7
Service: 7
Price: 3 (a bit pricey)

Recommend: Potabalo Burger

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