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Unique Fried Porridge at Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Posted by gill gill On May - 4 - 200922 COMMENTS

Have you heard of fried porridge before? Fried the Porridge! How can the porridge be fried? How does it taste & looks like?

All the questions popping up in a sudden, after the mentioned of “fried porridge”!  Yea, its kind of weird without any logical sense right? Would you have the guts/urge to try this “weird” thing? Well, i am not kidding, the weird porridge it’s pretty delicious though. What i am going to introduce to you today is truly a good bowl of porridge that specially caters to those who have a fancy for heavy taste food.

Thanks to Criz for organizing this eating adventure for us and Steven Goh .

I think some of the local has heard of this “113 Fried Porridge” before. Through the years they have shifted to 2 different locations before setting foot at the current location in Tanjung Tokong just opposite of the Prima Tanjung shop houses. The first place they started business was on Burmah Road and then they moved to Batu Maung. At the current location, one can easily locate them by their signage that is of striking yellow orangey color, which stands out among the kopitiams.

Other then the unique porridge, they serve chinese dishes and a variety in their air-conditioned restaurant.


Small plate of homemade potatoes chip will be served before the order.


You may fine they have limited choices in the menu, as they just serve their specialties which is more then enough. It’s good to specialise in something and rather be a Jack of all trades, right?

Off the a alar carte menu, they also offer Lunch Sets for those who wants a trouble free and fast meal in the afternoon. And the Lunch Sets are quite reasonably priced at RM5.90. For the RM 5.90 you pay, you will be getting a plate of rice with one dish, fried egg, soup and a glass of tea. Can you believe it? In an air-conditioned restaurant! Where to get? 😀


As we paid our virgin visit to this place, so we let the Host – Criz to make the orders and thus we end up savouring of some of their specialties.

We have total of 4 dishes, 1 porridge, 2 noodles….guess although the four(4) of us have double sized stomach the dishes served was more than what we can stomached….4 of us were filled till up to the brims! Thanks to the owner for arranging such a big feast for us…lol


Black Four Seasons Beans
Crunchy & young French beans are slightly deep fried into oil and then stir fry/sautéed with generous amount of garlic, chai por, dried shrimps and dark soy sauce. It was fragrantly salty with a hint of sweetness. This is indeed a good match for a bowl of white rice. Love it. Extra bowl of rice pls…

My Rating: 3.9/5


House Special – Yunnan Tofu
The homemade tofu deep fried to perfection. Once you bites on, it has some gluey feeling from the crispy outer layer and following by smooth and silky tofu. Guess it was coated by tapioca flour, to give the layer special & differently from others.
There are some dried shrimps and chopped wood fungus inside the tofu. The tofu mixture doesn’t have much taste by itself, so try to eat them with Thai chilli sauce.
Anyway, beware of your tongue will get burnt, when it was immediately from the kitchen. Piping Hot!

My Rating: 3.7/5


Wild Boar Curry
Fresh and lean wild boar meat were cut into slices and cook with onions & curry leafs with thick & fragrant curry sauce. I guess they were using milk instead of coconut milk, as it was not oily and too creamy. Although the curry was thick but it has sense of powdery still. Using curry powder? Still need some improvement, but it was a nice dish.
Criz said, the boar always is fresh as the owner hunts it every day! Who will be interested to join the hunting team? Anyone?

My Rating: 3.8/5


Oyster Omelette
Fresh Oyster fried together with eggs to perfectly golden. This is not a starchy type as usually found in penang. Pretty genuine as they serve purely eggs without flour.

My Rating: 3.6/5


Fried Porridge
The unique porridge was reached our table, and finally answered our curiosity.

What is Fried Porridge?

The below paragraph was exert from Criz post:
“Cooked porridge is stir fried in a wok with some herbs and spices, together with prawns, cuttlefish strips, dried shrimps and Chinese leek (koochai) & char siew. In fact, it looked just like dark soy sauce porridge but the taste is unique. “

The Porridge itself came with the mixture of some smooth (70%) and slightly rough (30%) texture, dried cuttlefish strips & shrimps brings up the fragrant of its own, Chinese leeks gave some refreshing green taste to the porridge. It was good I would say. Another way to descript the fried porridge, it would be something similar to dried cuttlefish porridge, just the different of extra ingredient, heavier taste (black sause), and method pf preparing.

My Rating: 3.9/5


Hor Fun with “sunny yolk”

Moonlight Hor Fun
It was an ordinary Stir fry hor fun with just added in a raw Egg Yolk. If you stir the raw yolk with the steaming hot hor fun together and eat it immediately, it shouldn’t taste raw. The fact to put in the raw yolk is to enhance the creaminess to the hor fun with special experience. Although I don’t really like to take raw yolk but the hor fun is still fine.

My Rating: 3.5/5


after mixing the Hor Fun & yolk


3 Taste Noodle
Yellow noodles stir fry with a unique sauce, bean sprout, prawn and garnish with lettuce & fried shallots. 3 taste in Chinese, means they have 3 different flavours has added in to the noodle. Although the flavour has became 3 into 1, but I still can roughly tell the mixing flavour of mee goreng & sambal. The taste is acceptable…hah.
It was a litter bit wet, a little too sweet to my liking, slightly adjust the sugar ratio would be perfect.

My Rating: 3.4/5

Dishes Rating:

* Black Four Seasons Beans: 3.9/5
* House Special – Yunnan Tofu: 3.7/5
* Wild Boar Curry: 3.8/5
* Oyster Omelette: 3.6/5
* Fried Porridge: 3.9/5
* Moonlight Hor Fun: 3.5/5
* 3 Taste Noodle: 3.4/5

Average Rating for this place:

* 3.9/5 for value
* 3.9/5 for taste & texture
* 3.7/5 for service
* 4.0/5 for cleanliness
* 3.5/5 for atmosphere

P/S: The quality may not be consistent during weekend & public holidays. I guess the young cooks still learning from the father (owner). The best is go in weekday. Young kids serve dishes and drinks, as this is the family business, so do watch out the kids with full hand of food.


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