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Red Meats

Red meat in culinary terminology refers to meat which is red-colored when raw, or meats obtained from livestock are red meats because they contain more myoglobin. e.g. Duck, goose, beef, lamb, etc.

Invited Review: Kang Beef House

Posted by Jason Wong On March - 17 - 20101 COMMENT

On the 5th of March we were invited to review a newly establish specialty shop that sells everything(almost) about beef. The invitation was extended by Steve through Steven Goh to us to try out the beef steamboat and other dishes that focus on beef as the main ingredient. If coming from Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim or the  Jelutong Police Station to Perak Road, the shop is on the right hand side  just a few hundred meters from the junction. Before we began digging into the prepare food, we shared some small talk and we found out that the owner of this Kang Beef House is somewhat related to the other Beef Noodle stalls that we have wrote about previously. There was also an Mandarin version that was written by Gill.

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_03

The star attraction for the night was their beef theme steam boat. But if you are dining alone or light, there are also other choices to choose from. The steamboat is priced at RM20 per head count with a minimum order for 2 persons, and it includes ‘牛腱'( tenderloin, muscle or shank meat), brisket, tripes, tendons, 2 types of beef balls, thinly sliced beef, Chinese Lettuce and Enoki mushroom.

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_14

We have been having this cut of beef in our daily beef noodles, and yet I have yet to find out its true name. Some call it tenderloin, I though is part of the shank or muscle section due to the existence of the transparent gel type casing. But in Cantonese it is call 牛腱 or ‘ngau jin’ (腱子肉是大腿上的肌肉,有肉膜包裹的,内藏筋,硬度适中,纹路规则). Anyway, the meat is tender and the gel type casing gives it a smooth and springy texture after it has been poached in the the accompanying beefy soup.

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_09

Another meaty side dish is portion from the bell which can either come from the brisket, plate or flank area. This meaty portion would contain meat fats and some tendons, thus the texture is slightly chewy and flavorful due to the fats. In Cantonese this part is call 牛腩 or ‘ngau lam’ in general (即牛腹部及靠近牛肋处的松软肌肉)

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_08

Another side dish is the beef tripe. The tripe is usually made from the rumen (smooth tripe) and the reticulum (honeycomb and pocket tripe). These two tripes forms the series of 3 stomachs chanbers. Taste wise is slightly blend and texture is crunchy and slight  chewy.

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_11

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_22

Another body ‘parts’ that we had was the beef tendon or 牛筋. It is firm and rubbery, but after poaching it turns to a soft and slight slimy texture, like firm Jello. Taste is also blend.

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_12

Then there the bovines’ balls. It is actually beef meat ball made the Chinese way. There are 2 type on the plate, the darker colored balls have a tastier and beefy taste but rougher on texture;  and the pale color balls are slightly blend but finer and crunchier on texture.

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_13

Then there is the thinly sliced beef fillets. The thickness is standard, thus one does not need to poach it for too long. I my prefer the slices with the egg, but it is there to give it additional smoothness. When the egg was introduced into the soup,it changes the taste of the otherwise light and beefy soup into a sweeter and eggy pot of soup.

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_20

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_40

Our Beef Steamboat experience:

2.5/5 for value (assuming the portion that we had were for six persons and per pax is RM20, it is equitable)
2.7/5 for taste & texture (darker beef balls and the tendon was my favourite)

Beef Koay Teow at Kang Beef House goes at RM6, 8, 10, 12, and RM15 for serving size. The soup stock is similar to the steamboats, but without the reddish and Chinese pickled vegetables(咸菜). The one we shared was the largest serving size (RM15).

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_47

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_48

Our Beef Koay Teow experience:

2.4/5 for value (slightly out of my means)
2.8/5 for taste & texture (taste better then some of my previous experiences in other places, plus there was less contamination of taste by the noodles)

Actually the steamboat session began, were introduced to a few fried and deep fried items that they serve. We began with the Crystal Beef Fried Rice. there was sufficient wok sear and the rice was individual and the had an infusion of the beefy taste. In addition to the soft gluteny pearls, there were also crispy bits of deep fried rice which gave an additional texture. The beef slice in this rice dish was tender and glistening with juices.

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_21

Our Crystal Beef Fried Rice with Beef Ball Soup experience:

2.5/5 for value (RM12.50 for fried rice is a bit on the high side for me, but with beef balls and soup it may be worthwhile) (we did not see the portioning of the beef balls)
2.9/5 for taste & texture (good wok searing and tender beef slices maintain their juices)

Stir Fried Beef with Black Pepper sauce has serving sizes ranging from small at  RM15 to big at RM28. Texture of the beef slices were soft and tender and the sauce was not overwhelming to many. But I personally do not like heavy a sauce that will cover the natural flavor of the main ingredient. The accompanying capsicum and chili was still crunchy and firm.

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_23

Our Stir Fry Black-pepper Beef experience:

2.7/5 for value
2.8/5 for taste & texture

Their version of Crispy Beef Balls was the only deep fried dish that we had the whole night. Each beef meat ball individually encased in crispy golden brown croutons.

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_24

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_25

Our Crispy Beef Ball experience:

2.9/5 for value
2.9/5 for taste & texture (Crispy outer shell and tender soft meaty chunks in side)

FV-100305-Kang Beef Steam Boat_05

Address: 474, Jalan Jelutong, Penang, Malaysia, 11600

To sum up our experience at Kang Beef House:

Taste & Texture: 3.0/5 (average with room to improve)
Money Value : 2.9/5 (may need to look at the portioning of the steamboat and beef noodles)
Service: 2.5/5
Cleanliness: 3.5/5 (still new, lets wait and see)
Atmosphere: 2.4/5 (noise from the busy traffic and the hot and humid feeling from too many burners turned on)

Most probably I would return for their beef koay teow, Crispy Beef Balls, Crystal Beef Fried Rice, and Dry Stir Fried Hor Fun with beef slice.


Which is the Most Popular Beef Noodles in Penang Island?

Posted by Jason Wong On January - 19 - 201011 COMMENTS

Before we went for our Hong Kong trip in November, we decided to write something about the much publicised ‘Beef Noodles’.  Basically on the Island of Penang when you ask anyone on the road about where to find ‘Clear Soup Beef Noodles’, most probably they would direct you to the following three more prominent outlets or businesses.

To begin our adventure with Beef Noodles, we first went to Eng Huat Cafe which is located on the side road

Eam Huat Cafe Beef Koay Teow

If my memory is not wrong, this beef noodle stall used to be located at the corner unit of the same row of old shop lots, and was run by the current owners’ father or grand father. Anyway, it was the during previous generation’s manning did this beef noodle stall blossom and attracted much patronage from those who enjoyed a flavourful bowl of clear stock beef noodles.

Eng Huat actually left its previous place of business to a food court along Weld Quay then to the current location. The last time I ate the beef noodles at this stall was many years back when they were still at the corner unit. After hearing that it has found its way back to the same area, I couldn’t help myself and went to Eng Huat to try out the beef noodles again and to reminiscence of the nostalgic memories.

FV-091015-Eng Huat Cafee Beef Noodles_13

FV-091015-Eng Huat Cafee Beef Noodles_02

FV-091015-Eng Huat Cafee Beef Noodles_05

The glory of the clear stock beef noodles has lost its lustier and gave way to their new version of beef noodle with herbs (十全大補汤). The herb version soup stock has a thicker taste and aroma, but it is mainly the flavours from the Chinese herbs used to prepare the stock. It had better taste compare to their clear stock. As for the toppings, the beef slices, beef balls and beef innards lack flavour whether in the herbs soup stock or the clear version.

FV-091015-Eng Huat Cafee Beef Noodles_06

FV-091015-Eng Huat Cafee Beef Noodles_09

Our experience from this place:

2.4/5 for value (amount of ingredients or toppings is slightly less than 打铁街)
2.4/5 for taste & texture
2.5/5 for service
2.5/5 for cleanliness
2.5/5 for atmosphere

Beach Street Beef Noodles

The Beach Street and Chulia Street junction houses another beef noodles favourite amongst Penangites, 打铁街 Beef Noodles. It is housed in a ‘kopitiam’ opposite the Lebuh Pantai fire station and managed by a few pleasant ladies working non stop to dish out custom orders to their patrons.

FV-091105-Beach Street Beef Noodles_13

FV-091105-Beach Street Beef Noodles_02

To what was told to us, to fully enjoy the flavour of the beefy stock was to visit the place in the later afternoon when the full taste has been produced from the long duration of boiling the beef bones and meat. On the faithful day of our most recent visit, we were there early after an appointment just after 12pm. The soup that was served was less tasty than what we remembered to be, may be it was the timing.  The soup was slightly over oily and had too many tastes mixed into it, thus loosing the unique sweet beefy taste flavour.

FV-091105-Beach Street Beef Noodles_07

FV-091105-Beach Street Beef Noodles_04

As for the toppings of beef slices and other cuts, they had a rougher texture as compared to next stall in this list but it had more ingredients as compared to the stall at Kafe 2828 at a slightly dearer price per serving.

FV-091105-Beach Street Beef Noodles_16

Prices: Starts from RM6, RM7 & RM8. Any other additions charged accordingly. The opening hours are from 10.30 am to 4pm and closed on Sunday.

Our experience from this place:

2.8/5 for value (more toppings than Kafe 2828)
2.7/5 for taste & texture
2.5/5 for service
2.5/5 for cleanliness
2.5/5 for atmosphere (warm during the mid noon day)

2828 Coffee Shop Beef Noodles

Next on our list is the beef noodle stall at Kafe 2828. In the past I may have ate at this stall not more than 5 to 8 occasions, but it is in our list due to their sweet beefy stock and their delicate beef slices and firm tendons that made stand out of the 3 stalls contain in this post. Compare to the previous 2 stalls, the stock base is sweeter and lighter, and the beef slices and beef body parts have better texture, flavour and freshness.

FV-091101-2828 Beef Noodles_01

The stall is at the corner unit facing the junction of Jalan Lim Khoon Huat and Perak Road.

FV-091101-2828 Beef Noodles_27

FV-091101-2828 Beef Noodles_10

Per bowl of white rice is RM0.60 and a 2 person serving bowl of beef soup with mixed toppings cost RM10.00.

FV-091101-2828 Beef Noodles_13

The beef were cooked to the right consistency with some slices still maintaining a pinkish colour.

FV-091101-2828 Beef Noodles_18

FV-091101-2828 Beef Noodles_21

Although being our choice selection in terms of flavour and texture, it still could not suffice our demand. If compared to the yesteryears, we still find the popular beef noodles stalls still cannot compare to the earlier generation of providers.

Our experience from this place:

2.7/5 for value (better quality beef toppings but had lease amount amongst the 3)
2.9/5 for taste & texture
2.6/5 for service
2.5/5 for cleanliness
2.7/5 for atmosphere (cooler due to the trees and shade)


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Duck Meat Koay Teow Th’ng @ Kangsar Road, Penang

Posted by gill gill On November - 22 - 20082 COMMENTS

Last Sunday after church we could not decide where to go for breakfast, therefore we went driving around our Heritage zone in Georgetown. It was hard to decide what to eat because there were to many choice and also because we had problem finding a good place to park. Then we came by this corners shop selling Duck Meat Koay Teow Th’ng. We actually drove by this place some weeks ago hoping to try it after Gill’s dad said that it was not bad, but no luck. It was always closed for us. This time die-die must try said Gill.

This shop is located at the corner of Lebuh Keng Kwee and Jalan Kangsar. The name of the shop is Kedai Kopi Tong Hoe. The only hawker offering they sell is the Duck Meat Koay Teow Th’ng and drinks. But fear not, you are allowed to order other hawker item from road side stalls located at the vacininity. This shop is open for business from 7:30am to 12:30pm daily except for either Wednesday or Thursday. They also close on the 1st and 15th day of the month on the lunar calender.

For the first meal of the day, we ordered 2 small bowls of KTT, 1 plate of duck meat, 1 plate pig intestines and 1 plate of blench green vege. Guess how much is cost us?

The first thing that we tasted was the soup, it was very lite with a hint of the duck’s scent. Remember not to put any soya sauce or chili, or else you would have lost that unique taste. The Koay Teow (flat rice noodle) is smooth and springy, but not as springy like the ones in Ipoh. They quite a compliment to the light soup base. One of condiment item in the KTT, was the meat balls (not the testicles). It taste average and not firm enough. Why I mentioned the pork balls is because it will affect the taste of the soup due to the stronger taste it has.

Then there are the 3 side dishes that we ordered, the duck meat, pig intestines and blench green vegetables. The duck and intestines were served on a bed of plum and crunchy beans sprouts, dressed in light soya and fragrant lard and garlic oil and sprinkle with crispy garlic and pork lard bids. The duck meat was firm and cooked just nice, but it lost its juices because it was cutted too thin. The pig intestine was light, clean, and slightly springy. The blench vege was crunchy and sweet. It was dressed in the same dressing as the the duck meat and pork intestine.

If you are not fond of the taste burnt garlic, you could ask them leave out the garlic. May be before you decide, just snoop around to see how the garlic was that day.

On average, I would give this place:
  • 2.8/5 for value (the meal we had cost the two of us RM 12.50)
  • 3.5/5 for taste & texture
  • 2.9/5 for service ( damn slow, kira koay teow like kira bulu. We waited at least 10-15 minutes to be served 3 tables but less then 12 pax…gee. There were 3 persons working, one prepare the koay teow, one choped the duck and one do the serving )
  • 3/5 for cleanliness
  • 3/5 for atmosphere

GPS Coordinate: N5*24’59.5″ E100*19’53.5″

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