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Usher in this coming Chinese Lunar New Year 2018 with our HOMEMADE Yee Sang (鱼生). Made from all natural fresh ingredients specially selected to suit the mass taste preference and health needs, and delivered to your doorstep without extra charges.

Fresh Ingredients:
• Choose from either
A. Fresh Norwegian Salmon Belly
B. Roast Duck Slices
C. Poached Chicken Breast Slices
• Real Sea Crab Claw Meat
• Mango
• Pomelo
• Green Apple
• Pickled Papaya
• Shallot
• Coriander/Green Onion
• Lemongrass
• Kaffir Lime Leaf
• Edible Flower
• Kani (Crab Stick Crisps)
• Crushed Toasted Peanut
• Special Tangy Lime & Sweet Plum Sauce.

(A) Fresh Norwegian Salmon Belly
(B) Roast Duck Slices
(C) Poached Chicken Breast

Yee Sang or Yusheng (鱼生) or Prosperity Toss or Lo Hei (撈起) is uniquely Nan-Yang (Malaysia and Singapore) which has its origin from an Old China eating culture brought in by the immigrants during the mass migration of Chinese immigrants from China during the colonial occupation era when both Malaysia and Singapore were still one. It is one of the must have festive dishes during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration. Yee Sang (鱼生) signifies the hope for a better harvest and prosperity for the year to come. If you want a smoothie made with fresh fruits, try using the smoothie blender from VonShef to get the best blend ever. 
Eating raw fish slices dates back before the Qin Dynasty (秦朝) were the main ingredient is the thinly sliced raw fish and some condiments that changes according to the seasons changed. During spring, spring onion sauce is the compliment and during Summer Chinese mustard is paired with the thinly sliced fish meat.


Traditionally, a Yee Sang (鱼生) platter should have 7 different coloured ingredients that represents the 7th day of the 1st month of the Chinese Lunar calendar, which is called“renri” (人日) or literally translated to“human day”. On that day, Chinese’s will celebrate the birth of human and thus celebrating everyone’s “birthday”.

Now at current times, the Yee Sang (鱼生) is also being ordered and savoured even before the Chinese Lunar New Year, especially during annual dinners to celebrate the abundance of harvest and mark the end of a year of hard work and good harvest (收工).
So, wait no longer come place your order to celebrate your hard work and make your wish for a greater abundance of harvest for the coming year.

Gourmet Garden wishes you and your family:



Terms & Conditions

  • Free delivery within Penang Island Only.
  • Additional RM15 delivery charges to Bukit Mertajam, Prai & Juru Only.
  • Bulk Purchase (4 box onwards) is entitle a 10% discount on each Yee Shang box.
  • Bulk Purchase is valid for a single delivery address only.
  • Payment by Online Transfer or Bank-in to :

          GIAM KHAI LING

          PUBLIC BANK 6824369119

  • WhatsApp your Receipt together with your Full Name to 012-4052077 OR Email your Receipt together with your Full Name to gourmetgarden.my@gmail.com for order confirmation.
    We will respond to you immediately to double confirm the delivery details.



MyKuali, Penang White Curry Noodle and More

Posted by Jason Wong On October - 14 - 20136 COMMENTS

The recent craze and hype for MyKuali’s Penang White Curry Noodles has brought us their headquarter where we were introduced not just to their famous instant noodle but also to their other range of products, ready to cook “Instant Pastes” used for preparing some of Penang’s local favourites like Sambal Seafood, Chicken Curry Kapitan, Chicken Satay, Hainanese Sour & Spicy Fish Curry and even a paste prepare Hainanese Chicken Rice. In addition to the local Penang flavours, MyKuali also has cooking pastes that caters to the Thai flavours with a Thai Chicken/Meat Curry paste and Thai Fish/Seafood Curry paste.

MyKuali is the house brand held by Sky Thomas Food Industries Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary company to Sky Resources Group. It was formed to diversify its business in the consumer food and beverage industry, where they have found the niche in developing, manufacturing and supplying ready to cook instant cooking paste and instant noodles that represent some of the all time favourite flavours found in Penang and around Asia.

MyKuali’s selection of Penang and Asian Flavoured Instant Pastes are manufactured using natural ingredients, herbs and spices that are blended to optimise satisfaction of the general mass market taste preference and acceptability. Apart from striving to produce near authentic Penang and Asian flavours from natural ingredients, they also strive to provide simplicity in preparing sophisticated Penang and Asian dishes for home cooked meals that not only help saves time spent in the kitchen but also economical in terms of money and cents. And for those who reminiscences the homey tastes and aroma that bellows from their mother’s cooking, it provides some form of relief and comfort with ease. All these have been proven with “The Competition for Traditional Malaysian Ready-To-Cook Paste” organized by Matrade Malaysia Kitchen, where their Chicken/Meat Curry Kapitan paste has been selected as one of the 15 finalists in the ongoing competition.

Other than supplying to the retail market, MyKuali also supports the commercial sector like restaurants, hotels, cafes, caterers and etc with their 1kg commercial packs to maximise the economies of scale for their high-tech equipments acquired for the sole purpose of producing the best quality and consistent products to supply to the ever demanding food and beverage market. To further strengthen their market position, MyKuali has also invested vastly in research and development to produce new products and to enhance the current ranges. Thus, the market would be expecting some new items to be added to its current instant noodle range in the near future. Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodles and Tom Yam Noodles!

MyKuali’s instant noodle range is set apart from the common brands of noodles due to its insistence to include “Natural Paste” ingredients and seasoning. Take for instance their currently famous Penang White Curry Noodles, their first instant noodle product, which a packet of air dried noodle includes soup flavour seasoning, creamer and the most important Penang White Curry noodle chilli oil and paste. They try to replicate the original flavours produced by the famous Penang White Curry Noodle sold at the various hawker stalls in and around Penang, in sachets. It is that special blend of chilli and spices that gives that unique spicy, savoury yet sweet taste to a hot bowl of noodle. And not to forget the heat, it was the heat that got it into the spotlight after it was voted the 7th most spiciest instant noodle for the year 2013 by the “The Ramen Rater” blog. It is a first for a Malaysian made instant noodle product and brand.

MyKuali would be one of the newly minted Penang food and beverage brands that we will be paying attention to. Let’s see if they are able to create the same hype and interest with their other products like what they have achieved with their Penang White Curry Noodle instant noodle, and put Penang in the map for all the good reasons.

*For enquiries and information of places to purchase MyKuali’s products, please go to their Facebook Page or call them at +60 (4) 5022 529. 

The interview/article was published in Vouch free magazine in November 2013.


Poon Choi At Ho Ho Food World Seafood Restaurant

Posted by Jason Wong On December - 27 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Our first encounter with Poon Choi was some four five years back, while on a business trip to Kuala Lumpur. And our first home-cooked Poon Choi was in 2009, since then we have been looking and tasting this unique Hakka delicacy when opportunity strikes. There were good ones and bad ones, and there is a variety of versions that are available on offer by many established restaurants.

Poon Choi (盆菜) is traditionally a Hakka dialect delicacy that is myth to have fed a Song Dynasty Emperor who was seeking refuge from the ensuing Mongols.  As the Hakka’s live in the mountainous regions and live was not as well then, they prepared and cooked what was the best ingredient  they could manage or find  and layered them into a wooden basin that was then served to the emperor and his loyal subjects that were with him.  As time goes by, this unique delicacy has found its way to Hong Kong’s Yuen Long (元朗) and made famous by the constant exposure in TVB serials and Hong Kong movies.

Our most recent encounter was at HoHo Food World, where we had the privilege to experience what they could deliver in terms of flavours and ingredient selections at a reasonable price tag with fellow bloggers (invited review) and then with family.

The Poon Choi is made to order by reservation of at least one day before dining. It is all done by their chef who have had years of experience in preparing Chinese cuisines in reputable restaurant in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

HoHo Food World’s Poon Choi has an estimated 15 to 17 different main ingredients that builds up one of their signature dishes that they have on offer at their restaurant.

The most luxurious would be the firm and springy sea cucumber, the flavourful fish maw, the earthy dried scallop and dried oysters, the savoury sea asparagus and freshly fried prawns, and last but not least the smooth firm abalone. Note that they serve individual abalone for each individual diner, and their Poon Choi caters to 5 persons for the smallest order and up to 12 diners for the biggest set available.

Then there was the well prepared creamy yam and chicken, the smoky roast duck and chicken ham, the firm clam slices, the irony green broccoli, and an array of stewed mushrooms, carrots, radish and Chinese cabbage.
The gravy of the Poon Choi has a light sweet, earthy and nutty flavour with a creamy end from the yam used. It is not soupy like those with have encountered previously, it had a thick consistency which we have been searching for.

HoHo Food World

Add: 1301, Bagan Bukit Tambun, 14110 Simpang Ampat, SPS, Pulau Pinang.

Tel: +6016 5205535

Our overall experience:

Taste 3.5/5 (Good) Liked the natural flavours.
Texture 3.5/5 (Good) Good texture in the abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, prawns, sea asparagus, etc.
Service 3.0/5 (Good) Heard they will be getting in more staff.
Cleanliness 3.0/5 (Good) Clean but due to its location flies are around during day time dining.
Atmosphere 3.5/5 (Good) Scenic view of the river with flocks of bird passing by during the day and evening.
Price 3.0/5 (Average) Comparable or cheaper then the surrounding restaurants.
Portion 3.5/5 (Good) Not bad, but would like to have more to bite on.
Value 4.0/5 (Good) Quality ingredients were provided.
Consistency 3.5/5 (Good) Have been back there for not less than 4 times.

Many people say that ‘food blogging’ is all fun & play, but I beg to differ. It is a lot of work, but we enjoy every calorie if it. It is more enjoyable when we are hosted by business or people are passionate about what they cook-up and are able accept criticism and suggestion when there is any.

Last week we were called in to sample and give constructive feedback by a 7 month old seafood restaurant in Bukit Tambun, Ho Ho Food World. Our last visit to Tambun, a famous point of interest for seafood in Seberang Perai Selatan, was roughly about 3 years ago. It has been quite a long time and there have been many changes ever since.

In the hosted dinner, we had about 9 different items that were quite tantalizing and have their individual characters. Ying Yang Sea-Starter (YamYeong Leong Mei) RM12 – 20, the blenched Octopus tentacles and body with garlic oil and spring onions were light on taste with a tender springy texture.

The ‘Whelks” or “海囖” were slow blenched or poached at low heat for about 30 minutes to maintain its crunchy texture and size of flesh. The taste of the flesh was slightly sweet with a bit of earthiness.

Then we had unique oyster dish, Oyster Braised Gravy (How suin-chiu) RM$ 5 per unit. They oyster was coated with flour then fried before stir fried in their specially concocted sauce which was sweet and savoury.

Another of their specialties that we tried was their Sea Mixed Spring Roll (Hai choon kuin) RM$ 12 – 20. Shelled succulent prawns wrapped in a nutty bean curd skin deep fried to golden brown and based with a sweet tangy sauce and fragrant sesame seeds. It was one of our personal favourites for the night.
We also had the infamous flower crab that many visitors to Bukit Tambun for seafood would not miss. Though crabs are not my favourite or must have, HoHo’s way of preparing their Sea Flower Crab – IndoStyle (Chit YanLi cha) RM$ 35 – 45 per kg was something that t must be mentioned. The crab is first steamed with Chinese wine before it is added into their English curry base gravy that was fragrant yet not overpowering or too spicy to taste. The crab meat itself was tender and moist, unlike the usual versions where the meat is dry and stringy. The usual method of preparing crab is by deep frying in hot oil or blenched in boiling water, this produces a dryer and stringy texture with a loss of the natural sweetness that live crab has.We were also introduced to their signature Claypot PrawnRice (Tsa-po HeiPui)RM$28 – 38. Due to the shortage of prawns, there were some shortfalls in the texture of the medium size prawns but the taste of the rice itself was good enough for a mention. The rice was moist, well flavoured and fragrant with hint of smoky charred taste.

Mantis Prawn Cantonese Steam (Hei-Ko chui) RM$3 – $8 – $16, were also one of our favourites for the evening. The flesh was firm, tender and yet smooth with a natural sweetness that went well with its soy and fragrant oil dressing. The ease of handling the mantis prawns were also a plus point, the legs were trimmed for easy access to the flesh hidden inside its exoskeleton.Kapar Lime Steamed (Kapar suinkam chui) RM$15 – 25, were equally unique with its tangy and pungent garlicky sauce. The clams themselves were also worth a notice as there were hints of natural sweetness and the taste of the sea .  

Also another one of our favourite dishes that we have sampled so far was their Yummy YamFishHead (Hu – Tao Orr) RM38 – 60. The yam has already broken down and has become part of the soup liquid. Thus, the soup is filled with the sandy texture and sweet creamy taste of the yam. The fish head was well prepared till tender and off the bones. It reminds me of the ‘Fish Head Noodles’ that we had in Jalan Kuchai Lam, rich in texture and taste of pumpkin.


3.5/5 (Good) The flavours were pleasant although the dishes have been infused with Asian tastes.


3.5/5 (Good) Basically the dishes we tried nicely prepared with good mouth feels.


3.0/5 (Average)


3.0/5 (Average) It is typical Tambun setting, but they are planning to do more up keeping in certain areas.


3.0/5 (Average) Not much to look for as they are not theme or concept restaurants.


3.0/5 (Average) Price are reasonable and are according to current market forces or prices.


3.5/5 (Good) The dishes that we had were quite standard in portion size.


3.5/5 (Good) The food was flavourful and fresh (as in still alive).


NA/5 stay updated.

HoHo Food World

Add: 1301, Bagan Bukit Tambun, 14110 Simpang Ampat, SPS, Pulau Pinang.

Tel: +6016 5205535





Sometime last month we were had the opportunity to dine and review Who’s Bryan at the Raja Uda area on the expense of it co-owner, Bryan. We actually got to know about this new place from one of our business acquaintances. It is a typical boy’s interested in F&B line, went for basic training, go to work in cafes and restaurant, then came back and open cafe of his own with his friends or family. FV-090910-Who's Bryan_56

This newly set-upped cafe is located just opposite the Apex cafe in Raja Uda. Upon arrival, the out look of the cafe seems to have brought in some liveliness to the other otherwise dull looking place. It has an open concept with full height glass panels and no doors. It looks like something that one would find shopping malls or upmarket areas. Bryan’s intention is to bring something fresh, good food and enjoyment to the Raja Uda area. We could see that much effort has been put in to refurbish the old and run down corner shop unit, which used to serve as the storage area for a ‘nasi kandar’ business. FV-090910-Who's Bryan_64

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_55

But if you are a person who are allergic to the warm and humid weather, then it would be advisable to visit the place during the evening.   It is not hot during the day, but because of the open concept it would not be as cool as in malls. The food that one would find in Who’s Bryan’s menu is similar to those of Dome, Segafrado, and the likes of it. It is mainly fast western dishes like soups, sandwiches, burgers, chops, snacks, coffee base beverages, sodas, etc. FV-090910-Who's Bryan_46

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_47

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_49

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_48

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_51

Before we arrived, Bryan had already arranged for some of their specialties for us to sample, which include their coffee and coffee base drinks, a snack and 3 main courses. First to be served were the drinks, all coffee drinks in fact, which I have forgotten their  exact names. The coffee was said to be freshly brewed on order. Presentation wise they look standard, but the taste of the coffee base was a bit bland. It lack that nutty taste and pungent aroma of the coffee beans. FV-090910-Who's Bryan_02

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_06 FV-090910-Who's Bryan_16

Then we had their Affogato which was served ice-cream and coffee in individual cups. The Espresso tasted a bit stronger than the previous cups but the vanilla ice-cream lack that luxurious vanilla flavor and the ice-cream did not have that rich creamy after taste. Overall verdict on their coffee drink is that effort was put in to present an otherwise common drink to look outstanding, but more care should also be placed on brewing a better cup of coffee and also to look into the beans itself.

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_11

A short chat afterwards, their kitchen started to roll out their main courses and a plate of bruschetta Bryan’ style. The bruschetta had raw garlic and a mixture of cheese and mayo, which did not appeal to us as the mayo had overwhelm the supposing rich dairy flavor. But the texture of the bread base was just nice, crisp on the surface and slightly soft inside.

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_17

We were also give a ‘preview’ of their ‘Pumpkin Soup’, which look presentable and safe. The texture of the soup was average, but it lack the sweetness of the pumpkin and was bland to taste. I guess the best pumpkin soup we had this year was at Louise Cafe, which we have been to since March.

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_23

The ‘Who’s Lamb Shank’ gave me the impression of ‘Lamb Mole’ due to dark brown color of the gravy. The gravy did not stand out from the crowd of lamb shanks that are available at other restaurants, and it was a bit over salty which with some mash potato can help neutralize. Meat wise, it was tender but it did not have the flavor of the gravy infused in to it. Thus, without the gravy this dish would have been bland.

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_20 FV-090910-Who's Bryan_26

‘Who’s Crumbly Chicken’ is the signature chop. It is different from other chicken chops as the tender boneless whole chicken  leg was encase in a crispy casing of light batter and corn flakes, not breaded or heavily battered with seasoned flour mix. The corn flakes gave it the extra crunch and corny fragrant. And the mushroom sauce was standard with slices of button mushrooms.  After this dish, it struck us that it would more sensible to have the corn flakes downed size a bit to give ease to diner’s chewing motion.

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_32

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_33

We also had the luxury to try out their homemade beef patty burger with cheese and egg  and fries and salad on the side. It was good attempt on their part. The patty was well cooked, tender and moist. The only set back for this dish was that the minced meat was slightly over minced which led to a finer texture. My preference of a good beef patty is that I could still see and feel the grains of minced beef and its fats after every bite of the burger. Other than that, a look in the seasoning the herbs used should also be looked into. With the suggested tuning of the beef patty, with the well melted cheese to added extra flavor  and well prepared sunny side-up egg to give it some moisture and richness, the burger would give the road side burger stalls a run for their money.

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_38

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_43

To sum up our experience at Who’s Bryan:

Taste & Texture: 3.2/5 (The chicken whole leg, bread, beef patty were fresh without the frozen meat taste texture, but the tastes of the dishes should be looked into)
Money Value : 3.5/5 (For a place like this and with the price they charge it is considered quite reasonable, but food also plays an important role for our consideration)
Service: 3.0/5 (Their staff would have to pay more attention)
Cleanliness: 3.8/5 (The place is new and well kept, the toilet was also well maintain, but due to the open concept plus the surrounding environment there tends to be flies)
Atmosphere: 3.5/5 (A bit warm for us during the mid afternoon, but the interior looks refreshing for that area)

Address & GPS65(GF), Lorong Teras Jaya 2, Pusat Perniagaan Teras Jaya, 13400  Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: +60 (4) 3329097

FV-090910-Who's Bryan_65


I have received this “The 44 Places To Go in 2009” email months ago. And i have decided to share this here, hopefully we can contribute our effort to Penang tourism and society 😛

Guys, please give your vote to PENANG if you think its deserve the Title among the “candidates”!


Here are the several blog’s posted link for your references:

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Food Trip-Hunt for Mee Udang at Kuala Juru

Posted by Jason Wong On March - 21 - 200912 COMMENTS

We have been hibernating for the pass weeks, and I guess it is time to post some articles. Or else Steven Goh would bug me about our idle blog again. This one is for you Steven!

Last weekend (15th March 2009), four of us (Steven, Criz, Gill and me) went to Kuala Juru to try out the famous mee udang beings served there. We started our journey at around 3:15pm from Tesco Penang and drove to Kuala Juru in about 30 minutes. The weather was cooling with intermediate heavy raining, thus the journey was a comfortable and cooling one. For the trip we planned to try out the fehmes mee udangs from two places, the first one we went to was the ‘Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru’ and the next was ‘Warung Pak Su’.

When we arrived at Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru, it began to rain cats and dogs, thus we quickly rush into the typical Malay kampung style restaurant. This particular place is located right at the end of Kuala Juru, the main entrance faces a play ground and hill and its back is to a river mouth, which I guess is Sungai Juru. Anyway, it is a good place to do some sight seeing of the wetlands, fishing village, free flying eagles and swiftlets. A place to relax and enjoy what earth has to give.


At Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru, we left the ordering to Criz as he is familar with it has to offer. We had their Mee Udang (Prawn’s Noodle RM6), Mee Udang dan Ketam (Prawn & Crab’s Noodle RM6), Nasi Goreng Udang (Prawn Fried Rice RM6) and Nasi Goreng Paprik (Paprik Fried Rice RM4) and some drinks (RM5), which only cost us RM 27.00. I am not familar of the prices here, but it seems to be quite cheap to me to have crab, prawns and sotong at this price. Of all the dishes that we ordered at the Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru, my favourite was the Mee Udang (Prawn Noodle) and the Nasi Goreng Paprik (Paprik Fried Rice with squid a.k.a sotong and Vegies). The gravy or soup of the Mee Udang tasted like our Chinese’s Hokkien Mee (Prawn Soup Noodle), in fact it was even tastier than the Hokkien Mees that I have had before. The sweetness and fragrant of prawns was mush more intense than our Hokkien Mee, but there was one set back due to the prawns wasnt fresh. I guess may be our timing could have something to do with it! Anyway, at Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru the prawns used are of the Udang Rotan(thick greenish shelled) species as informed by Criz.

4.5/5 for taste & texture


The Mee Udang dan Ketam (Prawn & Crab’s Noodle) did not fare as well as the Mee Udang in terms of the gravy taste. It did not permiate the sweetness of prawns that we enjoyed in the Mee Udang. And the ketam or crab was also not as fresh as we wanted it to be. But in terms of price, the mee udang and mee udang dan ketam offered here is considered cheap from point of view.

3.5/5 for taste & texture



The Nasi Goreng Paprik with Sotong and vegies was one of our favourites at Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru. The fried rice was well seasoned and spiced, it was fragrant and tasty to the last grain of rice. And the accompanying stir fried ‘sotong’ or squid was equivalently tasty, the squid rings were  juicy and tender.

4.2/5 for taste & texture




The other dish that we had was their Nasi Goreng Udang. It was the rice version of the Mee Udang, but the gravy is a bit eggy due to the use of egg in their gravy. And the fried rice was not as tasty as the Nasi Goreng Paprik.

3.8/5 for taste & texture




On average, I would give Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru:

* 3.9/5 for value
* 3.9/5 for taste & texture (the Mee Udang gravy and Nasi Goreng Paprik saved the day)
* 3.0/5 for service
* 3.0/5 for cleanliness
* 4.2/5 for atmosphere (becasue of the river view)

GPS:5.340084, 100.408500

After feasting at Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru, we headed back out on the Jalan Kuala Juru to Warung Pak Su which is more conveniently located. This place is said to be the more famous Mee Udang restaurant around the Juru area. They were even featured in a newspaper.



When we began to enquire about the Mee Udang here, we were told that they have 2 version, one with gravy the other without gravy and prepared like mee goreng. The Mee Udang Goreng or Fried Prawn Noodles(RM10.00) has a sugary sweeter taste  and the prawns were fresh and crunchy. But my preference on taste is still with Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru for the prawny  flavor and taste. We had an idea to have the best of both worlds, get the prawns from Pak Su, which are of the Udang Kertas(thined white shelled) species, and buy the noodles and gravy from Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru, and mix them togather to get a plate of sweet and tasty prawn flavored noodles with fresh and jucy prawns! Anyone who tries that, do let us know the verdict.

4.0/5 for taste & texture



The gravied version of Mee Udang(RM6.00) at Warung Pak Su was blend in flavor without much taste of prawns in it, but the prawns was very fresh though.

3.6/5 for taste & texture



At Pak Su’s, we also got the opportunity to try out the Malay grilled Siakap fish a.k.a. Perch (RM 30.00) on banana leaves and chicken satay as when we reached there they preparing for the dinner crowd to come. Criz decided to order the grilled fish because the fish looked very fresh. We were glad that we ordered the fish as it was really fresh, and is was nicely grilled to perfection with all the juicies and sweetness still intact, and slightly permiating a smokey aroma. Unlike the grill fish we had at Teluk Tempoyak on the southern tip of the Penang Island, were the fish is normally over grilled and the banana leafs sticking to the meat. At Pak Su’s, we did not have to work through the burnt banana leaf to get to the fish meat and did not have to endure the burnt aroma and taste.






The end product of Grill Perch.

The siakap marinated with chili and spices and wrapped with banana leaves and grilled on top of the charcoal. The dish accomplish with a plate of sauce, and it usually contain chili padi, onions into soury sauce. infact we do really enjoy the chili spices with the fresh fish, and the sauce would abit too much to match with the taste.

4.4/5 for taste & texture


We also got to savor the chicken satay(RM0.60 per stick) as when we arrived at Pak Su’s the satay man just delivered his satay stock to the place. The chicken satay are similar to the chicken skewers or kebabs. The chicken meat was juicy and tender, but slightly a bit to sweet for me. Normally, Malays prepare the satay without the skin intact, but this one kept the skin which gave the meat skewres the moister and fats it needed. The accompanying dipping gravy was also a bit sweet for my liking, but overall the satay was nice if you ignore the sweetness.

4.2/5 for taste & texture



This are the cockles waiting to be ordered and grilled. We did not order the cockles because it did not looke fresh to us.



On average, I would give Warung Pak Su:

* 4.0/5 for value (Due to the freshness and quantity of prawns)
* 3.5/5 for taste & texture (It would have been 3, but points were added because of the grilled fish and satay)
* 3.8/5 for service (Because the staff were able to reccomend what was available and fresh)
* 4.0/5 for cleanliness (Excep the toilet)
* 3.0/5 for atmosphere (Kampung style)

GPS: 5.326817, 100.414767
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Yesterday, I had a short lunch cum discussion with colleagues. Because of the whether we were looking for a place with air-conditioning and close to our office. Then one of my colleague suggested that we go to Restaurant Lin (Lorong 7 Koay Teow Theng). I have there 2 times prior to this, and the food has basically not change much, may more variety but not the taste.

That afternoon, we had 2 Koay Teow Theng, 1 Ramen, 1 plate of poach vegetable, 1 plate of white chicken, and 2 servings of something deep fried.

The chicken looks quite nice but taste wise is a bit average and blend although accompanied with the sauce.

The soup base for the Koay Teow Theng is just normal like those found in hawker centres. But the mince meat was really not my type, I prefer those with texture and juicy.

The Ramen looks appetising but is it good, I don’t know for sure. It was my female colleagues.

Not much could be said about the food there, they just near average. But the place is quite well know by the locals there.On thing to mention is that they have improve the atmosphere there. It used to be a common kopitian, but it has transformed in to something like Hong Kong style cafes.

On average, I would give this place:

  • 3/5 for value (the total bill was only RM 30+ for 3 pax with drinks)
  • 3/5 for taste
  • 3/5 for service
  • 3/5 for cleanliness
  • 3.2/5 for atmosphere (due to the improvements)
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