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Posted by Jason Wong On September - 2 - 20113 COMMENTS

Since it (That Little Wine Bar) opened its doors back in December 2009, this little but fine establishment has already caught our attention. We were fascinated with their concept and passion behind the cooking. Sometime in late June an invitation was extended to us to sample their skills and style. Would we return as a paid customer? Definitely yes if time does not forbid. Housed in a refurbish old government servant quarters, That Little Wine Bar provides a cosy sanctuary for people who wish to enjoy the days’ end with a bottle of their preferred wine paired with food that compliments the palates, and may be with the company of a few good friends. This little cosy hideaway is owned and designed personally by its German-born owner cum chef, Tommes and his lovely side-kick (wife), Louise.

The invitation was sent through their PR company to attend one of their monthly organised ‘Gourmet Nights’. The event focuses on opening ones senses to the many possibility of taste and textures that can be achieved by employing French cooking techniques on any cultures’ cuisine to create culinary delights that are paired with individually selected wine(s) that matches and compliments with the dishes taste profile.

The night’s menu include an entre of egg with vodka crème and Caviar styled by Michellin star Chef Jean-Georges, followed up with Oysters with Aspic Vinaigrette and then Braised Quail with Baby Tenderloin. Then finished off with a special dessert cheekily named Assiette de ‘fruits’- chef’s special interpretation on tropical fruit.

Oeuf au style Jean-Georges, textured scramble egg served with a dollop of fluffy vodka cream topped with caviar and paired with Castellblanch Gold Cava Brut. Cava is a citrusy Spanish champagne with a hint of sweetness that is fresh and balanced on the nose and palate, almost as good as the Oddbins Champagne. The acidity neutralises out the saltiness of the caviar and its un-overwhelming taste compliments creamy taste of the egg and the hint of spice from the vodka cream.

Hutres en marbre, whole Atlantic oysters ‘marbled’ in aspic vinaigrette. Aspic is a savoury gelatine made from consommé or clarified stock that is often used to preserve meat items. At TLWB, it was used to prepare a unique dish that solely consist of whole Atlantic oysters that is compressed and marbled, which is then served with a light olive oil and champagne vinegar sauce. The lightly seasoned tangy Hutres en marbre was paired with a full-bodied flowery citrusy Pacherence du Vic Bilh Folie de Roi white wine. It was tangy affair for the both.

Caille et Veau, is a meat platter of sorts with one part braised quail served with long beans wrapped in serrano ham on a bed of green pea puree and the other part  a beefy baby tenderloin served with bread dumpling and Bearnaise sauce. This gamey and meaty platter was paired with an aged Austrian premium full-bodied wine, GOLS Rotweincuvee 2007. The GOLS’s fresh and fruity structure and well integrated tannins with an underpinning hint of dark chocolate compliments well with red meats that have a gamey taste.

The braised quail was had medium fine texture with gamey taste that was mellowed downed with the long beans and flavour enhanced with the salty serrano ham and green pea puree. As for the baby tenderloin, it was lightly seasoned and cooked until medium with a tender texture.

The night of gourmet enjoyment ended with the chefs’ Assiette de “fruits”,  it was a three interpretations of tropical fruits that can be found in Malaysia. The dessert consist of a palate cleansing Longan sorbet, a textured mix fruit gelatine in an Isomalt cup and a rich mango with egg white mousse served together with a glass of chilled Floc de Gascogne Blanc fortified sweet wine. Its sweet almond-y, flowery and fruity flavour with hints of honey compliments as dessert wine or an aperitif.

Louise talking to us about the concept.

Chef Tommes explaining his dishes of choice for the night.

James introducing the wines that we had.

"West" function room.

"East" function room.

It was like a refresher course, appreciating fine wines for their flavours and tannins (mouth feels) and pairing them with dishes prepared with French cooking techniques that compliment each other with their unique contrast in taste and texture. Would we return for more? Definitely, if time permits we would be glad to try their famous ‘Mushroom Quiches’, black cod and beef tenderloin.

Taste 3.5/5 (Good) Good play of flavours and use of technique that infuse ingredient from Asia and Continental cooking methods.
Texture 3.5/5 (Good) Skilfully processed ingredients and well combined texture profiles.
Service 4.0/5 (Very Good) Informative and friendly.
Cleanliness 4.5/5 (Very Good) Clean and neat dining area and kitchen area.
Atmosphere 3.5/5 (Good) Relaxing and cosy ambiance but may be warm if the place is crowded.
Price 3.0/5 (Average) Food is reasonably priced and wine is of average to boutique price levels.
Portion 3.5/5 (Good) It is more of a tasting and feeling the food rather than just getting filled.
Value 4.0/5 (Good) Averagely priced food items that is prepared with French (fine-dining) techniques, casual dining presentation, informative & friendly service.Food is prepared from scratch.
Consistency NA/5 stay updated.

That Little Wine Bar

54 Chow Thye Road

Tel : 04 2268182
Business Hour : Mon – Thurs: 5pm till 12am
Fri – Sat: 5pm till 1am

Closed on Sunday

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Facebook & Website : http://www.thatlittlewinebar.com

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