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Taste Our Passion

Taste Our Passion

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Gourmet Garden is the initiative by Jason Wong & Gill Giam, the founders, writers, photographers, tasters, etc, or in short BSBH. We started our first blog back in 2006 and were then hosted on blogspot.com with same name. As time went by our interest in exploring the gourmet wonders the world can offer and the passion to advocate the joy of savouring exquisite food and sampling tasteful beverages grew, we finally decided that this blog would be a long term commitment. And thus to continue sharing our “food” thoughts, we shifted   own hosting to make our commitment as permanent as possible.

Why we chose the name Gourmet Garden? It is actually our dream of creating our own gourmet food heaven with an open garden alfresco dining area.  It is still a dream of ours that we will materialise in the not so distant future. Between me and my wife, we have years of preparing home cooked meals for our family and friends. I am more well verse in Continental and American ingredients and cooking methods, and Gill is more of the oriental or Chinese cuisines person. As we are equip with the passion for food and the knowledge of food preparation and hosting meals for people, therefore we are very particular when it comes to dining expectations and service quality.
In our blog we are poised at sharing our actual dining experiences and share recipes, cooking tips and anything that is related to food. In our food blog we do not only introduce persons to food and its providers, we also strive to build a greater awareness food enjoyment, a GOD given gift to mankind, food quality, its evolution, history, culture and more. In our humble blog, we will also advocate the importance of being critical towards the quality of food we have, the attitude of food business establishments, the service received, the dining environment and the value (in terms of price and satisfaction) as all these would contribute the actual experiences from each consumption and spending.

Our intentions are simple; to share our experience be it good or bad with fellow foodies, sustain the food heritage and culture that have been passed down by our forefathers, encourage ethical practices in the F&B industry, and help promote the food scene in my the place I call home, Penang.

We strive to conserve the rich food heritage and culture that are slowly fading, and to share the enjoyment of wining and dining.We expect every dining experience to be a tasteful journey for our palates and senses.
Local News Print Interview in year 2008.
Appointment by Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism (Penang Office) to implement the Penang Food Heritage Conservation Project that we have proposed.  
Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism certificate for completing of the the Penang Food Heritage Conservation Project that we have proposed.   

Conservation work in progress:
Hokkien Dialect Penang Hokkien (Prawn) Mee.
Hokkien Dialect’s Pig’s Blood Noodle, a dying dish!

Hokkien Dialect’s Stir Fried Sago Cake.

Hainanese Dialect’s Spring Roll with their unique dipping sauce.
Hard to find Caul Lining Steamed Fish.

Hakka Dialect’s Phun Choy that was created to serve a refuge seeking King.
Penang hawker/street food  and sit down dining trip planning and guiding for Taiwanese celebrity chef, Chen Hong.
Attending invited review at Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

 Attending media previews and launchings by international celebrity chefs.



The criticisms, opinions and grading expressed here are entirely based on our personal experience, professional observations and taste preference at the time of dining, thus may vary from the views and comments of others. 
No monetary or non-monetary compensation was accepted to produce our reviews, or otherwise specified. Invited reviews or self paid dining will be treated with due fairness and non-biases. 
The Penang Food Traditions and Heritage Conservation project is a collaboration with Ministry of Tourism Penang Office, and the copyrights to the data are jointly owned by both parties. Any information on this topic reproduced and published in our blog were collected through research and interviews with respective stakeholders. The information is assumed to be accurate at the time of publishing.
The content (information and photographs) contained in this blog is the sole property and copyright of Gourmet Garden Food Service (PG0171894-V). Any reproduction or use without prior permission is deemed as a breach of our copyrights.