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Buffets with Lonely Classroom

Posted by Jason Wong On September - 15 - 20112 COMMENTS

In the coming weeks or may be months, we will be working with the bubbly ‘Lonely Teacher’ from Lonely Classroom to produce and record a series of podcast that will touch on places of food interest, etiquette, culture, trends and most importantly the joy of savouring tasty food.

Our first studio recording was on buffets because we have just finished a month long event with SHangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa Penang.

Buffet, a system of serving meals by which food is placed in a public area where diners pick and choose what they fancy and help themselves until they have enough. The term buffet was originally referred to the French sideboard where food was served, but the buffet table originated from the Brännvinsbord – Swedish snaps table (Smörgåsbord) from the middle of 16th century. And was developed into the buffet spread that we know today back in the early of the 19th century.

Here is the recording of the first session in Cantonese. We hope that we will have time to do some recordings in English…





Posted by Jason Wong On November - 3 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

A few weeks ago we were approach buy Lonely Teacher to do a recording for Hong Kong Mobile Radio, after that we were invited to do a Hokkien dialect podcast that focuses in food. The recording and editing was done by Lonely Teacher and we only lend our eating skills and talk-cock abilities. We had lots of fun doing the podcast and we are glad that we will be able to continue collaborating with Lonely Teacher and Penang Hokkien to record more podcast on food.

This page is intended to share (delayed) the broadcast recordings that we have done. Please be reminded that there will be some “adult” language used!

Penang Hokkien Podcast – Tham Chiah – Eps 1 : Introduction


Penang Hokkien Podcast – Tham Chiah – Eps 2 : Song River Kopitiam


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