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Hunting For The Flavors & Texture Of Yesteryears'

Gourmet Garden hunts for the flavours and texture of yesteryears’, and review eateries for their values worth. We strive to conserve the rich food heritage and culture that are slowly fading, and to share the enjoyment of wining and dining.

We expect every dining experience to be a tasteful journey for our palates and senses. EAT WELL, LIVE LIFE!

Penang Lor Mee, One Of Specialty And Heritage

Posted by Jason Wong On October - 9 - 20125 COMMENTS |

The Penang Lor Mee (槟城滷面) may not be as famous as its peers like Hokkien Prawn Mee, Assam Laksa or Char Koay Teow, but it is a unique hawker fare that has its roots in Mainland China but has been reinvented in Penang. In Fujian Province of Mainland China the Hokkiens do have their tradition of eating Lor Mee (滷面) but in the form of stir-fried noodles, Chinese cabbage and meats with thick starchy gravy minus five spice powder and the dark/black appearance. Penang Lor Mee (a.k.a stewed... (more...)

Hui Lau Shan (许留山) – Fresh Mangoes, Fruits and More

Posted by Jason Wong On October - 3 - 20122 COMMENTS |

Hui Lau Shan (許留山) may be foreign to many here in Penang but it is not the case in Hong Kong. Hui Lau Shan was established in the early 1960’s as an herbal tea specialty shop that emphasizes on the originality and healthiness of their products. Armed with a continuous R&D initiative, they managed to reinvent Hui Lau Shan and assert its legacy and status as Hong Kong’s Fresh Fruit Dessert Pioneer in 1992 with its rolling out of its mango sago dessert without leaving their heritage... (more...)

Cantonese Duck Webs With Pork (鸭脚包), A Fading Delicacy

Posted by Jason Wong On August - 11 - 20122 COMMENTS |

Before there were multi-screen Cineplaxes like Gold Screen Cinemas and Tanjung Village, movies were normally screened in stand-alone big screen theatres where local street foods and tidbits were abundant. Currently we only see imports like popcorn, deep fried nuggets and french fries, hot dogs, and lots more at those Cineplexes. May be those who are 30 – 35 years of age and above might still remember the good old days where street vendors who were ever ready with their trays of local delicacies... (more...)

Hard Rock Cafe & Hard Rock Hotel Buka Puasa Sets

Posted by Jason Wong On July - 20 - 20124 COMMENTS |

It is the month of the year again when our Muslim brothers and sisters fasts to remember the hardship faced by the poor and unfortunate. Muslims around the world will abstain from eating and drinking from dawn until dusk during the Ramadan month. In conjunction with this year’s Ramadan month, Hard Rock Cafe & Hard Rock Hotel in Penang will be providing diners an opportunity to taste Malaysian favourites alongside great American flavours that will tantalize your taste buds when fasting... (more...)

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Sand Bar

Posted by Jason Wong On May - 26 - 20121 COMMENT |

It is another launching of another drinking hole on the Batu Ferringghi beach front in the recent months. This time it is Penang’s very own Hard Rock Hotel’s turn to fire up the night life at this otherwise not so “happening” beach front after the sunsets. Batu Ferringghi used to be one of the most happening places on the Penang Island, stretching from the now closed Teluk Bahang’s Mutiara Hotel to Tanjong Bungah’s Orchid-Copothone, it was filled with discos and... (more...)

It has been weeks since our last publishing, reason being that we are currently preoccupied with a food research project. Therefore, in the recent months we have had to do without with most of the usual invited reviews to give way to our aspiration and passion of “real” food. With the limited time that we have in between appointments, interviews and reports, we try put them into good use like sampling new ideas, tantalizing our senses with new flavours and unwinding to release some stress.... (more...)

Sigi’s Bar & Grill Beach Bar

Posted by Jason Wong On April - 23 - 20121 COMMENT |

Shangri-La’s  Golden Sands Resort has just launched their Sigi’s Bar & Grill Beach Bar, an addition to their alfresco no-frills, real food restaurant by the beach. The have got the soft sand at their feet, whacky bean bags, relaxing reclining chairs, soothing sound of waves washing ashore sand, the cool sea breeze, the warmth of a setting sun and a variety of beers, Mojitos, wines, cocktails and soft drinks, but the picture is not perfect without you.The beach front bar that is capable... (more...)

Hainanese cuisine plays a big role in Penang’s food culture and heritage. Although some of the dishes are influenced by the Hokkiens and Peranakans, it is distinctively different. The influences are all due to the demographic changes and history. Many centuries back, a Fujian a.k.a Hokkien minister was sent to the Hainan Island to assume the responsibility of the local government, and thus the beginning of the exodus of Hokkiens to the island that was and is still inhabited by the local tribes.... (more...)