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Teach Every Child About Food

Posted by gill gill On May - 4 - 20112 COMMENTS


This something that we wanted to share but have gotten out of sight. Finally we found this drafted post while doing housekeeping.

At times while dining out,  we get to chance upon people who order too much food and can’t finish their share, and there are occasions when we see parents having difficulty getting their children eating proper food that will be the basis for healthy living . Start them young, feed them real and proper food and reduce the opportunity for them to get in touch with junk food or fast food.


An Accidental Author, The Journey

Posted by Jason Wong On October - 11 - 20103 COMMENTS

This coming Tuesday, that is 12 of October, there will be a talk on the composition/writting of fiction and non-fiction books by 68 year old Penang-Born Singaporean author, Joan Hon. The talk will be hel at 56, Lorong Selamat, Penang. She has won the High Commendation Award from the Book Development Council of Singapore in 1986 for the book she wrote, “Star Sapphire”. And in the same year, she was awarded the Commendation prize for her book “Relatively Speaking” that talks about her father, Mr Hon Sui Sen a Penang-born former Finance Minister in Singapore, her family, the Japanese Invasion and her childhood memories in Penang.

The multi-talented Ms. Joan Hon was a Physics teacher who have taught and mentored many “Junior College” (a.k.a Form 6 or A level) students became an “accidental” book writer and now she will be sharing  her journey as a book author and the experiences of overcoming the obstacles of publishing books. The talk will cover some of the areas that would encourage wanna be book writers to achieve their dreams:

  • How to overcome the difficulties of publicising a book. and the options nowadays.
  • How to to sell books in schools and libraries, and book signings in bookshops.
  • “Publish On Demand” publishing.
  • Her attempts at printing her own books.

To register for this free talk, please email info@womenbizsense.com. And as a show of appreciation for those that will be attending the talk on the 12th of October, will be offering a 10% discount for all books autographed by Joan on that day itself.

Title: A Writer’s Journey by Joan Hon
Date: 12 October (Tues)
Time: 2.30pm
Venue: 1st Floor, 56, Lorong Selamat, Penang.


What is a Food Critic?

Posted by Jason Wong On October - 1 - 20092 COMMENTS

I have wanted to write something the above topic for a long time, I guess it is time to have a post on this topic.

Strawberries with blank recipe book and check tablecloth

A food critic is a writer who specializes in writing criticisms of food. Similar to critics from other fields like stage plays, movies and music, food critics are supposed to provide thoughtful, well-informed, and unbiased information to the public, so that members of the public can make decisions about where to spend their money. Food critics primarily write about restaurants, ranging from fast food establishments to fashionable and very exclusive restaurants. Sometimes street foods would be of highlight too.

Becoming a food critic takes time. Most food critics pursue professional experiences in the world of food be it attending culinary schools, working in restaurants, or even in the line of consulting restaurant, and so forth, so that they can learn about every aspect of the food industry. A good food critic is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of food, from how certain foods are prepared to the history of various dishes to acquiring a well-developed palate.

Professional responsibility is of very importance  for a food critics. As in any type of authoritative position, food critics describe the meals they order, talking about how the food is presented, what it looks like, and what it tastes like. In short, they would write about their actual experiences while dining at a certain place. Anonymous visit to restaurants are made to get an idea of how a restaurant serves ordinary customers.Repeat visits are recommended to provide fair and balanced assessments of a restaurant, its offerings quality and consistency.Even the history and facts of any dish or cuisine that is being reviewed should be researched and generated in proper to prevent from giving wrong information to those who seek it.

Professional integrity is also part and partial of being a food critic, which there is difference from any occupation. Thus, avoidance of commercial gifts from restaurateurs, offers of free food, etc is needed to prevent implications of bribery or favouritism which can discredit the food critic or tarnish the reputations of critics. If an offer of an invited review, it is still the ethics of the food critic to provide untainted criticism and view, and it is the responsibility of the restaurateur or business owner to provide their best and not provide less and expect for more. BE READY AT ALL TIMES REGARDLESS IF IT IS A NORMAL PAYING CUSTOMER OR A FOOD CRITIC.

Food critics do not only evaluate food offerings, but also the service, the ambience of the facility, price and location factor, and s forth. In cases, a food critic may utilise or provide contrasting comparisons, opinions on the quality of the food, and discussions of similar dishes and or other establishments.  Sometimes, the input of the chef or restaurateur would be sort to clarify certain question. Therefore, after considering all of the aspects of the dining experience, the food critic generates ratings which can be used as a quick guide or rule of thumb readers who are trying to decide whether or not they want to visit a particular restaurant.


The Wonders Of Food Can Be Use…Rather Than Only Eaten!

Posted by gill gill On September - 19 - 20092 COMMENTS

What will you think of, food can be use and rather than be eaten??

Let’s see what YouTube have online.


This is only picture, please enjoy the videos below:


Mona Lisa Paint by Burger Grease

Elvis Presley Painting with Cheese Puffs on Velvet

Ketchup and French Fries

Pumpkin Carving

Chocolate Painting with Spoon


If anyone who has a pet or has watched ‘I Am Legend’, which stars Will Smith, killed his beloved dog with no choice because of infection. You would know or share the same feeling and thoughts that I am going through now. While writing this post it breaks my heart that our beloved husky puppies are no more with us in this world!!

And all for what?! Just for few bucks more and to free themselves of any liability and responsibility!

It was on February the 3rd this year that three of them were born to our female pet husky, BoBo, but now they are no longer with us. If they were adopted and we are assured that they will be living a joyful and healthy life, then we would be very happy ‘parents’, but to loose them to greed and irresponsible reasons and to see them suffer is really heart renching.


Because of a person’s greed, two of the three puppies were sent a pet shop off Jalan Air Itam to be put up for sale for more money than what a genuine dog lover was willing to pay.

The picture below is the pet shop were the puppies were place and left there for people to buy them. They are the famous and biggest pet shop in ayer Itam who sells fish, birds, reptile years before venture into the cat and dog section. The pet shop is located off Jalan Air Itam. When coming from Chung Ling High School turn right at the Jalan Thien Tiek and Jalan Air Itam traffic lights.



Not long after the female puppy was sold but the male puppy was still left waiting at the pet shop. And weeks goes buy; out of the blue the pet shop calls up and requests that the male puppy be taken home.   And that is when the nightmare began. When my father-in-law noticed that something was not right with the white male puppy, he immediately took the puppy to see the vet. And it was diagnose to have contracted the contagious and fatal ‘Distemper’ virus, which took his life after 2 days at my in-laws house.

We thought that the nightmare would end there, but fate has it the only puppy that I & Gill decided that we could keep was also taken away after days of fighting the Distemper virus.


The last picture and memorable Jessie taken from the vet.

For the past week we have tried to persuade Jessie to eat and as a last resort, after seeing her weakening day by day, we tried to force feed her but it was all to no avail. The last trip to the vet on the 1st of June, she was tested and was diagnosed with full blown distemper virus infection. Seeing her starving, walking incoherently and moaning for the past few days, we have no choice, as the distemper can be contages to other dogs, yet the dog is uncureable, we force ourselves to decided to put her to sleep and release her 3 month old body from the pain and suffering that had agonised her for the past week.


Jessie gone in peacefully with just a second!

As I continue to write, tears of sorrow is damming up in my eyes, but I must soldier on to inform others about the hideous virus and how it spreads and the irresponsibility of coward and greedy business that have denied any responsibility.

What is Canine Distemper?

Canine distemper is a highly contagious and serious disease caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and, often, the nervous systems of puppies and dogs. The virus also infects wild canids (e.g. foxes, wolves and coyotes), raccoons, skunks, and ferrets.

How is Canine Distemper virus spread?

Puppies and dogs usually become infected through airborne exposure to the virus contained in respiratory secretions of an infected dog or wild animal. Outbreaks of distemper tend to be sporadic. Because canine distemper also affects wildlife populations, contact between wild and domestic canids may facilitate spread of the virus.

In this case

1. The pet shop said they will do the vaccinate by veterinary for our doggies. Do they really vaccinate my do? do they really send them to legal vet for vaccination? if yes, why the dogs infected distemper easily?

2. We highly suspect that the pet shop that the white male puppy was placed at and brought back from has been infected by the virus. And it was irresponsible of them to have us take the sick puppy back without informing us or warning us about its condition to avoid any liability.

No matter how much money was earned, it would not compensate for the loss of such loveable lives and the emotional torture is unbearable.

What dogs are at risk?

All dogs are at risk but puppies younger than four months old and dogs that have not been vaccinated against canine distemper are at increased risk of acquiring the disease.As I contineu to write, tears are trinkling down, but I must soldier on to inform others about the hedious virus and how it spreads and the irresponsibility of coward and greedy businesses.

A more comprehensive facts and information on the Distemper Virus can be found  in the following links:

Now the little ones have left us, our hearts are now pounding and our thoughts of fear are with our other adult dogs. In both houses with have a total of seven dogs that we fear that we might loose to the Distemper Virus. We are currently trying our best and finding ways to boost their immune system so that they will be strong enough to ward of the on-slaught of the virus. Help us pray that they will survive and continue to be happy and healthy members of our family.


My Husky Just Gave Birth to 3 Beautifull Puppies!

Posted by Jason Wong On February - 3 - 20099 COMMENTS

This morning while on my way to an appointment in Prai, I received a call from Gill informing me that Bo Bo our 1 year old Husky has given birth to 3 beautiful puppies. The mom to be Bo Bo was peachy, always tired and hiding in dark areas for the pass 2 days, that was a sign of the nearing due date for dogs. We were glad that she has delivered her litter, but the hard work of taking care of both mother and puppies is there as there are 3 more dogs around poking around and agitating here.

One of our pet Husky, BoBo just delivered 3 beautiful puppies this morning.

One of our pet Husky, Bo Bo just delivered 3 beautiful puppies this morning.

We actually expected her to deliver sometime during the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations. Luckily, the puppies came today in the morning.

We actually expected her to deliver sometime during the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations. Luckily, the puppies came today in the morning.

The three puppies were quite big as compared the size of BoBo and her siblings were born in December 2007.

The three puppies were quite big as compared the size of Bo Bo and her siblings were born in December 2007. They were as big as my palm.

One of the puppies looks alike Bo Bo all cream white in colour and the other two has grayish brown markings. I especially like the markings on the eyes and tail.

One of the puppies looks alike Bo Bo all cream white in colour and the other two has grayish brown markings. I especially like the markings on the eyes and tail.

It was a great feel to see the puppies just less than one day old. They are very cute and adorable.

It was a great feel to see the puppies just less than one day old. They are very cute and adorable.


Season for Yummy from Foodbuzz, USA

Posted by gill gill On January - 5 - 20095 COMMENTS

Just back from my dad’s house after dinner, and saw a letter with USA stamps. Emmm…..first thoughts come to my mine was….would it be somebody or exgirlfriend sent a mail to Jason?…lol

anyway, after few second of guessing and turned to the back of the envelop and looked… OMG, the mail was sent by Foodbuzz.

It was a season greeting card from foodbuzz team. Here are the shots.



I kinda like this sentence: “Wishing you cheer, good eats, and satisfied tummy!”

Although the card was slightly late for the seasons greeting like x’mas and new year, but it would never too late for a satisfying  meals to come …..Lets cheer for good food! 😀

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