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Pulau Tikus

After meeting our client in Belisa Row in Pulau Tikus, we decided to try out this “Roti Bak Kua” () business that is located just in front of a Hong Leong Bank branch.  When ask, we were told that the business used to be just on 2 wheels, but now  after years of hard work it has grown 2 more wheels and more space. That is what we call growth. Roti Bak Kua or bread & Pork Jerky are old favourites for movie goers back then when Cinemas were still monopolizing the big-screen entertainment industry. Those were the days where one could “smell” the cinema when block buster movies were screening. Other than roti bak kua, there are other street food choices accompany us during the screenings, like  “real” peanuts, pumpkin seeds, roti bak hu (bread & meat floss), BBQ bishops’ nose, stewed chicken feet, BBQ chicken innards, grilled cuttle fish, street side hamburger and hotdogs, etc. Drinks you could expect local selections of sugar cane juice, soya bean milk, logan or lycee drinks, etc. In this modern society these have all disappeared and replaced with the western junk food of nuggets, popcorn, corn-in-cups, packed drinks, soft drinks, etc.

Even the way age old street food has taken a change from the usual norms in recent times. At this Roti Bak Kua stall you could expect to find tender grilled meat patties paired with egg, meat patties with cheese and egg, etc. It has modernised the trade to cater to the current taste requirement by the younger generation. It is also a way to diversify what was once an Asian food and infused with Western influences to provide “choice” to the customers. This stall cater to those who are looking for something that can “comfort” their soul or at least satisfy ones hunger with its selection of “meaty” items to choose from, bak kua, bak hu, luncheon meat, sausages, omelette, cheese, and sausages.

It is hard to neither explain nor narrate how the pork jerky tasted as it was some time back. But I guess tomorrow we have another excuse to eat at this stall again when we have our appointment with our client in Belisa Row again. One of the things that I could still remember about this stall was that the owner was not stingy on the fillings. The bak kua was neither thin nor short, the bak hu was abundance in every bite and the luncheon meat was cut exactly the way I like it.

Stay tuned to this post for how it would fare with us again when we patronise the business tomorrow for a sneak “QC” check to confirm our previous experiences.


Young Heart Restaurants’ Speed Dumpling Eating Contest

Posted by Jason Wong On August - 27 - 20101 COMMENT

This coming 5th of September, we have planned and will be organising a “Speed Jiaozi Eating Contest” at its restaurant premises. The event would be co-organised with Foodmice.com.

The main objective is to promote the Chinese traditional food- Jiaozi (饺子) a.k.a dumplings.

Date of Event: 2PM to 4PM on 5th September 2010 (Sunday)

Location/ Venue: Young Heart Restaurant

Registrations Fee: RM10.00

Contest: Every contestant have to eat 10 dumplings (Female: 8 pcs) in 60 seconds.


  1. Consolation x 30 = RM50 voucher + 1 foodmice membercard, total prize worth RM75
  2. 1st place or fastest =RM500 voucher + 1 foodmice membercard, total prize worth RM525

Those who wish to pre-register can do by contacting Ann at +6016 4108098 / +6012 4115867 or just walk-in an 30 to 60 minutes prior to the event on the 5th of September 2010.


Mee Goreng @ Bangkok Lane, Penang

Posted by Jason Wong On May - 16 - 20082 COMMENTS

I think most of the penangite knows this Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng! Famous & Popular Hawker Store who operated by indian’s onwner cum chef…..10 over years…..

Would this picture makes you feel hungry?…haha, it is quite tempting. Long time didnt have chance to makan mee goreng here, and this was the first visit in year 2008. Anyway, we were there for tea break and still have lots mee goreng supporters especially on weekend.
i always believe the taste and quality will be different before and after they get famous. Haa….

Do you know why? famous = more people eat your food, have to serve fast = mass production, so do u think this is the best still…lol

Well, come back to the food. The mee goreng standard doesnt taste as good as lastime, luckily they still kept the flavor, just only lack of some goreng aroma. when comes to peak hour lagi worst, they cooked the few plates of mee in one time, so where can get aroma still? the mee consider tasty still.

Mee Goreng with extra Sotong : RM4.00
Rating : 3.5 / 5

The Mee Rebus not bad, can consider to order this while you need to wait for the goreng.
Mee Rebus with extra Sotong : RM4.00
Rating : 3.5 / 5

Let me introduce you… Jason’s Version Mee Goreng! i asked for another plate of Mee Goreng with extra Ayam Goreng + put some Mee Rebus Guah on top…A total different experience of eating mee goreng….hahaha. Taste wonderful

Mee Goreng with extra Ayam Goreng + Mee Rebus Guah : RM4.00
Rating : 4 / 5 (Must Try)

The Owner cum Chef

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