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Invited Reviews: Young Heart & Viva Dim Sum Delight

Posted by Jason Wong On August - 27 - 20104 COMMENTS


Address: 44A, Jalan Cantonment, 10350 Penang, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 12.00noon-10.00pm (Closed Wednesday)
Contact: 604-228 8084, 016-410 8098 (Ms. Ann Kee)

Some of the active food bloggers that know us or have met us would know that me and Gill are currently running a restaurant & marketing consulting business that also provides food and product photography to compliment our concepts and design services.  A few week ago, after refurbishing and making some adjustments to provide a better value and a more affordable meal at our clients restaurant, Young Heart, we arranged for some of our blogger friends to try out the meal packages and provide us with their feedback. Those present were: Cariso.netCrizfood.com 。FoodPromotion.com.my 。 Noweating.comStevenGoh.com

Generally the feedbacks that we got were positive and has been in terms of the meal package pricing and discount programmes. With the slight price adjustment and bundling created extra value for their customers  and the discount programmes are design fill the usually quite hours and also to get their customers to try other dishes that they might not have tried before.


Address: Lot 303, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 6.00am-2.00pm
Contact: 604-890 2549

Another client of ours, Viva Dim Sum Delight, was schedule to open on the 10th of August 2010. After having taken their product(food) photos and designing their simple table menu, and having the opportunity to taste what they are capable of “steaming” out from their kitchen; I requested from the owners to let my blogging friends try and feedback to them their (general public) expectations.

My personal feedback was that they could have done better on that day. When I was there for the photo shoot, the items that we tasted were a lot better than the usual dim sum found in our local Penang dim sum houses. Never ever give way to the demands of customer when you know that your product is superior then others and refrain from substituting ingredients when there is a shortage. Just stop selling them!

To be fair, I have refrain ourselves from reviewing these  two clients of ours. You may read about the review of Viva’s Dim Sum at the following blogs: All About Penang FoodCariso.net Crizfood.comFoodPromotion.com.myMoon Spell。 Noweating.com。StevenGoh.com

These are two young chefs that are currently heading the kitchen of Viva Dim Sum. They have been hired from Kuala Lumpur to dish our Hong Kong dim sums in Viva.

These are the specialties that will be occasionally featured on weekends.

凤眼带子饺 (RM5.80), prawn, scallop and fish roe dumpling.

龍鬚卷, Stuffed with avogado  + custard cream and wrap in vermicelli noodle.

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