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Eng Aun At Cross Roads

Posted by Jason Wong On March - 2 - 2012ADD COMMENTS
(Article was republish on What’s On Penang March 2011 issue)

Eng Aun” would not be foreign to those who frequent the aged and colourful Chowrasta Market in George Town. It is located in a corner shop house at the cross junction of Kimberley Street and Kangsar Road. There many regulars that patronise the place for their house specialties that is available on selected days; pork spare ribs in soy are sold on Thursdays, pork knuckle in vinegar and ginger are available on Saturdays and minced pork patty noodle and braised pork knuckle on Sundays.  The daily regulars are fish meat noodles, koay teow th’ng and stewed chicken feet. With their growing age of the business owners, the eatery only opens for business 5 days week from 7:00am to 12:00pm daily and closes on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Operated by a family, the food is prepared by a loving middle-age couple and the drinks are made to order by their sister. During our last visit we had the luxury to sample their Braised Pork Knuckle Noodle, slow braised pork knuckles in soy sauce and five-spice served with freshly blenched ‘yee mee’ or deep fried noodles. The meat was moist and the layer of skin and fats were firmly tender with a starchy texture. Each bite brings a complex bouquet of sweet meaty taste blended with savouriness and nuttiness with a hint of five-spice. The additional toppings of chopped coriander and spring onions gave it additional aromatics and freshness.

Their Minced Pork Petty Noodle is also something to watch out for. The juicy pan fried minced pork patties are braised in a special homemade gravy that resembles the taste of the “Loh Mee” gravy found Singapore that I have had many years ago while living there. It has a distinctive spice taste with a light sweetness that blends very well with the taste of the mince patties. The mince patties were pan fried until the surface was caramelised and the middle still moist and tender.

Choice of accompanying noodles to go with the minced pork patties is up to your preference of texture that one enjoys. Our preferred combination is koay teow + bihun in clear soup for a smooth and grainy contrast, with the braised pork patties on the side to preserve the original flavours of the braising gravy and pork patties.

Another special of theirs is the Stewed Chicken Feet in dark soy with thick shitake mushroom. The chicken feet were cooked until soft but yet still maintaining their shape and form, the shitake mushrooms tender and full of flavours from the stewing gravy and collagen rich chicken feet.


Save Our Seafood S.O.S

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Did you know that in 40 years we run the risk of not having any seafood to eat, if we continue to consume indiscriminately and irresponsibly?

As food lovers and bloggers, we live to eat but we do not waste food nor abuse it. Our food resources are getting less and less by the day due to climate change, wastage and especially over harvesting, we have to be mindful of our responsibilities towards nature and also the sustainability of our food source. With that in mind, we would like to share a small message booklet on Save Our Seafood (S.O.S) which we got with the purchase of the Nov & Dec 2010 Volume of  “Flavours” food magazine by The Star publication.

Malaysian are the biggest consumers of seafood in Southeast Asia. About 90% of Malaysia’s bottom-dwelling fish stock has declined due to unsustainable fishing practices driven by the high demand for seafood. To try to improve or rebuild the stock levels we have to shoulder the responsibilities by making wise choices and demand for right or standard size/age seafood stocks. “When eating the stops the indiscriminate fishing will”. Use the guide provided by Flavours and S.O.S and start making the responsible choices.

RECOMMENDED, fish stock from well managed and not overexploited sources that are preferred for consumption.

THINK TWICE, fish stock that are at risk of becoming unsustainable. Choose wisely.

AVOID, fish stock from over fished species that we risk loosing forever. Avoid it now!

  • PM – Peninsular Malaysia
  • EC – East Coast Peninsular
  • WC – West Coast Peninsular
  • M – Malaysia
  • SB – Sabah
  • SW – Sarawak


A few weeks ago we had a cordial chit chat session with a reporter from Kwong Wah Yit Poh(光华日报) over some light snacks provided by Kozue a Japanese Restaurant in Gurney Plaza. We decided to talk over food because it is our passion for food that started and continue to motivate us to blog and share our expectations and experience. And it is food, a humble bowl of Katsudon, that match made us with Ivy of Kozue to become friends. Some people say “we eat to live” and some may say “we live to eat”, for us it is both. We need to eat for sustenance but we have to feel and enjoy what we eat. Thus, the journey to find what wondrous ingredients that GOD has blessed our fertile lands with.

After weeks of anticipation on how would the interview turn out, we wait no more. The article was posted on Kwong Wah’s website this morning and published in their evening’s newspaper today.


23rd November 2009 evening edition of 光华日报 that carried our interview.

23rd November 2009 evening edition of 光华日报 that carried our interview.

With the publication of the interview that was requested by 光华日报 and from feedbacks from some Mandarin speaking friends and readers, we would like to take this opportunity to announce that Gourmet Garden will also be posting in Mandarin(华文)on certain posts or articles in the not so distance future.

Below is the copy of the article and photos that was carried by  光华日报.

严凯铃、黄龙观 吃透全马寻古早味

二零零九年十一月二十三日 上午十时三十四分




■ 美食当前,除了品尝,分享更是重要。访谈所在的Kozue,是龙观和凯铃最乐意与老饕分享的餐厅。

■ 美食当前,除了品尝,分享更是重要。访谈所在的Kozue,是龙观和凯铃最乐意与老饕分享的餐厅。






“我们只是喜爱吃,也喜欢煮,觉得小时吃过的hawker food,古早味已走样,才想到写blog。”交代了撰写美食部落格的原意,他们继续道,“目的是通过评估与交流,让网友了解和认识正宗的地道小吃,给维持传统做法的小贩嘉许,并加以宣扬推广。”

■ 从街边小食到星级餐馆,2人几乎形影不离展开循香品味的旅程。

■ 从街边小食到星级餐馆,2人几乎形影不离展开循香品味的旅程。




资本不足 当起小贩







大胆理论 理出友谊






■ 就是这碗猪排盖饭,让夫妇俩跟Ivy结成好友,并了解何谓有诚意的饮食人。

■ 就是这碗猪排盖饭,让夫妇俩跟Ivy结成好友,并了解何谓有诚意的饮食人。




以胭脂炸鸡为例,大家的认知属于娘惹餐,龙观看过一本饮食杂志,把它当海南菜介绍,他不禁动摇起已知的观念,“Enche Kabin实际源自娘惹菜,只是很多海南饭店都有卖,另外加以改良自成一格。两者风味各不同,海南式的较干脆,娘惹式的较湿软。”



■ 夫妻档一同上阵,为品味美餐攫住愉悦的时刻。

■ 夫妻档一同上阵,为品味美餐攫住愉悦的时刻。






早在3年前,夫妻俩合创Kwang Venture市场管理公司,从网页设计、多媒体制作及客制化网上作业,再转向市场策略管理,将主力放在餐饮管理,包括为客户设定餐单菜式。“一道菜是否物超所值,不能凭售价高低衡量,若份量不多,但店家的材料实功夫够,不欺场,已是一种诚意。”Jason补充。

■ 严凯铃在家里亲手烹调颇靠功夫的盆菜。

■ 严凯铃在家里亲手烹调颇靠功夫的盆菜。


Roti canai and teh tarik for RM1

Posted by Jason Wong On July - 19 - 20098 COMMENTS

This is an article excerpt from the The Star website. The article talks about a “koperasi” that sells it food at a very reasonable price. I wonder why this business can sell things at such a low price and can still make a profit, whereas others like their competitors cannot and are ‘warning’ them for practicing such business concept? Wonder how far can we tolerate the high price of the basic nessecity of living, food? I guess it is due time for ‘hero’ to appear in the Food & Bevarage industry to open our eyes.

“Fancy a roti canai and a teh tarik for RM1 – right in the heart of the city and in these tough economic times?

That is what you will get over at the Ukhwah Restoran Rakyat 1Malaysia in busy Lorong Medan Tuanku Satu (located next to Prescott Inn).

A piece of roti canai at the outlet costs 40 sen and a glass of teh tarik is priced at 60 sen.

……….The actual cost of making a roti canai is 20 sen, and by selling it at 40 sen, Rahim says he still makes a 100% profit.

On the teh tarik, he makes a profit of 18 sen by selling it at 60 sen a glass.

To break even, the restaurant needs RM2,000-a-day or RM45,000-a-month in sales to cover the fixed costs of the RM7,000 rental per month for the premises and the salary of the 16 staff members, who are all locals.

“Food is a basic need. I don’t believe one should pay a lot for food. Most restaurants make 200% to 300% profit from selling food,’’ he said.”


I have received this “The 44 Places To Go in 2009” email months ago. And i have decided to share this here, hopefully we can contribute our effort to Penang tourism and society 😛

Guys, please give your vote to PENANG if you think its deserve the Title among the “candidates”!


Here are the several blog’s posted link for your references:

New York Times Magazine

NY Times listed Penang as one of the 44 places to go in 2009 – by lilian Chan

Penang voted a Food Haven by New York Times Readers – by friedchillies.com

Penang Is Voted 2nd By New York Times Readers in “The 44 Places To Go in 2009” – by yowazzup.com

Penang Ranked 2nd in New York Times Best Places To Go in 2009 – by chenchow.blogspot.com


eLawyer – Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009

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eLawyer – Exabytes Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009
Posted by: Eddie Law

eLawyer Logo

Recently our newly appointed Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim urged bloggers to act and write in a responsible manners. He said bloggers who twist the truth shall face music and be held accountable. Please see more report here and our previous report.

As such, we deem the awareness of legal rights and responsibilities amongst bloggers is increasingly crucial. Bloggers should be aware of laws governing bloggersphere, especially, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998 (MCMC Act) and the relevant rules and guidelines of MCMC, laws relating to copyrights issues and defamation laws.

In fact, after successfully organised the eLawyer Blogging & Law Conference in March 2009 at University of Malaya, KL, we received many feedback from the Penang bloggers requesting us to organise the similar event in Penang.

With the assistance and sponsorship of Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd (”Exabytes”), the largest web hosting company in Malaysia, we are glad to announce that we will be seeing you in eLawyer – Exabytes Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009 in Penang on 27 June 2009.

The details of the conference are as follows:

Forum Name: eLawyer – Exabytes Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009
Date: 27 June 2009
Time: 9.00am – 12.30pm
Fees: F.O.C.
Venue: Dewan Kuliah G31, Pusat Pengajian Sains Komputer,
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang Campus (Landmark Masjid USM).
Language: English
Organiser: www.eLawyer.com.my

This event is exclusively sponsored by www.exabytes.com.my – the No.1 web hosting company in Malaysia


Topic 1: Bloggers & Copyrights Laws
Speaker: Mr. Foong Cheng Leong (Cheng Leong)
Brief profile: Cheng Leong is a practising lawyer in KL. He specialises in intellectual property laws practice. He is an active blogger and owner of www.xes.cx. Cheng Leong started blogging since 2001. He speaks frequently on intellectual property and internet laws.

Topic 2: Bloggers & Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998 (MCMC Act) and rules and guidelines of MCMC
Speaker: Mr.Shamsul Jafni Shafie (Sam)
Brief profile: Sam is the former director of Security, Trust and Governance Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission. He was also the Work Area 5 Leader on “International Cooperation” to draft the Global Cybersecurity Agenda for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) – http://www.itu.int.

Topic 3: Bloggers & Defamation Law
Speaker: Mr. Stephen Tan Ban Cheng (Stephen)
Brief profile: Stephen is a journalist-turned-lawyer. Currently, he is a practising lawyer in Penang. Stephen was a senior journalist in the famous local newspaper including New Strait Times and the Star for more than 20 years.

ModeratorMr. Khairul Anuar bin Shaharudin (Kruel)
Brief profile: Kruel is the cybername for Khairul, who is a practising lawyer in KL and an avid bloggers. Kruel participated in numerous bloggers events and his blog Legal Cat-asthrophereceived well comments from the bloggersphere in Malaysia.

Registration: The admission to this Forum is FREE. However, due to limited seatplease R.S.V.P by sending your details (Name, Tel, Email, Occupation and Company/School) to forum@elawyer.com.my before 24 June 2009 or call 03-2782 5399 for more information.

See you at the forum!

Supporting organisationPenang Bar Committee

Online Media Partners:




MerdekaReview.com and

Webmaster Malaysia Forum.


If anyone who has a pet or has watched ‘I Am Legend’, which stars Will Smith, killed his beloved dog with no choice because of infection. You would know or share the same feeling and thoughts that I am going through now. While writing this post it breaks my heart that our beloved husky puppies are no more with us in this world!!

And all for what?! Just for few bucks more and to free themselves of any liability and responsibility!

It was on February the 3rd this year that three of them were born to our female pet husky, BoBo, but now they are no longer with us. If they were adopted and we are assured that they will be living a joyful and healthy life, then we would be very happy ‘parents’, but to loose them to greed and irresponsible reasons and to see them suffer is really heart renching.


Because of a person’s greed, two of the three puppies were sent a pet shop off Jalan Air Itam to be put up for sale for more money than what a genuine dog lover was willing to pay.

The picture below is the pet shop were the puppies were place and left there for people to buy them. They are the famous and biggest pet shop in ayer Itam who sells fish, birds, reptile years before venture into the cat and dog section. The pet shop is located off Jalan Air Itam. When coming from Chung Ling High School turn right at the Jalan Thien Tiek and Jalan Air Itam traffic lights.



Not long after the female puppy was sold but the male puppy was still left waiting at the pet shop. And weeks goes buy; out of the blue the pet shop calls up and requests that the male puppy be taken home.   And that is when the nightmare began. When my father-in-law noticed that something was not right with the white male puppy, he immediately took the puppy to see the vet. And it was diagnose to have contracted the contagious and fatal ‘Distemper’ virus, which took his life after 2 days at my in-laws house.

We thought that the nightmare would end there, but fate has it the only puppy that I & Gill decided that we could keep was also taken away after days of fighting the Distemper virus.


The last picture and memorable Jessie taken from the vet.

For the past week we have tried to persuade Jessie to eat and as a last resort, after seeing her weakening day by day, we tried to force feed her but it was all to no avail. The last trip to the vet on the 1st of June, she was tested and was diagnosed with full blown distemper virus infection. Seeing her starving, walking incoherently and moaning for the past few days, we have no choice, as the distemper can be contages to other dogs, yet the dog is uncureable, we force ourselves to decided to put her to sleep and release her 3 month old body from the pain and suffering that had agonised her for the past week.


Jessie gone in peacefully with just a second!

As I continue to write, tears of sorrow is damming up in my eyes, but I must soldier on to inform others about the hideous virus and how it spreads and the irresponsibility of coward and greedy business that have denied any responsibility.

What is Canine Distemper?

Canine distemper is a highly contagious and serious disease caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and, often, the nervous systems of puppies and dogs. The virus also infects wild canids (e.g. foxes, wolves and coyotes), raccoons, skunks, and ferrets.

How is Canine Distemper virus spread?

Puppies and dogs usually become infected through airborne exposure to the virus contained in respiratory secretions of an infected dog or wild animal. Outbreaks of distemper tend to be sporadic. Because canine distemper also affects wildlife populations, contact between wild and domestic canids may facilitate spread of the virus.

In this case

1. The pet shop said they will do the vaccinate by veterinary for our doggies. Do they really vaccinate my do? do they really send them to legal vet for vaccination? if yes, why the dogs infected distemper easily?

2. We highly suspect that the pet shop that the white male puppy was placed at and brought back from has been infected by the virus. And it was irresponsible of them to have us take the sick puppy back without informing us or warning us about its condition to avoid any liability.

No matter how much money was earned, it would not compensate for the loss of such loveable lives and the emotional torture is unbearable.

What dogs are at risk?

All dogs are at risk but puppies younger than four months old and dogs that have not been vaccinated against canine distemper are at increased risk of acquiring the disease.As I contineu to write, tears are trinkling down, but I must soldier on to inform others about the hedious virus and how it spreads and the irresponsibility of coward and greedy businesses.

A more comprehensive facts and information on the Distemper Virus can be found  in the following links:

Now the little ones have left us, our hearts are now pounding and our thoughts of fear are with our other adult dogs. In both houses with have a total of seven dogs that we fear that we might loose to the Distemper Virus. We are currently trying our best and finding ways to boost their immune system so that they will be strong enough to ward of the on-slaught of the virus. Help us pray that they will survive and continue to be happy and healthy members of our family.


Swine Flu Situation Updates April 28, 2009

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As of the 28th April, the Government of Mexico has reported 26 laboratory confirmed cases of swine influenza A/H1N1. Investigations are continuing to clarify the spread and severity of the disease in Mexico. Suspected clinical cases have been reported in 19 of the country’s 32 states with up to 1,000 suspected cases and up to 150 deaths.

The United States Government has now raised the laboratory confirmed human cases of swine influenza A/H1N1 to 40 (28 in New York, 7 in California, 2 in Texas, 2 in Kansas and 1 in Ohio). All 40 cases have had mild Influenza-like Illness with only one requiring brief hospitalisation. No deaths have been reported in the USA. All 40 cases have the same genetic pattern based on preliminary testing. The virus is being described as a new subtype of A/H1N1 not previously detected in swine or humans.

Click here to continue reading….

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