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Hunting For The Flavors & Texture Of Yesteryears'

Gourmet Garden hunts for the flavours and texture of yesteryears’, and review eateries for their values worth. We strive to conserve the rich food heritage and culture that are slowly fading, and to share the enjoyment of wining and dining.

We expect every dining experience to be a tasteful journey for our palates and senses. EAT WELL, LIVE LIFE!

Tips: The Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

Posted by Jason Wong On January - 8 - 20107 COMMENTS |

One of the most popular breakfast that are shared by many Malaysians regardless of their ethnicity would be a nice warm rich plate of soft boil eggs. Depending on ones preference it could be runny or thick, my preference is always fluffy whites with and near solid yolk to give it texture and aroma. I am not the type that likes the egg all watery. My decision to research on soft boil egg was mainly due to our fruitful exploration in Kluang. In fact, it was one of the most memorable soft boil eggs... (more...)

香港之旅第一天 (第二集) 菜市场

Posted by gill gill On January - 6 - 20103 COMMENTS |

上集写到… 吃了香港第一餐后, 走回酒店时, 经过菜市场的入口处, 正是朗壕酒店的对面.  好奇心突然启发, 于是我们决定进入菜市狂一狂. 若你要认识当地风土人情, 非到当地的菜市场不可, 它必能让您了解一二. 从街头到张望, 街尾的两旁都开满了店铺. 我们一踏进这人头拥挤的”街市”, 就像乡民出镇, 大呼小叫. 看那每样蔬果,肉类, 海鲜都非常生猛,简直叫人振奋! 大马的巴刹那有活生生的海鲜卖啊?... (more...)

Hong Kong Day 1 Part 2 – The Market

Posted by Jason Wong On January - 6 - 2010ADD COMMENTS |

Continuing from my previous post (Hong Kong Day 1 Part 1), we now go to the part where we went to the near by wet market which was jam packed with people buying fresh ingredients for their kitchen. Initially when we began to take photos of the place we felt very out of place as the traders were staring at us with unfriendly looks on their face, then one of them ask whether we were journalists. After we said that we aren’t he at least, let us take shots of his seafood stall. Then bit by... (more...)

Pitt Street Koay Teow Th’ng Has Moved!

Posted by Jason Wong On January - 2 - 20109 COMMENTS |

Last year we were given the opportunity to document the process of making the the famous ‘Pitt Street Koay Teow Th’ng’ fish balls. And from that day onward we have actually became more than just their ordinary customers. Thus, there comes some perks like early notification of their forced shifting of the original stall on the corner Armenian Street and Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling to a unit further down the road on Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, and now to the current location on... (more...)

Tang Yuan @ Young Heart Restaurant

Posted by gill gill On December - 22 - 20095 COMMENTS |

Young Heart is our Restaurant Management and Marketing consultancy client at KwanG Venture, a company that provides ‘Strategic Marketing’, ‘Restaurant Management Set-up’ and other supporting services. For this festive season, we have collaborated with Young Heart’s kitchen to design and produce a set of ‘tang yuan’ (汤圆) theme dishes that are suitable for both the young and the old. Young Heart have come out with three versions of the very meaningful... (more...)


Posted by gill gill On December - 22 - 20091 COMMENT |

上集讲到冬节吃腊味, 那这回就来动手做家常腊肠! 材料: 猪前腿肉碎(夹心) 450克 五花腩肉 170克 玫瑰露酒 30克 豬肠衣 20克 腌料: 盐     1茶匙 生抽 50克 蚝油 30克 白砂糖 110克 做法: 1.    将肉碎和腌料(除酒)拌均匀, 拌到起胶, 腌3个小时以上存入冰箱过夜. 2.    加入酒, 搅匀后马上塞进肠衣内. 3.    把肉塞完毕后, 用 绳子绑出喜爱的长度. 用针在肉肠上刺洞, 然后烫热水. 4.  ... (more...)


Posted by gill gill On December - 22 - 2009ADD COMMENTS |

腊肠 润肠腊肠 近几年来, 在年尾时段总会听到余仁生在某家电台打广告. 你是否对 “腊味风一吹, 收工快快去”留下印象? 好一个朗朗上口的词句. 听到这句时, 表示冬至就快来临,也意味着旧的一年将会结束. 到时候炎热的大马, 刮起阵阵年尾北风,凉快非常, 这就是我最爱的季节和气候! 已往大概11月左右北风就会刮起, 然而今年的气候变化不定, 几天前才稍有微风的踪影,可算是迟来的北风。 每当北风到来,... (more...)

Traditional Foods: Hakka Abacus Beads

Posted by Jason Wong On December - 19 - 20095 COMMENTS |

Hakka cuisine concentrates on the texture of food, simplicity and the umami (旨味) or savoury flavour of the dish. As like other dishes or cuisines, Hakka cuisine is influence by the attributes of the environment were they settled down or has it roots from, which is one of the reasons behind the variety of dishes and flavours that are synonymous to Hakka cuisine. The Hakka’s has provided to the public at large some their more famous dishes that are dished our in restaurants across Malaysia, China... (more...)