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Eng Aun At Cross Roads

Posted by Jason Wong On March - 2 - 2012ADD COMMENTS
(Article was republish on What’s On Penang March 2011 issue)

Eng Aun” would not be foreign to those who frequent the aged and colourful Chowrasta Market in George Town. It is located in a corner shop house at the cross junction of Kimberley Street and Kangsar Road. There many regulars that patronise the place for their house specialties that is available on selected days; pork spare ribs in soy are sold on Thursdays, pork knuckle in vinegar and ginger are available on Saturdays and minced pork patty noodle and braised pork knuckle on Sundays.  The daily regulars are fish meat noodles, koay teow th’ng and stewed chicken feet. With their growing age of the business owners, the eatery only opens for business 5 days week from 7:00am to 12:00pm daily and closes on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Operated by a family, the food is prepared by a loving middle-age couple and the drinks are made to order by their sister. During our last visit we had the luxury to sample their Braised Pork Knuckle Noodle, slow braised pork knuckles in soy sauce and five-spice served with freshly blenched ‘yee mee’ or deep fried noodles. The meat was moist and the layer of skin and fats were firmly tender with a starchy texture. Each bite brings a complex bouquet of sweet meaty taste blended with savouriness and nuttiness with a hint of five-spice. The additional toppings of chopped coriander and spring onions gave it additional aromatics and freshness.

Their Minced Pork Petty Noodle is also something to watch out for. The juicy pan fried minced pork patties are braised in a special homemade gravy that resembles the taste of the “Loh Mee” gravy found Singapore that I have had many years ago while living there. It has a distinctive spice taste with a light sweetness that blends very well with the taste of the mince patties. The mince patties were pan fried until the surface was caramelised and the middle still moist and tender.

Choice of accompanying noodles to go with the minced pork patties is up to your preference of texture that one enjoys. Our preferred combination is koay teow + bihun in clear soup for a smooth and grainy contrast, with the braised pork patties on the side to preserve the original flavours of the braising gravy and pork patties.

Another special of theirs is the Stewed Chicken Feet in dark soy with thick shitake mushroom. The chicken feet were cooked until soft but yet still maintaining their shape and form, the shitake mushrooms tender and full of flavours from the stewing gravy and collagen rich chicken feet.

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