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37 Year Old Mee Goreng At Chuan Foong

Posted by Jason Wong On January - 3 - 20123 COMMENTS

‘Mee Goreng’ or ‘Mamak Mee Goreng’ is one of the many favourite fab foods that Malaysians enjoy and there are many comments on who fries the best. What we look for is not the best but the one that can deliver a more traditional bouquet of flavours. The best is only if we have tasted all the Mee Goreng in the world, or at least in Penang for this case.

Mee Goreng literally meaning fried noodles is myth to have originated from Chinese ‘chow mein’ and believed to have been introduced by Chinese immigrants to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia when they immigrated from China. In its’s basic form it consists of  yellow noodles, bean sprouts, egg, bean curd, crackers, fritters, chili and each individual cooks specially concocted gravy. Some stalls may also offer stewed squid or cuttlefish.

The Mee Goreng stall that is found at Chuan Foong (Yok Fong Cafe) on the junction of Jalan Tanjung Bungah and Jalan Chan Siew Teong reminded us of the oldskool flavours that we very much enjoy and look forward for. The stall has been in business for around 37 years in Tanjung Bungah and has been based in Chuan Foong for 20 years and opens 6 days week, resting on Fridays. Business hour starts from 2pm daily.

The stall still practices cooking with open charcoal flames that maintain a more distributed heat wave that will would evenly cook food and enhance its taste. 

Their Mee Goreng is sold at RM3.70 per serving. It has a balance of savouriness from the special gravy used to braise the noodles, sweetness from seasoning with sugar, heat from chilli and creaminess from egg.  Some lime juice from a wedge of freshly cut lime provided a taste of freshness to the plate of old flavours.

Other than Mee Goreng, they also have Mee Rebus and Pasembur which are also favourite items sold by Mamaks in Malaysia. Their Mee Rebus is sold at RM3.70 per serving. Although it is not exceptional, but it is still good enough satisfy the occasional cravings.

Their Pasembur is price at RM3.50 per serving which come with juicy and crunchy roughly julienne cucumber and jicama (sengkuang in Malay), crispy prawn crackers, fluffy fritters, firm bean curds cubes, and a rich hardboiled egg. We especially like the prawn crackers, which were well seasoned, that went well with its thick sweet and spicy gravy.

Overall, the Mee Goreng is well flavoured and has that unique wok sear aroma and taste, the Mee Rebus is a bit general in taste, and the Pasember is above average in texture and taste in terms of the ingredients and gravy. It would take us a few more visits to gauge their consistency for sure.




Stella’s Place

Posted by Jason Wong On December - 12 - 20101 COMMENT

Have been busy and having a writers’ block these few weeks, can’t churn out any good posts. This is something that we were eager to share after trying the place out. There is no specified business name nor restaurant brand. We were asked to address it as “Stella’s Place” after the proprietor, Stella Lee, a lovely Austrian woman married to a local Chinese. The menu there is simple, just a few choices but those alone are enough to whet your appetite.


After looking through the menu, we finally decided to have the Roast Pork and Roast Chicken main course and 2 glasses of ice-lemon tea. The dishes we had were all prepared very little oil, less salt and no MSG. The roast pork was actually slow roasted pork rib served with baked whole potato wedges and some garlic and tomato salad. At first glance it did not look very ‘interesting’, but all the natural flavours and sweetness of the ribs and the fluffy texture of the potatoes were more than enough to convince me to come back again for seconds, thirds and so on. The flavours of the ribs came mainly from within the bones and meat with very little interference from herbs and spices. In most of the rib houses, they are prepared with heavy marinates and glaze, thus masking the beautiful flavours of the fresh pork. This one tastes as original as it can!

Slow roast is normally done at low-temperatures between 95 °C to 160 °C (200 °F to 325 °F), and with large cuts of meat or whole birds like turkey, chicken, etc. This is technique results in less moisture loss and a more tender meat.



The roast half chicken was also given the same tender loving care that left the meat firm and moist. Both ribs and chicken were served with their own juices as gravy. The gravy was light, had very little oil and meaty sweet.


Another thing to look for at Stella’s is the grapes. Yes, she has a living grape vine that flourishes with bundles of juicy spheres. But she will be chopping the “confuse” plant down to let is rest so that it can produce better fruits next season. We have collected some of the leaves for a Greek dish that uses them to wrap around a prepared filling and baked before serving. Hopefully we can use it before the leaves spoils.


Address: No. 2, Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 11200  Hillside,  Penang, Malaysia. (opposite the ESSO petrol station next to the “kung Fu” Japanese restaurant)

P.S. We were told that the meals were suitable for people who are ill or recovering from illnesses that would put stress on our bodies. Due to the low salt, no MSG and less oil cooking method, it is said to have a number of cancer patients or survivors visiting the place due to the healthy eating habits enforced there.


Invited Review: Terrace Bay Restaurant’s Thai Buffet

Posted by Jason Wong On September - 11 - 20103 COMMENTS

Last Saturday we were invited by FoodPromotions to attend an invited review hosted by TERRACE BAY RESTAURANT @ COPTHORNE ORCHID HOTEL PENANG.

It was the “second” Thai cuisine review in 30 days for of the foodies. As for us, we had to forgo the earlier event at Tree Monkey which was arranged by CK Lam & Criz Lai, and hosted by a local company that builds websites, GenisSIX.  Although we did not attend the review at Tree Monkey, we were “there” to lend support as my mother-in-law already planned to celebrate her birthday there. We actually tried to persuade her to have the dinner in Hard Rock Cafe, but she wanted to try Tree Monkey after reading about it in the papers. We knew misunderstandings would bound to happen if we were to show up, but it was not a choice that we had. Compound by past frictions and perceived conflict of interests, it will leave further misunderstandings. But between family and acquaintances, I choose family. What can be said about Tree Monkey is that it is a place to JUST relaxed, enjoy a cold drink, soak in the clean air from the surrounding greeneries and admire the the beautiful sun setting towards the west. A cold drink and an “Asian Tapas” platter shared amongst 2 would suffice as a pre-dinner outing.

Some of the items available in the buffet line up.

Back to the Terrace Bay Restaurant Thai Buffet invited review. The buffet is priced at RM30nett for adults, RM20nett for senior citizens & RM18nett for children. The buffet runs from 7pm to 10pm on Saturdays for dinner and 12pm to 2.30pm on Sundays for lunch. The selected composition of dishes is brought to TERRACE BAY RESTAURANT by a Chef Chamnan Ngamlamai from Bangkok.

The menu or list of item that were served on that evening is as follows, there is an alternate menu/list which would be rotated as and when see fit by the restaurant:


Papaya Mango Salad (Som Tam), Mango Salad (Yam Mak Muang), Chicken Feet Salad (Yam Tin Kai), Thai Sambal Belacan (Nam Pit Ka), Kacang Botol (Sator Thua Pool) & Kai Lan with Salted Fish (Kana Pla Kem)


Ken Som(Tom Yam Soup with mushroom, chicken slice, mixed vegetables)

Main Course

Basil Leave Beef (Kak Thau Nua), Chicken Red Curry (Kai Pat Pit), Fish Pat Pit (Pla Pat Pit), Prawn Clam Noodle (Kung Obboon Sen), Egg Ommelette (Kai Pat Pit), Thai Otak – Otak (Homok) & Thai Fried Rice (Phad Thad)


Thai Kampung Chicken Rice (Kau Man Kai), Thai Laksa (Khanom Chin), BBQ Fish ball, Beef Ball, Crab Stick (Look Chic Ping), Crispy Cat Fish with Spicy Sweet and Sour & Green Mango Salad (Yam Pladukfu)


Fresh Cut Fruits, Khanom Chan (Multi Layer Of Pandan Flavour Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk,) Baked Sweet Pudding, Khanom Tan (Palm Flavour, Mini Cake with Shredded Coconut on Top), Khanom Thuai Talai (Steam Sweet Coconut Jelly and Cream), Lot Chong Nam Kathi (Pandan Flavour rice Flour Noodle In Coconut milk, Similar To Cendol) & Salim (Multi Cour Mung Bean Flour Noodle in Sweetened Coconut Milk Serve with crushed Ice)


Overall rating by us at GourmetGarden:

Taste & Texture:

  • 2.5/5
  • To our preference the dishes seem not as “authentic” as we expected, but the dishes were acceptable in terms flavours in general.

Money Value:

  • 3.5/5
  • Authenticity was not in our consideration but a hotel themed buffet at RM30 nett with quite a variety is hard to come by in Penang especially on the tourist belt areas.
  • As a budget or middle income earner, Terrace Bay Thai Buffet would be my better choice to feel the tank at a affordable price range as compared to Tree Monkey in Teluk Bahang.


  • -NA-/5 (cannot be considered as it was an arranged event)


  • 4.0/5
  • plates & utensils are tidy and clean, and the overall restaurant dining floor is well kept.


  • 3.0/5
  • nice pool & Sea view at the alfresco section

Add: Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang, Malaysia.

Tel : 604-892 3333   Fax : 60 4 892 3303

Email : fb@copthorne.com.my

Opening Hours:

  • Saturday Buffet Dinner: 7.00pm – 10.00pm
  • Sunday Buffet Lunch: 12.00 noon – 2.30pm

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Food Trail at Tanjung Bungah Tuesday Night Market Part 1

Posted by Jason Wong On August - 4 - 20105 COMMENTS

Just changed to a new UV filter with ED. And are trying the effects of the new filter. These are some of the photos taken at the Tanjung Bungah Tuesday Night Market(Pasar Malam). This stall sells various Chinese deep fried snacks (dim sum) and is normally located next to Uncle Bob’s Taiwan Chicken Chop truck. My favourite would be their Deep Friend Yam Dumplings or 芋角.

The Deep Friend Yam Dumplings or 芋角 are crisp and firm on the crust, the mashed yam filling is moist, sweet and fragrant, and the meat filling is sweet and savoury. I like this yam dumpling because of the yam filling which had the right texture and taste, but not the meat filling that was slightly over sweet for my tongue.  I have yet to find Deep Friend Yam Dumplings or 芋角 that tasted like it used to when I was small, taste of fine “Char Siew” filling with some green peas minus the the very sweet taste combined with crisp and tender yam casing.

The next and one of the more popular food or stalls at the Pasar Malam is the pancake or “ban chang kuih” stall located just opposite Uncle Bob. The pancakes sold here are the just the normal version, just with toppings of ground peanuts, sugar, corn and lots of melted margarine. The prices are very reasonable and they taste quite nice too.

Next to the Malay pancake stall is a Nasi Lemak makeshift table stall. RM1 per packet of nasi lemak is quite hard to come by in this area. Portion is not very big but is at least better than the stall just a few meters away from the Bagan Jermal Fire Station. Taste wise would be dependable on each individuals liking, but to us is average and acceptable. My wife like the salted fish version, which is also hard to come by.

At the weekly night market, we also get to source for some unique and cheap fresh vegetables that we schedule out for our daily dinner meals. But bare in mind that not always the harvest would be as good as commercial farms. This particular business is located at the corner of the hawker center, just opposite Uncle Bob.

Today, we found and bought a packet of Rozel or Asian berries and its raw leafs. When we inquire, we were told that the outer skin could be boiled to make a “Ribena” like drink. But make sure to remove the seed sack in it. And the leafs could be used to make “sayur lemak” or vegetables cooked in coconut milk.

Will try get more stalls to shop from at the night market.


Lidiana again!

Posted by Jason Wong On May - 22 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_2

This afternoon we were at Lidiana’s again for lunch. We almost had all our usual dishes except for the raw pea sprouts. Food still taste the same spicey, flavourfull and cheap. The pea sprouts had a slight tangy taste with sweetness and a bitter aftertaste.

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_1

Our usual favourites are their ayam kicap, beef, curry fish, tempeh and ‘money leaf’ in lemak.

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_7

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_5

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_4

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_3

FV-100522-Lidiana Nasi Malayu_6

A great news to those who are unable to make a bee line to Lidiana for lunch, we were told by the staff that they are open up until 9:00pm daily, from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is the rest day for them.

The direction starts from landmark of  Tanjung Bungah Maybank, once you see the maybank at your left,  keep going straight after the second traffic light. you will see the tsunami’s flat on your right. Take note on the left, when the moment you see the junction on your left, just turn in, and you can see the big signage – Arked Tanjung Bungah is on your right, it is axactly opposite the Floating Mosque. Lidiana is the first stall (bigest stall) from the entrance.

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