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Sungai Dua Ah Soon Thong Shui Is Now Sweet-i

Posted by Jason Wong On May - 4 - 20114 COMMENTS

Back in 2009, May 22d we posted about Ah Soon Thong Shui after patronizing their make shift stall on Jalan Helang on numerous occasions during my 4 & 1/2 years stint as Area Manager for a German company that require me to travel to places that have needs of the products that I was responsible for.

Late last year they have moved into a terrace unit off the main road of Jalan Sungai Dua, and they are known as Sweet-i.

Operation hours: 2:00pm – 9:00pm (Close On Thursday)
Address:727-F, Jalan Sg Dua, 11700 Gelugor.
GPS: N5° 35′ 13.61″  E 100° 29′ 85.00″

Their desserts or Thong Shuis are still not too sweet and has a balance of flavours.

This the video record that we did some time back, when they were still hawking on the road side.




Desserts-Sungai Dua Ah Soon Thong Shui

Posted by Jason Wong On May - 22 - 20099 COMMENTS

After a meeting with our business partners at Queensbay, I decided of bringing Gill to the Thong Shui stall that I used to patronise occasionally after meeting a client in the Sungai Dua area during my working days. This thong shui or dessert stall is manned a husband and wife team who started this business some 2 yeras ago. The stall is located directly facing the Sungai Dua Tesco Extra main entrance at the end of the ‘T’ junction opposite it.




The stall sells a variety of traditional hot desserts and some cold ones like ‘loh han goa’,’pak mok yee’, etc. Majority of the hot desserts are rotated or changed either daily or weekly depending on the supply of ingredients to give their customers a sense of surprise when they open up the pots to see what do they have install for them. Basically their desserts cater to those who prefer a taste of the old and those who do not wish to be overwhelm with to much sugary sweetness. To me it is a good cool-off place and ‘snake’ for a while before continuing with the daily chores.


One of my favourites is the whole-wheat or ‘gandum’ congee. It is not as tasty as those famous ones in Georgetown but it do suffice the craving when it creeps up. The sweet taste of melted sugar and the bid like texture of the bloated grains of wheat is something that you would not forget.


The black glutinous rice congee or ‘or chu bee’ is also one of the comfort food that would calm me down after servicing my client and receiving complaints on the product sold. My mom seldom prepare this delicacies but when she does it was a treat, the rough texture of the black glutinous grains rubbing the walls of the mouth, the rich sweetness and the creamy taste of the added coconut milk. The difference from eating out and home cook is that my mom would include dried longan flesh in this dessert which provide for the unique fragrant and taste.


The traditional ‘bo bo cha cha’ which is a nyonya delicacy, consist of chunks of yam, sweet potato and tapioca and sometimes banana cooked in sinful coconut milk is also something my mother would prepare during certain festival celebration in our family. But after her passing, that seem to be only distant memories.


Their not so common product would be their peanut congee(fa shang wu), black sesame congee(hak chee mah wu) and seaweet and red bean congee are only available on certain days of the week and the prepared amount is not much. So it would be wise get their number to call and enquire before moving to their stall.


Average rating for this place:

3.8/5 for value (slightly on the high side but if the ingredients are of good quality the it should be justifiable)
3.7/5 for taste & texture (certain desserts still need some booster)
4.0/5 for service (friendly and accommodating)
3.9/5 for cleanliness ( everything is kept closed and clean)
3/5 for atmosphere (it would be hot on sunny days)


Directly facing the Sungai Dua Tesco Extra main entrance at the end of the ‘T’ junction opposite it.

Tel : It would better to get it from them personally.

Business Hours : Daily 3:00pm until sold out. Rest days need to be updated later.

Tips: Enquire for their ‘kuai leng ko’ it tastes sweet and bitter at then end. The texture is more like ‘kuih’ rather than the usual agar-agar or jelly texture.




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