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Finnegan’s Pub @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

Posted by gill gill On September - 28 - 20084 COMMENTS

The last trip we went to KL, and that was quite a few months ago, we had the opportunity try out one of the eateries in Mid Valley KL, Finnegan’s Irish Pub. When we got there it as almost closing for the lunch, but we were lucky that they were still able to dish out their Irish Beef Stew and Pork Knuckles.

The first order to come first was the Irish Beef Stew. Actually, a few weeks ago I managed to dished out a pot of Irish Beef Stew of my own, and that was why I wanted to try theirs so that I can comapare on the taste. The stew served by Fennegan’s was light on taste and texture as compare to mine. May be because of the different ingredients that we used. In my recipe, I used babby carrots and babby potatos instead of the usual carrots and potatos, and thus the sweeter and richer taste. In addition, the Finnegan’s stew did not produce the pungent and stong aroma and taste of stout that is used to cooked it. But on the down side of my recipe, it was a bit too oily which may be due to the cut of beef that I used. Basically, the Irish Beef Stew at Fennigan’s was acceptable, but I am not in the place to comment much as this was the first time I had tried it.

The dish that we tried and have long for is the Pork Knuckle, although it is not the famous German Pork Knuckle. At first, the knuckle did not look as appertising as we expected, but with the first bite, I started to enjoy it with every additional mouth full. The knuckle was fried to perfection, crispy on the out side and juicy in side, and served with mix vege and mash potatoes, gravy. The accompanying gravy was a must. It gave the knuckle the extra kick. To really enjoy the Pork Knuckle, one must take the knuckle, mash and gravy to gather. And that was how I savoured the knuckle till the bone!

The meals was really value for money, it was quite a serving. Both Of us were carrying our bellies out their door. As for their atmosphere, it feels like the average Irish Pub. Thus, do not expect much on service because it is a Pub. I would definitely return for the a second round of Pork Knuckles at Finnegan’s.

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