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After hearing much hype of the Town Steamboat in Macalister Road, we finally made a point at least try out the place for once. I guess we will stick to our favourite steamboat spot for now although it is not eat-all-you-can type buffet. May be if we were younger Town Steamboat would have appealed to us more, some how with age the ‘tangki’ grow smaller.

There are a selection of soup bases to choose for the steamboat, and one would be able to enjoy two at one seating. It is a buffet steamboat at RM18.90 during the weekdays and RM20.90 on weekends and public holidays, don’t expect too much from the soup or you will get disappointed.


Selection of items for the steamboat and pan griller were limited although we were one of the few early birds. It was a contrast with what we saw in our fellow bloggers’ blog. Lucky them!  There was no ‘lok-lok’, black vinegar pork knuckles and char koay teow in sight. And the dim sum selection was also limited in numbers and variety.


The favourite section for us was the sliced raw meat section and vegetable area. We don’t really fancy all the ‘artificial’ items available  for the picking. One thing about the raw meat section that we noticed was that the marinate tastes almost similar to one and another.



The pan grill section and ‘satay’ stall was also our full of dinners waiting for their fair share of succulent pork chop and chicken satay to be cook for them.


Dim Sum, pastry and fried snacks were quite limited in choice that faithful night. Not much could we tasted for the night.



Dessert was also few in selection. At one point the ice cream freezer was almost empty for quite a period of time.




To summarise, Town Steamboat would not be our chosen place to go for steamboat but what can one expect from the price that they charge? For us at least at the minimum, consistency in the available items that they are suppose to have for their buffet line.

Address: Town Steamboat Restaurant, 63 Macalister Road, 10400 Penang
Tel           : 04-229 7273
Business Hour: 5.30pm – 11.30pm

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