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Food Trail in Kluang, Kluang Rail Coffee.

Posted by Jason Wong On June - 13 - 20104 COMMENTS

Too many backlogs! This was trip to Kluang that we had to take for a friends wedding. We drove all the way down and took us about 6 to 7 hours. Never the less we enjoyed every bit of the short excursion as we were able to sample food in Kluang and Muar.

The day after the wedding dinner, we went to Kluang RailCoffee to sample their ‘kopi’ and specialties. We have actually seen a similar brand before in ‘The Curve’ in Damansara, thus was skeptical on what it could offer to us. We are not fans of the ‘kopitiam’ type franchises after numerous run ins with poor service and poor food quality. Luckily this outlet has no direct relations to the similar named outlet in the ‘The Curve’, but is indirectly related. The owners are actually uncle and nephew.

091129-Kluang Railway Coffee_02

Setting foot to the cafeteria or canteen is like going back in time to the time I took the train from Penang to Singapore. The place is really nostalgic and homey in certain ways. The canteen is located just next to the Kluang KTM train platform which also doubles as a waiting point for people coming and going, a place to have good wholesome breakfast or light meal before embarking on their journey.

091129-Kluang Railway Coffee_08

The prices of food items available in the canteen are not exuberant as seen on the price board below. Before going, we were expecting to be whack with the ‘OldTown’ or ‘Papparich’ kind of price tags. Luckily it is not so!

091129-Kluang Railway Coffee_04

We did not get to try their famous ‘nasi lemak’ as we where somewhat late and the stack was just exhausted.  Therefore, we only had kopi, toast and soft boil egg.

091129-Kluang Railway Coffee_11

Should have ordered kopi ‘o’ but instead accidentally got their kopi susu. A mistake that me and my Gill did not regret. The kopi was smooth and was full of flavour, and the best thing is that they were not too sweet for our taste buds.

091129-Kluang Railway Coffee_05

We had two types of toast that were both individually unique in the texture. The butter was creamy and rich, and the ‘kaya’ or coconut jam was not overwhelming with sweetness.

091129-Kluang Railway Coffee_13

091129-Kluang Railway Coffee_17

The soft boil egg was fragrant and rich in eggy flavours, but I like my eggs slight firmer and less runny.

091129-Kluang Railway Coffee_28

After finishing our order, we proceeded to walk around and take some photos of the place and the current owner that was mending the so call kopi station. The person did not talk much and was busy brewing his kopi, thus we did not get to get more information about the place.

091129-Kluang Railway Coffee_39

091129-Kluang Railway Coffee_43

091129-Kluang Railway Coffee_38_R

Before we left, we bought a packet of their pre packed kopi power to try out at home. It was nice and fargrant, but they still can’t compare with the original cup made by the hand of an expert.

091129-Kluang Railway Coffee_34

Taste & Texture: 3.5/5
Money Value : 3.5/5
Service: 3.0/5
Cleanliness: 3.0/5 (clean and tidy, even in the kitchen)
Atmosphere: 4.0/5 (I like nostalgic feel and a place were we can see people from all walks of life and colour sitting down together eating the same thing)

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