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Pei Pa Duck in Lunas, Kedah.

Posted by Jason Wong On October - 17 - 20105 COMMENTS

Sometime in early July(2010), we were in Mahang, Kedah to carry out a photography session on German Shepperd Dog training for one of our website projects that we were engaged to design and built. And after the session ended and while on the way back to Penang, we had the opportunity to try out this “Roast Meat” (烧腊) stall in Lunas, Kedah. I would not say it was the best “Pei Pa Duck” (琵琶鸭) that I have ever had because simply I haven’t tried all. But what can be said is that it is more flavourful, tender and succulent then the version I have tasted recently at Lorong Susu, Penang.

Before we plunged all the way, we first ordered a roast pork, BBQ pork and roast duck mix plater, a quarter pei pa duck with white rice and a bowl of soup. The stall was featured before in some new papers, but due experience we prefer to test the water first before we incur more “damage”.  We were skeptical when the first portion was served but after sampling the the meats that we ordered, to our delight they actually better than average.

The BBQ pork was tender to the bite and was nicely crusted with caramelized sweet marinate.   The sweet marinate though sweet, was not overwhelming. The roast duck that we had was not really exceptional, it was tasty and juicy. As for the roast pork, it was one of our favourites apart from the pei pa duck, in fact we had an extra serving of it after we had “kautim” (finished) our first order. The roast pork was tender although it was slightly burnt. The crispy skin of the roast pork was fine and had a hint of deep fried lard bit flavour which are normally often  masked by the after taste left by the bicarbonate or baking soda used to encourage the skin to crisp and fluff.

Tip: Don’t over indulge on the roast pork as it would be too much of a good thing.

Finally the pei pa duck! It had crispy skin and yet the meat was not dry nor rough in texture, in fact the meat was tender to the last piece we had. The skin’s crispiness was light and refreshing, unlike the dull feeling that we have felt on other pei pa ducks we have had recently.

Tips: The light sauce and accompanying green chili went well with the pei pa duck. Always ask for the rear end portion for more skin and juicier meat.

Taste & Texture:

  • 3.5/5
  • Like the tender juicy meat and crisp skin of the pei pa duck and the fragrant roast pork. BBQ pork was well marinated and not overwhelmingly sweet.

Money Value:

  • 3.5/5
  • Surprisingly the cost of the big meal that we had considerably cheap compared to those that we have had in Penang alone.


  • 3.0/5
  • Service without much hiccups.


  • 3.0/5


  • 3.0/5
  • warm during sunny days.

Name: Roast Master Village (鄭又强)

Add: Stall 7, Jalan Market, 09600  Lunas, Kedah, Malaysia.

Tel: +60 (13) 4491883

GPS: N05̊25’47.8”  E100̊31’59.9”


Curry Fish Head @ Orkid Tropika Cafe, Alor Star – REPOST

Posted by Jason Wong On November - 5 - 20084 COMMENTS

The usual fishead curry is either cooked in coconut milk or ‘asam’. The one found in Orkid Tropika has a slight twist to this favourite Malaysian dish, the gravy is a mixture of coconut milk and MILK. Why milk? It is healtier and also reduces the rich feeling/taste of too much coconut milk. A chat with the proprietor, we found out that the brand of milk used was also critical in this dish of his.

The Fish Head is HUGE, only half a head in the photo, can easily satify 2 to 3 persons…!!! When we ask, the owners said that was the normal size they serve. The fish head is not only big but meaty too. Lots of fish meat and Omega 3. Not only that, the food there is very economical, fishhead, deep fried sotong and vegetable only cost us RM 40 to RM50. Damn cheap!!! But it has been a year since I last went there. Should go there again!

Food Rating: 4.2/5 (Must try)

Crispy Sotong Goreng…yea

Food Rating: 3/5

Orkid Tropika Cafe Owner cum Chef…a friendly man

Orkid Tropika Cafe

Orkid Tropika Cafe Name Card


Chai Kuih @ Kelang Lama, Kulim

Posted by gill gill On September - 8 - 20072 COMMENTS

You can call this HOME MADE Chai Kuih, Because they are really do it at home instantly and steam the Chai Kuih in front of the Car Porch and sell it in home style way.

It taste really good! The semi transparent skin without any sticky feelings, thickness was just nice to covered up the yummy ingredient. The Seng Kuang / Ku Chai & dried shrimp goes well with the chai Kuih Skin! Not only that, did you see some golden color object on top of each Chai Kuih? that is Fried Garlic n vege oil, so it brings the garlic aroma and vege oil coded outside, so that woudnt stick to each other. waah…a bite can speak thousand words!

Do you notice they use Banana Leaves to make the Base in the Bamboo Basket? It really makes the different if you but the banana leaves and steam it on!

Well, this Chai Kuih is just next to the Lau Hui Kar Laksa….Haa….you can try them all in one trip!


Kulim’s Kelang Lama Laksa Ice Kacang

Posted by Jason Wong On September - 11 - 20061 COMMENT

People say that the best Laksa is in Penang. Is that true? I am not a fan of Laksa, but sad to say is that the standards in Penang are getting worse, and prices are shooting up like rockets. Many tourists seems to only patronize places which WERE ONCE legends or convenient. Good things does not come easy, you would really need to go ground level and sniff it out.

From my previous job in a shipping company, I got to know this joint in Kulim which serve Laksa and Ice Kacang. It is still not that commercialize yet till today. This place is in Kulim at Kelang Lama or in Hokkien, ‘Lau Hui Kar’. It will take you some driving around to reach there because the place is not in a shop lot or busy town area. It is in an old ‘kampung’ residential area.

The Laksa there is totally different from that sold in Penang. It is neither that sour nor spicy hot as you will find in most of the Laksa in Penang. It is more of the ‘sweetness’ of the fish and the side condiments that are add in before serving.

When you take the first sip of the soup, it is the sweetness of the fish which is the dominant taste that greets you. But if you take the time to savor the laksa soup before slurping the noodles, you will be surprise to fine a hint of cucumber infuse into the soup when the hot and steaming soup was poured into the bowl of white noodles or ‘nai fan’.

The only thing that I find disappointing about the laksa is the noodles that they are using. It is not smooth enough and some times tend to be a bit stiff. The ‘nai fan’ should be smooth, firm(but not stiff) and moist. If have tried the ‘nai fan’ in Ipoh, you would know what I am taking about.

To accompany the hot and steaming bowl laksa, definitely would be a bowl of icy cold Ice Kacang or shaved ice. Nothing fancy, no ice cream or cut fresh fruits, just your normal and almost traditional ice kacang. But what I find special about their ice kacang is their ice. The texture is very smooth and soft. Even the ice shavings from the famous Sow Tow Lane ice kacang stall could not compare.

Ice kacang or ice shavings, ‘ice’ is always in front, therefore the ice is very important. If the ice is not smooth, consistent and soft, then the ice kacang is not worth patronage. But that is not the end, the syrups and condiments are also very important too. I found that the peanuts in the ice kacang at this place are fresh and fragrant. Usually, I do not like to have peanuts in my ice kacang because the nuts are always burnt and dry, but for this place, I do not mind having more peanuts added to my ice kacang.

Other than the food is good there, the place is also well kept and clean. The owner has even found the time to modify some old plastic bottles to cover the chopsticks and spoons on each individual table. Tables are cleaned almost immediately after the customers pay-up and leave. People there are also quite polite and friendly too.

If you would like to try out this place, I wouldn’t mind showing the way to the place. Good things should be share and enjoy together.

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