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Fresh Fruit Tea Expert 鲜茶工坊

Posted by Jason Wong On January - 12 - 20115 COMMENTS

A few weeks back we are ask to sample this particular brand, Fresh 鲜茶工坊,  of  fruit tea business that works on a distributorship  concept. The distributor who invited us was located at 16, Lebuh Macallum in Penang. It is at a row of shop houses just before the Macallum Street wholesale market. This particular outlet caters to the dine-in, take-away and also deliveries to a stipulated area at certain time of the day.

Fresh 鲜茶工坊 boast to be a specialist in the fruit flavoured tea drinks; especially the Passion fruit flavoured ones. We were told that most of their ingredients, for their drinks and food items, are imported from Taiwan, even their cups and their individually packed straws. That is how far the “Master Distributor” will take to make sure they provide the best product to their clients.

Although their best or most popular drink is the passion fruit flavoured tea drinks, it doesn’t mean that their other drink offerings are not good enough. I guess it would be best to inquire their counter staffs or scan through their drinks menu for the flavour that will excite your taste buds. There are 8 types of fruit flavours to choose from for your green tea or earl grey tea base. It also provides a selection between Nata-De-Coco and “Black Pearls” for your drink. ‘Yakult’ is also an option to enhance the taste of the drink you fancy.

One of the key items in Taiwanese milk teas or tea based drinks are the “black pearls” or “黑珍珠”. At Fresh they were said to be replenished or changed every 4 hours to maintain its flavours and also its texture. The black pearls have a springy texture but yet do not stick to the grooves in the mouth, and it has a herbal after taste rather than a sweet taste which is quite different from the versions that I have had before.

Other than drinks, they also served some light finger food or snacks and a few Japanese dishes to begin with. During the sampling day we were given two dishes to try, one was their ‘Okonomiyaki‘ and the other was their ‘Kabayaki Unagi don’. Their okonomiyaki (RM 9.00) is made of cooked cabbage, pork slices, egg omelette and topped with generous amounts of bonito flakes and mayo.  The cabbage was sweet with a crunchy surface and well cooked centre, the pork slices were tender and juicy and the egg omelette was fragrant and moist. Price wise it is not very cheap, but definitely value for money as the stuffing of cabbage and pork slice were very plentiful and of better quality.

Then we had try at their Kabayali Unagi Don (RM13.50) where the special sweet sauce was also imported to ensure that the taste is as near as possible to what the ‘Master Distributor’ have experienced. The rice was fluffy and the Unagi very tender and the sauce had a caramel and savoury flavour. It would go down very well with a person who likes heavy tasting food.

Overall experience:


3.0/5 (Above Average)


3.0/5 (Above Average)




3.5/5 (Good)


2.5/5 (Average)


2.5/5 (Fair)


3.5/5 (Good)


3.5/5 (Value)

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